Everything that you must know about Canada and Australia PR Visa

Everything that you must know about Canada and Australia PR Visa

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Canada immigration and Australia immigration statistics reveal that the numbers of immigrants are on the rise every year. This is because Canada and Australia are the two highly sought-after destinations by immigrants and professionals globally. Millions of aspirants apply for the Canada PR Visa and Australia PR Visa annually. 

The Permanent Resident or PR status permits people to settle and work in a foreign nation for an indefinite period. It also provides several benefits and perks. You can live in your dream nation permanently with a PR Visa. 

What is a PR or Permanent Resident Visa?

A Permanent Resident Visa is a kind of permit that authorizes you to settle and work in a nation permanently along with your family. Once PR Visa holders fulfill specific criteria, they can obtain Citizenship as well. 

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

The Canada PR Visa offers you the right to reside and work in Canada by offering the status of a Permanent Resident. You have to submit the Visa application with the IRCC. 

Some of the most popular Canada PR Visa pathways are: 

  • Express Entry Visa
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Family Sponsorship

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Australia Permanent Resident Visa

The Australia PR Visa offers you the opportunity to become a Permanent Resident of the nation. After staying for 3 years on the PR Visa you can apply for the Citizenship of Australia. 

Australia PR Visa has three categories: 

  • Subclass 189 Visa – It is for workers having suitable qualifications and work experience for working and settling in the nation 
  • Subclass 190 Visa – It is for nominated workers and you must have sponsorship from the Australian employer for at least 3 years 
  • Subclass 191 Visa – It is for Provisional Visa holders who wish to transition to the status of Permanent Resident. You must have a Skilled worker 492 or 491 Visa to receive the Subclass 191 Visa. 

Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR Visa and Australia PR Visa

Eligibility requirements for Australia PR

CategoryMaximum Points
Age of the applicant (25-33 years)30 points
Work experience of a skilled worker (8 to10 years - outside of Australia)15 points
Work experience of a skilled worker (8 to 10 years - within Australia)1435
Parts-persons and Storekeepers20 points
English Language Proficiency ( 8 bands)20 points
State Sponsorship for Australia immigration (190 Visa)5 points
Educational credentials for Permanent Residency (Doctorate Degree)20 points
Skills niche in Australia10 points
Skilled Partner or Spouse (for Permanent Residence)10 points
Skilled Partner or Spouse with fine English Language Proficiency (for Permanent Residence)5 points
Community language Accreditation (for Work Visa and Permanent Resident status)5 points

Eligibility requirements for Canada PR Visa

For being successful in your Canada immigration under the Express Entry program, you must first file a profile through the FSW – Federal Skilled Worker Class. For this, you have to secure at least 67 out of the 100 points to fulfill the eligibility criteria. 

The maximum points that you can obtain for various factors are:

CategoryMaximum Points
Age12 points Maximum
Education25 points Maximum Education must correspond to the completion of a High School Diploma in Canada and must be attested by an ECA -Educational Credentials Assessment
Language Proficiency28 points Maximum (French and/or English) The least score for FSW is equal to the CLB - Canadian Language Benchmark of Level 7
Work Experience15 points Maximum You must have at least of 12 months of skilled work experience, full-time or a corresponding sum in part-time experience. Your occupation must be listed in NOC - National Occupation Classification in either Skill Level B, A, or 0.
Adaptability10 points Maximum
Arranged employment10 points Additional (not compulsory)

Documents Required for Permanent Resident Visa

Documents Required For PR Visa in 2023
PassportDigital photograph
National ID ProofValid passport
Educational TranscriptsMedical report
IELTS Score CardProof of funds
Travel History DocumentsEmployment Pass (Authorization) Document
Medical CertificateIELTS result
Police CertificateECA report
SkillSelect ReportPolice Clearance Certification
English Language Test Report

Canada PR Visa Application Process

You have to follow the steps given below to apply for Canada PR Visa:

Step 1: Confirm if you are qualified for Express Entry Program. Your profession must be included in the NOC list. You have to secure at least 67 points out of 100 for qualifying to submit the application. 

Step 2: Obtain your ECA report from WES Canada

Step 3: Take a Language Exam (French or English or both)

Step 4: Assemble all the required documents

Step 5: Create a profile in Express Entry on the IRCC portal 

Step 6: Apply for the chosen Canada immigration Program 

Step 7: Obtain an ITA - Invitation to Apply 

Step 8: Offer the extra documents within 60 days

Step 9: Obtain your Police and Medical clearance certificates

Step 10: Get the PR Visa to immigrate to Canada!

Australia PR Visa Application Process

Step 1: Confirm if you fulfill eligibility criteria for Australia immigration under each subclass. Check your occupation on the Skilled Occupation List. You must secure at least 65 points on the Points Grid. 

Step 2: Obtain your skill assessment from the VETASSESS

Step 3: Take a Test for Language (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)

Step 4: Assemble all the necessary documents

Step 5: Upload your EOI - Expression of Interest on Skill Select Portal 

Step 5: Obtain an ITA - Invitation to Apply for Australia PR Visa

Step 6: Present your concluding PR application within a period of 60 days

Step 7: Obtain your Police and Medical clearance certificates

Step 8: Get the PR Visa to immigrate to Australia!

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What are the Costs for Australia & Canada PR Visas?

The fee for Canada PR Visa is INR 56,000 for individuals above the age of 18 years. 

Roughly INR 1,95,000Independent Applicant
Around INR 95,180Dependant Applicant
INR 48,000Applicants below 18 years of age

What is the Processing Times for Australia & Canada PR Visas?

The processing time for Canada PR Visa is around 6 to 12 months while for Australia PR Visa it is 8 to 12 months. 

What are the different categories of Visas?

There are different categories of Visas based on your purpose of visit and the intended nation of visit. The most common types of Visas are: 

CategoryVisa Types
Business VisaEmployment Visa
Student VisaNon-Immigrant Visa
Visitor VisaTourist Visa
Medical VisaTemporary Resident Visa

What are the requirements to become a citizen of Canada?

The requirements that you must fulfill to become a citizen of Canada are: 

  • Have the status of Permanent Resident in Canada
  • Must have stayed in Canada for the past 3 years out of 5 years 
  • Must have paid taxes if applicable 
  • Demonstrate skills in language 
  • Be successful in the test for Citizenship 

What are the diverse types of Australian immigrant visas related to employment?

  • Employer Nomination Scheme - ENS Work Visa
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme - RSMS Visa
  • Nominated Skilled Visa
  • Independent Skilled Visa
  • Regional Skilled Visa
  • Skilled Shortage Temporary Visa
  • Short-Stay Specialist Temporary Visa
  • International Relations Temporary Work Visa

What is the fee for a Canadian Permanent Residence?

The fee for Canadian Permanent Residence is the fee payable by applicants of Canada PR status once they receive the Provisional Residence Permit. You are not given the status of Permanent Resident till you make payment of this fee. It is also known as the Right of Permanent Residence Fee – RPRF. 

What is the Federal Skilled Worker Program – FSWP of Canada?

The FSWP of Canada is for overseas workers having appropriate work experience, age, education, and language skills and is selected in the Express Entry Program. The chosen candidates will be offered the Canada Work Permit and can apply for the Canada PR Card. 

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  • Profile Evaluation: Expert professional guidance through a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your profile for determining chances of successful Visa application. 
  • Documentation and Review: Error-free and detailed documentation based on the type of Visa drafted for fulfilling specific formats. 
  • Committed Case Officer: A dedicated consultant for assisting you throughout the Visa processing. 
  • Filing Visa: We ensure that the visa applications fulfill all the standard requirements of the related immigration authorities and governing bodies.
  • Test Preparations: We also offer online courses to help you in improving your Language Proficiency for immigration purposes for key exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.
  • Visa and Interview: Immigration candidates are offered guidance for succeeding in the Visa interview and being prepared with verified documents. 
  • Post-Landing Services: We help you in settling down in the new nation with a relaxed stay after you have received your Visa. 

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