Reasons of Canada Study Visa Refusal and Solutions

Reasons of Canada Study Visa Refusal and Solutions

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[Published 11 Jun, 2022 | 03:59 PM]
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A student visa applicant needs to start the process of acquiring the student visa once he or she gets accepted by a Designated Learning Institute. According to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), there are around 6,40,000 international students staying in Canada with a student visa. Each year, the number of people who have these visas grows. As the number of visa applications has increased, so has the number of rejections. Every year, roughly 30% of such visas are reported to be rejected. International students must handle many grounds for student visa refusal in Canada to ensure smooth sailing in their study goals in Canada. There are many reasons which can contribute to the refusal of a study visa, let's discuss some of the important pointers in this blog.

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What can be the possible reasons for a Study Visa refusal?

A Canadian study permit application may be denied for a variety of reasons. The reasons for the refusal are generally stated in the IRCC's refusal letter. In order to better understand the grounds for refusal, a foreign national may request case notes from the visa officer who evaluated their file. The following are the most prevalent reasons for a Canada study permit refusal:

Let us help the Reasons for Canada Study Visa Refusal and Solutions

1. Failing to prove enough financial funds

When applying for a study permit, you must demonstrate that you have enough money to maintain yourself in Canada. All overseas students must show that they have enough money to cover their tuition for the first year of study, as well as the cost of living for themselves and any accompanying family members, according to the IRCC.

2. Failing to prove the intention to return to home country after completion of study

A study permit is a temporary visa with a set length of validity and a set date of expiration. You must convince the visa officer in your study permit application that you will depart the country when your study permit expires. That does not rule out the possibility of extending your study permit or staying indefinitely. In fact, the government has a number of initiatives in place to assist students in staying and working in Canada after completing their education or making the transition to permanent residence. What this means is that the visa officer must have faith in your ability to leave the country when you are out of status. If you don't show that you have enough good reasons to vacate Canada, this usually becomes an issue.

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3. Failing to justify your choice of the study program

In some cases, if the visa officer doesn't comprehend the logic of your program or degree of study, your study permit application may be denied. Someone with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the Philippines and four years of experience working as an engineer who wants to study fashion design, for example, might be called in for questioning. The chosen program in Canada does not appear to be a good fit for the applicant's educational background or work experience.

4. Failing to demonstrate the validity of the acceptance letter

You must first get a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada before applying for a study visa. You must also meet all of the program's prerequisites. If the visa officer has any questions about the authenticity of your letter of acceptance or that you have satisfied the program's requirements, your study permit may be denied.

5. Failing to submit relevant Travel or Identity Documents

IRCC may reject your study visa application if you don't have a complete record of your travel history or if your identity documents are ambiguous. To establish whether you are medically or criminally ineligible to Canada, IRCC must be able to authenticate your identity.

What are the solutions in case of Study Visa refusal?

  • If your application is turned down because IRCC doubts your capacity to support yourself financially, you should go over the financial papers you filed with your application again. Make sure you address the visa officer's concerns and submit supplementary documentation to demonstrate that you meet the proof of funds criteria.

What are the solutions in case of Study Visa refusal?

  • If your visa gets rejected because you could not show an intent to leave Canada after completing your study, your own statement could be the greatest method to address this concern. If the visa officer isn't convinced by the story you've told, you should revise your statement to directly address their concerns. It's important to note that both permanent and temporary residence in Canada is possible. Declaring dual purpose in an application does this.
  • If your choice of the program does not seem suitable in light of your previous education or work experience, you must explain why you wish to study it in your personal statement. This is another instance in which seeing the visa officer's notes can be quite beneficial.
  • In case the visa examiner questions the authenticity of the acceptance letter documentation you provided for the school, make sure all of the paperwork is legible and easy to read, and include any other supporting documents you may have. You may want to contact the DLI that issued the document for assistance in addressing the officer's concerns in some cases.
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  • Review the documentation you filed and the visa officer's notes to see which time periods are troublesome if the visa officer believes there are blank holes in your travel history. Make sure you provide additional supporting proof for these periods when you reapply. If your identity documents are the issue, go over your application again to make sure they were clear and easy to read.

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