Top 5 reasons for refusal of Canadian Student Visas

Top 5 reasons for refusal of Canadian Student Visas

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[Published 28 May, 2022 | 03:51 PM]
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Overseas Students seeking to pursue studies in Canada must obtain the Canadian Student Visas and Entry Visas. The process of application and receipt of a Canada Study Permit/Visa commences after you obtain admission into a Designated Learning Institute /DLI. 

Statistics from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada reveal that 350,000 plus Canadian Student Visas are approved annually. The numbers are only increasing every year according to IRCC.

Let us help you to know reason the refusal of Canadian Student Visas

Due to the increase in the number of applications every year, even the rate of rejection of Visas is also increasing. On average, 30% of the overall applications for Canadian Student Visas are rejected every year according to IRCC.

The maximum number of rejections is experienced by oversea students who apply for a Bachelor’s Study Program in Canada. Meanwhile, those who applied for the Doctorate Study Program faced the minimum rejections.

Here are the statistics for the % of Canadian Student Visas refusals based on the category of the applicant:

Applicant TypeRejection %
Bachelor’s Program53%
Master’s Program31%
Doctorate Program11%
If you wish to experience a smooth process for your Canada Student Visa application and obtain approval, you must first understand the usual reasons for refusals. Here are the top 5 reasons for refusal of Canadian Student Visas:

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Missing Letter of Acceptance

You are required to obtain the LOA - Letter of Acceptance from a DLI in Canada before applying for the Canada Study Visa. If LOA is missing or its authenticity /validity is doubted by the Visa Officer, your application can be refused. The same is applicable if the Visa Officer recognizes that you cannot fulfill the requirements of the study program.

Monetary Reasons

You have to submit a Bank Statement or Certificate as a part of your Study Permit application. These documents are proof that you can support yourself while studying in Canada. The Visa Officer can refuse your application if there is ambiguity regarding your ability to make payment of tuition fees, travel expenses, and living costs.

Failure to depart Canada after completion of Studies

You must always remember that Student Visa is a Temporary or Provisional Resident Visa and has a date of expiry. You must be able to convince the Visa Officer that you will exit Canada after completion of your authorized stay. Past travel, the presence of familial connections in Canada, and the objective of your visit are all very crucial factors here. If there is any ambiguity or chances of you overstaying, your application will get rejected.

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Problem with Identity or Travel Documents

You have to provide all the accurate and suitable documents that include an authentic passport, latest photographs, and appropriately filled forms. The Visa Officer will assess these documents for deciding your admissibility to Canada. The authenticity and validity of these documents must not be questionable.

Academic Performance

Visa Officers seek constancy in your past academic performance. While good grades are a major factor in the approval of a Visa, there is more to it. The decision on your Student Visa application is also determined by your skills in the English language denoted by your TOEFL or IELTS score. The blend of a low score and uneven grades can result in questioning your competency for coping with courses taught in English.

The process of obtaining a Canada Student Visa is not as straightforward and simple as it may appear. However, taking care of the above deficiencies will ensure smooth application processing.

COVID-19 Impact

Many application centers for Canada Visa are operating at limited capacity due to the pandemic and some are even closed. Prior to filing the application, you have to:

  • Make sure that you are exempted from the current ravel curbs
  • Confirm changes to the process of application
  • Be aware of the services offered by your intended application center
You must await receipt of a notification email or letter from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada prior to submitting your passport at the application center. Some application centers that are closed may receive passports only by courier or mail.

Valuable Tips to reduce the probability of Canada Student Visa Rejection

You are now aware of the top reasons for the refusal of a Canada Student Visa application. Here are some valuable tips for avoiding rejection chances at the application filing stage itself:

Valuable Tips to reduce the probability of Canada Student Visa Rejection

  • Prepare a list of all essential documents needed for filing an application for the Study Visa. A checklist is available on the IRCC website.
  • You must cautiously fill out the Visa application form completely. Ensure that no column is remaining blank/empty.
  • You are required to upload the letter of acceptance copy that you have received from an accredited University or College in Canada
  • You must be able to offer Proof of funds and it is preferable to get a Guaranteed Investment Certificate GIC by transfer of $10,000 to Scotia Bank. Indian applicants can also obtain it from ICICI Bank.
  • Salary slips or statements from the bank have to be offered if you have work experience
  • You have to provide details of all previous travel history and Visa refusals if any
  • All the questions asked on the IRCC website while submitting an online application must be answered
The SOP - Statement of Purpose is the most crucial write-up that introduces you to the Visa Officer as a Study Visa applicant. The academic accomplishments and the intention behind studying in Canada must be highlighted in the SOP. The decision on your application is immensely influenced by the SOP.

The process of obtaining the Canada Study Permit better known as Study Visa can appear to be very simple on the surface. However, the actual process can really tough. Most of the students consider that LOA is the toughest part of the Study Overseas process but obtaining the Study Visa can be even tougher.

Nationwide Visas offer you the edge and expertise of Study Overseas Counselors and Experts who can make all the difference to your Study Visa application.

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