Soft Landing In Canada After Getting Your COPR

Soft Landing In Canada After Getting Your COPR

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[Published 24 Jun, 2024 | 04:09 PM]
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A soft landing in Canada, allows new immigrants, to come to Canada, for a short duration, - to complete their immigration formalities and start their PR processing, - before moving permanently.

After being approved, for permanent residence in Canada, you must travel to Canada before your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), visa, - and other documents expire. 

If you aren’t ready to move permanently after you successfully apply for Canada PR, a soft landing allows you to complete your landing formalities, - and begin your PR paperwork. You can then return home and plan your actual move for a later date.

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When can you do a soft landing in Canada?

You can do a soft landing in Canada if you have a valid COPR, visa, and medical test results. Usually, you have a few months to do this after getting your visa stamp. Your COPR is valid for up to one year, but in most cases, it’s less.

The validity of your COPR is linked to your medical test results, which expire one year after the date you took the test. The expiry date of your immigrant visa stamp (IM-1) will coincide with the expiration date of your medical test results. So, make sure you land in Canada before your visa expires.

Documents you need to make a soft landing in Canada

  • Passport with a valid IM-1 visa
  • Valid COPR
  • Proof of funds
  • Forms B4 & B4A for your belongings
  • Enough currency (in Canadian dollars) to cover expenses during your stay
  • Prescriptions and medication
  • Travel Insurance

Pros vs. Cons of doing a soft landing in Canada


  • Gives you more time to plan your move: A soft landing gives you more time to wrap your affairs in your home country. Without a soft landing, you may only have a few months to relocate after receiving your COPR and visa.
  • Get your PR card before moving permanently: A majority of newcomers plan their soft landing in Canada to get their PR card before leaving the country. Your PR card processing starts when you complete your landing interview and immigration at the airport. It takes between four and 12 weeks to receive your PR card by mail. You don’t need to stay in Canada until you get your PR card - you can have it mailed to a friend or family member’s address in Canada, and have them ship it to you.
  • Chance to find a job in Canada from abroad: Most Canadian employers prefer to hire permanent residents or citizens of Canada. Having your PR card and Social Insurance Number (SIN) gives you an advantage. Doing a soft landing allows you to complete initial formalities, such as obtaining your SIN.
  • Continue working in your home country: A soft landing lets you return home and continue your existing job until you’re ready to immigrate to Canada permanently. This allows you to increase your savings and avoid an employment gap on your resume.
  • Save on cost of living expenses: The cost of living in Canada can be high compared to other countries. A soft landing can help you save money and give you more time to find a suitable job.
  • Familiarize yourself with your new city:  A soft landing lets you explore the city, its culture, and its people before moving permanently. It’s also an opportunity to explore other cities in Canada and find an ideal neighbourhood to live in.

Pros vs. Cons of doing a soft landing in Canada


  • Upfront cost: The biggest downside is the additional expense of a return flight and accommodation during your visit.
  • Less time to meet Canada PR requirements: You must be physically present in Canada for at least two of the five years (730 days) to be eligible to renew your permanent residence. For Canadian citizenship, you must be physically present in Canada as a PR for at least three years (1095 days) in the five years immediately preceding your application.

Important things you should do during your soft landing

  • Get your PR card
  • Get your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Open a Canadian bank account
  • Get a driver’s license or provincial photo ID
  • Get a Canadian SIM card
  • Get your provincial health card
  • Explore the city and shortlist neighbourhoods
  • Travel around Canada to find your new home city
  • Reconnect with friends and family in Canada
  • Build your professional network
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How soon should you return to Canada after a soft landing?

You must move to Canada permanently within three years to qualify for renewal of your permanent residence. If you aim for Canadian citizenship, return permanently within two years of your soft landing to meet the physical presence requirement.

5 Things you must do right after landing in Canada as a PR!

A soft landing in Canada is a great way to buy more time before your permanent move. If you aren’t ready to immigrate before your COPR and visa expire, you can still visit Canada and start your PR process. With your PR card in hand, you can continue your job search from abroad and relocate to Canada with more preparation.

The process of soft landing in Canada can sometimes be a daunting task - especially for first-timers. If you need any help, you can reach out to Canada Immigration Consultants at Nationwide Visas.

Good Luck!

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