Steps to apply for Australia study visa from India

Steps to apply for Australia study visa from India

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[Published 05 Sep, 2022 | 04:30 PM]
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You must apply for and obtain an Australian student visa from India if you want to study there. Australia Study Visa regulations have changed, and a Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) has been implemented as of July 1, 2016, replacing the previous regulations. With effect from July 1, 2016, all students intending to study in Australia must apply for a Visa under Subclass 500 in accordance with the new visa regulations put in place by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Australian Government.

Let us help you to apply for an Australia study visa from India

Due to these modifications, subclass 500 now includes the former subclasses 571 through 576. Therefore, beginning on July 1, 2016, students who intend to apply to any of the industries must submit an application for a Student Visa under Subclass 500.

What are the steps to apply for an Australian Study Visa?

Once you fulfill all the Australia study visa requirements, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Apply to an Australian university and get CoE

Enrolling or registering at a reputable Australian school or institute is the first step before applying for an Australian student visa. Following this, the institute issues an offer letter confirming receipt of the tuition deposit and acceptance of the applicant's registration.

A CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment), a crucial document to launch the visa application procedure, will thereafter be sent by the institute. If an applicant enrolls in multiple study programs, then each program requires a CoE.

2. Create an Online account 

An applicant can simply apply for an Australian visa online, but they must first create an account at before they can begin the application process.

The website requests the applicant's name, phone number, and email address. The applicant is taken to a new page asking to accept all of their conditions and generate a strong password after filling out all the necessary information.

3. Complete your online application

Visit the following website to submit an application for a student visa subclass 500: The process must be started at least 124 days before the start of the course (this date is mentioned on the CoE).

The applicant fills out his or her nationality and CoE code(s) on the first page before selecting the education sector. The applicant must then provide information about their family, themselves, responses to questions about their prior schooling or employment, records of their health, and, if applicable, any criminal histories.

What is the study visa processing time?

4. Submit the visa application online 

An applicant must pay the 550 AUD visa cost once their application has been submitted successfully. The Australian government will then assign the application a TRN (Transaction Reference Number), which may be used to track its status online.

5. Sit for an Interview and get your Health clearance report

The candidate will be needed to undergo a thorough health examination depending on the study program they have chosen and the area they will be studying in. After the visa application has been submitted, this information will be obtained.

Therefore, since a TRN number is required to finish the procedure, do not do any health checks beforehand. To have the forms filled out, the applicant must consent to a medical examination by a licensed physician.

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What is the study visa processing time?

The procedure for requesting an Australian study visa (subclass 500) can begin as soon as the applicant enrolls in the university and has received approval for their application. It takes some time to apply for a visa. Additionally, it's crucial to apply to universities at least a few months before the commencement of the degree program. The university takes about 37 days to make a decision.

The visa processing time depends on several factors like:

  • Whether the applicant supplied all required paperwork during the application procedure.
  • How well-timed and efficiently the applicant replies to inquiries for more details.
  • The duration needed to complete additional necessary verifications of the data supplied to support the application.
  • The right moment to get more information about matters of character, national security, and health from sources other than the official department.
  • How many open positions there are in the migration program?
  • The evidence and information the applicant submits at the time of submitting the application are used to determine whether or not to grant the visa request.


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