Top 4 Immigration Programs for you to immigrate to Canada

Top 4 Immigration Programs for you to immigrate to Canada

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[Published 19 Nov, 2021 | 04:47 PM]
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Do you know that currently, it is the most excellent time for you to immigrate to Canada? The Federal Government of Canada has announced that it will welcome 1 Million plus immigrants in the three years 2021-2023. The level of new Canada PR immigrants for the three years is as follows: 

  • 2021 - 401000 immigrants
  • 2022 - 411000 immigrants
  • 2023 - 421,000 immigrants

The Federal Government of Canada has announced that it will welcome 1 Million plus immigrants in the three years 2021-2023. The level of new Canada PR immigrants for the three years is as follows: 

You must be aware that more than 100 Canada immigration programs are present. So which is the most suitable program for you to immigrate to Canada? This depends on your profile and its assessment that requires answering certain queries. 

Nevertheless, there are a few Canada immigration programs that are comparatively easier for proceeding with. You can also save valuable time and ensure maximum chances of successful application.

The Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023 aims to welcome nearly 60% of the total immigrants through economic class streams. This includes the federal Express Entry and PNPs - Provincial Nominee Programs.

Several updates have also been made by the Government of Canada amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This is for safeguarding several immigrants with provisional measures helpful in protecting their status. Canada aims to maintain high immigration levels for offsetting the negative fiscal and economic consequences of its low birth rate and aging population. 

Here we briefly outline a few highly popular Canada immigration programs for you to choose from. You can accordingly explore your prospects to immigrate to Canada. 

1. Express Entry Program

Express Entry is amongst the highly popular Canada immigration programs. It is facilitating innumerable skilled workers both overseas and within Canada to obtain the Permanent Resident status. The system ranks candidates based on scores allocated for diverse factors. These include among others their education, age, language proficiency, and work experience. 

The system chooses the best candidates from the Express Entry pool depending on their CRS Scores. The highest-ranking candidates are offered the Invitation to Apply – ITA for Canada PR Visa. 

You can immigrate to Canada within 6 months through the Express Entry system. It has one of the quickest processing times for Canada immigration applications. Your family members can be included in the Canada PR Visa application. 

2. PNPs - Provincial Nominee Programs

The Canada immigration programs of the provinces in Canada are known as the Provincial Nominee Programs. The only exception is the Quebec Province. PNPs aim to cater to the economic needs of the provinces through the nomination of immigrants for Canada PR Visa

Canada has 13 Provinces and Territories and 11 Provinces have PNPs. Around 80 specific PNPs are present each having unique eligibility requirements. These permit the provinces to respond to their unique immigration needs. 

PNPs are designed for addressing the shortage of skilled workers and applicants having experience in highly demanded jobs are preferred. 

PNPs regularly seek overseas workers with experience in in-demand occupations in the province. Applicants have to fulfill the requirements of the specific stream through which they apply for nomination. They must also comply with the rules for submitting applications as specified by the PNP. 

If you receive a nomination from a Province, you will obtain 600 CRS points in your Express Entry profile. This assures that you receive an ITA for Canada Permanent Residence. 

The majority of the PNP streams specify applicants to have a link to the Province. It could be through previous work experience or study in the province or a job offer from an employer in the province. But there are some PNPs that are suitable for overseas citizens who are not connected with the Provinces in Canada in any way. 

A. Alberta Express Entry

Candidates in the Express Entry pool are selected by the Express Entry Alberta stream to apply for a provincial nomination. The chief benefit of this stream is that the cut-off CRS score is 300. It ensures that several applicants in the pool get an opportunity to get the Notification of Interest from the Alberta province.

Candidates who are successful in receiving the nomination get extra 600 CRS points. This practically ensures that they get an ITA for Canada PR Visa in the subsequent draw in Express Entry. 

B. Overseas Skilled Worker Saskatchewan

This stream has 2 sub-categories that are suitable for overseas applicants:

  • Express Entry Stream Saskatchewan – Candidates seeking to apply through this stream must have an active profile in Express Entry 
  • Stream Occupation In-Demand Saskatchewan – It does mandate an active profile in Express Entry

Overseas Skilled Worker Saskatchewan selects skilled workers who are competent to cater to the labor scarcity in the workforce of the province. It can be a great Canada immigration opportunity for you if you have experience in an in-demand occupation and fulfill other eligibility criteria.

Applicants are required to have a minimum of 1-year work experience in any one of the profiles found in the Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupations List. 

C. Human Capital Priorities Ontario

Ontario is a renowned destination in Canada for the majority of the immigrants and also amongst the largest provinces. Toronto has emerged as the hub for giant MNCs and a fast-growth hub for the tech sector in the nation. Human Capital Priorities Ontario stream is a wonderful option for candidates residing overseas. The stream prioritizes skilled workers who can work in qualified occupations in the province. 

Applicants are required to have an active profile in Express Entry with 400 or higher CRS points. Ontario assesses the profiles and selects specific candidates who can fulfill the eligibility criteria for submitting a PNP application. The precise criteria for the selection of candidates have never been announced by Ontario and keep changing periodically. 

D. Labor Market Priorities Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia selects a specific NOC every year in each draw through the Labor Market Priorities stream. However, the NOC is not declared in advance. But if your NOC finds a place in the list, there are high possibilities of getting selected. 

You do not require a job offer for this stream as it aims to fill gaps in the labor market and is linked with Express Entry. You have to file an application after you receive the invitation from the stream.

3. Study in Canada

Canada has once again fortified its position as one of the best study overseas destinations through the latest QS World University Rankings for 2023. It also explains why it has emerged as the third most favored study abroad destination after the US and Australia. 

26 Universities in Canada have found a place in the QS Top 1000 Best Universities and 10 in the top 25%. British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec are the highly favored provinces for overseas students. They also host several top Universities in Canada. 

Toronto University has once again obtained the position of the top Canadian University in the latest QS Global University Rankings. It is ranked 25th in the global listing. 

Canada has made crucial changes to accommodate the needs of overseas students. It has thus emerged as the favored study overseas destination for international students. The nation has implemented improved pathways for overseas students to obtain the Canada PR in comparison with other countries. They must fulfill the criteria for PR through any of the multiple programs and stream currently available. 

Several students commence their immigration journey in Canada as overseas students and finally become Permanent Residents. Canada has also launched some provisional initiatives for overseas students due to the pandemic. These cover work hours for overseas students in essential sectors, Post-Graduate Work Visa, and applications for Study Permit.

4. RNIP - Rural Northern Immigration Pilot

The RNIP is a Canada immigration program that has been designed for the advancement of smaller communities through economic class immigration. It is a Canada PR pathway for several overseas workers intending to work and reside in these participating rural communities. 

Applicants have to fulfill the distinct requirements specified by the communities in the Rural Northern Immigration Pilot. You can file your application after you receive a job offer in the targeted community. Additional qualifying community requirements also exist. You must also undergo the community recommendation process to qualify for the PR application. 

These are some of the immigration pathways that you can consider to immigrate to Canada. However, there are also innumerable other programs such as Agri-Food Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, etc. 

Top Canada PR Immigration Consultancy

Nationwide Visas has assisted thousands of applicants in obtaining the Canada PR Visa through several Canada immigration programs including Express Entry. Our competent and experienced Immigration Consultants are best placed to offer you flawless immigration advice and services. 

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada and trying to identify the most suitable Canada immigration program for your PR application? You must get in touch with us now to explore the diverse immigration options and choose the best and quickest PR pathway. Start your journey to immigrate to Canada by getting your profile assessed today! 


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