Do you want to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Program of Canada?

The Parent and Grandparent Program of Canada permits citizens and permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their grandparents and parents for immigration to Canada. It is a pathway to Canada Permanent Residency Program. Grandparents and Parents who are successful in their application through PGP are offered Permanent Residency in Canada. They can later also apply for Citizenship in Canada.

Parent and Grandparent Program will be accepting around 30,000 extra applications for two weeks from 23 September 2021. This provides additional Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada the chance for sponsoring their Grandparents and Parents for the Permanent Residency Program. 

The 2021 intake also includes 10,000 applications filed in the intake process in 2020. It means Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada anticipates receiving a maximum of 40,000 applications in 2021 for the Parent and Grandparent Program. Sponsors who are successful in receiving the invitation have to submit their application for PGP sponsorship to IRCC within 60 days. 

How to become eligible for an invitation to sponsor the PGP Application?

The Parent and Grandparent Program will make use of the lottery or random selection system for 2021 that exists for the past few years. So you will have to first complete the form for ‘Interest to Sponsor’ as a potential sponsor. The application process for sponsoring Grandparents and Parents for the Canada Permanent Residency Program will be slightly different in 2021. 

IRCC has said that prospective sponsors will be chosen arbitrarily and offered an invitation from the rest of the interest to sponsor forms pool of 2020. It will award adequate invitations for applications for reaching its targets for application intake. 

Sponsors who are offered the invitation will have to utilize the new PR Digital Intake Tool of the IRCC. It permits the electronic submission of applications. The tool highlights the commitment of IRCC to modernize the immigration system of Canada, speed up and simplify the process of application.

Income requirement for PGP decreased owing to pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily strained the economic prospects and incomes of several families. This is true for any nation in the world including Canada. Several prospective sponsors might have been fiscally affected by the extraordinary conditions of the pandemic. Thus, IRCC has extended the provisional public policy that decreases the income requirement for the fiscal year 2020 to MNI - Minimum Necessary Income. This is in place of MNI plus 30%.

Parent and Grandparent Program of Canada: Overview

The Family Class immigration stream of Canada permits permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor their grandparents or parents through the Parent and Grandparent Program. Grandparents or Parents who receive sponsorship obtain Permanent Residency inclusive of all associated benefits. It includes the right to reside and work in Canada devoid of curbs on the sector, time, or location. They can also access healthcare and other services that are funded publicly. Eventually, these sponsored Grandparents or Parents can also obtain Citizenship of Canada. 

Roughly 21,000 fresh Permanent Residents have to be accepted yearly as Canada Permanent Residents via the PGP. This is as per the multi-year immigration plan of the Government of Canada.

Eligibility for the Parent and Grandparent Program

To qualify for the Parent and Grandparent Program the sponsor as well as the individual being sponsored both have to fulfill specific eligibility requirements. 

The Sponsor has to: 

  • Be a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada.
  • Fulfill specific income requirements. 
  • Financially support the sponsored individual/s and their dependents. 

The Sponsor and the individual/s being sponsored have to sign the agreement for sponsorship that: 

  • Obligates the sponsor for offering monetary support to the sponsored individual/s and any other qualified kin accompanying them for a duration of 3 to 20 years based on their age and relationship with the sponsor, starting from the date they obtain Permanent Residency; & 
  • Specifies that individuals obtaining Permanent Residency will make all possible efforts for supporting themselves 

The Quebec Province has extra criteria for the Parent and Grandparent Program. Quebec residents have to sign an undertaking with the Quebec Province. It is an agreement that affirms the sponsorship. Sponsors in Quebec also have to fulfill the sponsorship requirements of the province once they obtain approval from IRCC as sponsors.

Arrange all that is needed for filling the form for Interest to Sponsor 

Before starting:

  • Collate all the details that you will require for filling the form for Interest to Sponsor.
  • Obtain a digital copy of your status proof in Canada or Passport. 

You (the individual who intends to sponsor their grandparents and parents) have to enter:

  • The name/s of your family (also referred to as the surname or last name) and your known name/s (also referred to as middle name and first name). 
  • You have to write your name precisely as it appears on the status proof in Canada or Passport that you will submit. 
  • Your birth date. 
  • The territory or nation of your birth. 
  • The address of your primary home where you reside.
  • You have to reside in Canada for sponsoring. 
  • Ensure that you provide all the details inclusive of the full address. 
  • You must provide your street name, street number, unit or apartment number(if applicable), Post Office Box(if applicable), your territory or province, and postal code. 
  • For address and street number, you must provide the type of street (avenue, boulevard, street, etc.). For instance: 123 John Pl. or 123 John Ave. or 123 John St. 
  • Your email address on which you wish to be contacted by IRCC. 
  • The number of individuals in your direct family ( you, your partner or spouse, and dependent kids). 
  • The sum of individuals whom you have sponsored already and remain financially liable. 
  • The sum of individuals whom you wish to sponsor inclusive of their dependents ( partner or spouse and kids). 
  • Date of birth and names of grandparents or parents whom you wish to sponsor.
  • You will not be required to provide these details for their dependent kids or a partner or spouse that will not be arriving in Canada along with them. 
  • Document number of your evidence of status in Canada or Passport. 
  • You must provide the number of the similar document that you will provide in your application if you are offered an application invitation. IRCC will return your application if the document number for both is not the same. 
  • Your digital signature (you must type your name here). 

Who has to be included in the application for Sponsorship?

The sponsorship application has to include: 

  • The primary applicant will be sponsored as a grandparent or parent of the sponsor. 
  • The common-law partner or spouse of the primary applicant even if separated. 
  • The dependent kids of the primary applicant from past and current relationships even if they are arriving in Canada or not. 
  • The dependent kids of the primary applicant’s common-law partner or spouse.
  • The dependent kids of any dependent offspring are included in the application. 

All the family members who are dependent irrespective of them accompanying the primary applicant to Canada have to be announced in the application and be assessed. It is not possible to sponsor any family members in the future if they are not assessed. This is inclusive of kids in the custody of a previous common-law partner or spouse. 

The 2021 Parent and Grandparent Program intake instruction guide

You will require an invitation for applying to sponsor your grandparents and parents. 

For receiving an invitation you must: 

  • Have filed a form for interest to sponsor for the process in 2020. 
  • Have received the invitation to apply – IRCC selects prospective sponsors from the pool of submissions for interest to sponsor form for 202 through a lottery. 

You may only submit an application for sponsoring your grandparents and parents if your authentication number is chosen randomly for the intake in 2021. 

If IRCC has invited you to file an application, you must file your application package within the deadline indicated on your letter of invitation. 

If you were invited for the application, IRCC will again send you the letter of invitation with its response in ten business days. Ensure that you: 

  • Check the spam or junk folder in your email.
  • Check your mail – IRCC will send it by physical mail if it could not send the invitation through email. 

You have to include your letter of invitation for the 2021 Parent and Grandparent Program when you submit the application. 

If you have not received the invitation to apply but wish that your grandparents and parents arrive in Canada, you can consider the Super Visa Program. It can allow them to remain in Canada for a maximum of 2 years in one go. 

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