Australia Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa

Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa is an Australia Visa based on points for skilled workers who have received a nomination from a Territory or State to reside in a Low Population Growth or Regional Area. Alternatively, they can also receive sponsorship from a qualified relative residing in an Australian designated area.

The validity of Australia Visa 489 is 4 years and requires the Visa holder to reside and work in a designated area in Australia. Family members can also be included for Australia immigration in this Visa application. 

The Australia Visa 489 has 3 categories: 

  • The Invited Pathway
  • The Extended Stay Pathway
  • The Subsequent Entry Pathway

The Visa application can be filed by interested candidates while residing in Australia or overseas under any of these 3 categories. 

Application only through Skill-Select

You have to first submit an EOI - Expression of Interest through Skill-Select for applying for the Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa. Then, you must receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. 

Upon receiving an invitation from DHA for the Australia Visa 489, you have to file the application within sixty days, or else the invitation expires. Thus, it is very important that you have all the essential documents ready for filing the application at the earliest after getting the invitation. 

Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa is a Temporary Work Visa for people who possess the skills and qualifications needed for catering to the skills shortage in Australia. The candidates have to secure at least 60 points in the assessment for points. They must be aged less than 45 years and prove to have skills or qualifications of an occupation specified in the Skilled Occupation List.

Candidates who are successful in their Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa must be ready to reside for 24 months and work for a minimum of 12 months in a particular Australian Regional Area. This Visa also offers a pathway to Australian Permanent Residence.

Australia Visa 489 replaced the following Australian Visas in 2012-13:

  • The Skilled - Regional Sponsored Subclass 475 Visa (offshore)

Australian Permanent Residence through Subclass 489 Visa

The Australia 489 Visa holders can apply for Subclass 887 Skilled Regional Visa that offers them lawful Permanent Residency in Australia. They must have resided for 24 months and worked for 12 months in a Low Population Growth or Regional Area to qualify for applying to Permanent Residence. It must be noted here that only those who are residing and working in areas included in the Low Population Growth or Regional Area list are qualified to apply for Permanent Residence through the Subclass 887 Skilled Regional Visa. 


For Australia immigration under the Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa, you must be:

  • Nominated by a Territory or State in Australia; or
  • Sponsored by a qualified relative in Australia 

Applications for Australia 489 Visa can only be submitted upon receiving an invitation from DHA. For receiving the invitation, you have to:

  • Possess experience in a nominated occupation included in the Skilled Occupations List in Australia.
  • Obtain an assessment of skills from a suitable assessing authority for the occupation. 
  • File an Expression of Interest in Skill-Select. 
  • Be aged more than 18 years and less than 45 years when the invitation to apply is offered. 
  • Fulfill basic requirements for skilled Australia immigration inclusive of English language proficiency, character, and health checks. 
  • Secure minimum of 60 points in the point’s assessment.


The following family members can be included in your Australia 489 Visa application:

  • Your partner
  • Your partner’s or your dependent kid
  • Your partner’s or your dependent relative 


The Australia 489 Visa authorizes you along with your dependents to: 

  • Provisionally reside and work in Australia in a designated regional area 
  • Study in Australia in a particular regional area 
  • Travel from and to Australia during the validity of the Visa 
  • Apply for Australia PR through the Subclass 887 Skilled Regional Visa after fulfilling the eligibility criteria 

Obligations of Australia 489 Visa

Nomination from a Territory or State in Australia

If you have received a nomination from a Territory or State in Australia for residing in a Low Population Growth or Regional Area, you have to fulfill certain obligations specified by the nominating Territory or State. These include that you must:

  • Reside in the Territory or State for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Inform the Territory or State regarding any alteration in your address. 
  • Provide information and complete surveys when asked to do so. 

The following table lists all the Low Population Growth or Regional Areas in Australia: 

State or Territory
Post Code areas
South Australia
Northern Territory
New South Wales

2328 - 2411

2311 - 2312

2420 - 2490

2575 - 2594

2536 - 2551

2787 - 2898

2618 - 2739


4124 – 4125



4270 - 4272





4307 - 4499


4522 – 4899

4517 - 4519


3340 - 3424

3211 - 3334

3430 - 3649

3658 - 3749






3778 - 3781




3921 - 3925

3810 - 3909

3945 - 3974


3981 - 3996

Western Australia

6083 - 6084

6041 - 6044

6121 - 6126

6200 - 6799

Sponsorship from a qualified family member

You have to reside and work in a designated area. You will have to demonstrate that you have resided in the designated area for a specific time if you intend to apply for a Permanent Residency. 

Failure to ensure compliance with the Australia 489 Visa may result in: 

  • Cancellation of your Visa including the accompanying family members if any

Qualified Sponsors

A Sponsor has to be aged a minimum of 18 years and reside in Australia as any of the following: 

  • A Citizen of Australia
  • A Permanent Resident in Australia
  • An eligible citizen of New Zealand 

You or your partner has to be related to the sponsor as any of the following: 

  • A parent – includes a step-parent
  • A child – includes a stepchild
  • A nephew or niece– includes adoptive or step-nephew or niece 
  • A sister or brother– includes adoptive or step-sibling
  • A first cousin or grandparent 
  • An aunt or uncle – includes adoptive or step-uncle or aunt 

At the time of sponsoring you, your sponsor has to be residing in a designated area in Australia. Here is the list of designated areas at present: 

State or Territory
Post Code areas
Northern Territory
Australian Capital Territory
South Australia
Western Australia
New South Wales

2328 - 2333

2311 - 2312

2336 - 2490

2575 – 2739

2535 - 2551

2787 - 2898


4037 - 4050

4019 - 4028

4079 - 4100



4158 - 4168

4124 - 4150

4180 - 4899

Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa Processing 

Arrangements for priority processing are applicable for the Australia 489 Visa. It determines the order in which the DHA considers applications for Australia immigration irrespective of their submission timelines. 

Extension from other Subclass Visas

Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa permits holders of Subclasses 496 and 495 Visas to stay in Australia for an extra 1 year. 

If you possess one of the following two Australia Visas and fulfill all the criteria of the Visa, you can qualify to submit an application for Australia 489 Visa permitting you to reside in Australia for an extra 1 year: 

  • Provisional Skilled Independent Regional Subclass 495 Visa
  • Provisional Skilled Sponsored Designated Area Subclass 496 Visa

You can also include your dependents in the Visa application even if they were not included in your first Visa application. 

If you have any of the above two Temporary Visas, you and secondary applicants are not required to file an EOI and or be offered the invitation to apply from DHA. On the other hand, you have to file an application for any of the following Subclass streams: 

  • Skilled Regional Provisional – Renewal 489 Visa 
  • Skilled Regional Provisional – Subsequent Entrant 489Visa

On the other hand, you can be approved for a maximum of only two skilled provisional Visas. It implies that if you have possessed any of the above Australia Visas twice, you cannot apply for Skilled Nominated Regional Subclass 489 Visa.

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