3-Step Process After Receiving ITA under Canada Express Entry

3-Step Process After Receiving ITA under Canada Express Entry

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Congratulations on receiving your Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canada PR visa from India!

But that’s not where the story ends…

Now that you are invited by IRCC, you are required to submit a complete application for permanent residency in a limited time period - with a complete list of supporting documents. About 80% of the electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR) under Express Entry are processed within six months if the candidates follow the “after ITA process” carefully.

Apply for Canada PR from India

3-Step Process After Receiving ITA

STEP 1: Gather Required Documents

The 1st step after meeting the minimum CRS score for Canada PR and receiving your ITA is to gather the required documents that support the qualifications you mentioned in your Express Entry profile. The documents’ list will be provided in your  Express Entry Profile. If there is any document requested by IRCC you cannot provide, provide a letter of explanation for that. Maybe try and submit alternative documents for that.

Make sure all the documents required for the Express Entry application are in either English or French. If they aren’t, have them translated first by a certified translator.



Submit a copy of the passport’s biographical data page or travel document - of your passport and each of the family members accompanying you.

Birth Certificate

Submitting the birth certificate for every single individual included in your Canada PR application is crucial. If you have any adopted kids, provide their adoption certificates.

Marital Status

  • If you’re single: You do not need to provide any documents.
  • If you’re married: Provide a marriage certificate.
  • If you’re in a common-law/conjugal relationship: Provide proof evidence of a genuine relationship
  • If you’re divorced: Provide a divorce certificate for each divorce you had
  • If you’re widowed: Provide a marriage and death certificate
In some cases, candidates are also asked to provide one or more of the listed documents. For instance, if you get divorced and then remarried, you must provide both a divorce certificate and your new marriage certificate.

Documents Required for Canada PR Application


IRCC already has access to your language test results - no matter which test you took. But sometimes they need a copy of your results. Submit the test results anyway without IRCC even asking with your Canada PR application. This will save you time if IRCC ends up requesting a copy later on. Include the approved language test results of your spouse also.


Next, you need to show evidence of your work experience as a part of the application process. To show the proof, provide:

  • Reference letters from previous employers
  • E-copies of your employment contracts
  • Sample of payslips (if applicable)
If you’ve claimed work experience in Canada, submit:

  • T4 tax information slips
  • Notice of Assessment and Option C printouts from CRA
  • A copy of your work permit or employment authorization


  • Submit copies of certificates, diplomas, or degrees for post-secondary education you claimed points for.
  • Provide copies of transcripts for the secondary and post-secondary programs.
  • If you’ve foreign education, submit an original Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report.
  • For Canadian education, provide proof of successful completion of the program.


Show the Canadian authorities that you have enough money to move to their country and support yourself and your accompanying family members. Now, the minimum settlement funds change every year, so refer to the Government of Canada website for the same. You can attach official letters from your bank or other financial institutions where your money is stored.

Number of Family MembersFunds Required
For each additional family member$3,706

*Required amount as of January, 2024


Submit the electronic copies of the confirmed medical examination to show you are in good health.


Submit your and all the accompanying family members’ police clearance certificates (PCC) to show zero criminal background. Obtain PCC should be from every country you and your family have lived in for at least six months or more - since the age of 18 (if applicable).

Remember, this certificate is only valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Wait for your ITA before you get a PCC or it could expire by the time your application is processed.

But PCC could also take a lot of time to come. After ITA you have just 60 days to apply for Canada PR. So if you have already applied for PCC and did not receive it on time, submit proof of the same with your application - it’ll buy you some time till you get one. 


Provide 2 digital photographs of yourself, your spouse or partner, and each dependent child.


It is crucial to pay the fees with your application. These are as follows:

  • For principal applicant: $1325
  • For Spouse: $1325
  • For Dependent children: $225 per child


If you have a provincial nomination, provide a copy of the same with your Canada PR application.


If you have claimed points for a relative living in Canada, submit these:

  • Proof of your relationship with them.
  • Proof of their Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status.
  • Proof that they are living in Canada by submitting their Canadian tax documents, banking records, or utility bills.


Having a valid job offer is not a mandatory requirement under Canada PR eligibility. However, if you have claimed points for that, submit:

  • Job letter from the Canadian employer
  • The associated LMIA number (if applicable)

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Step 2: Submit the Canada PR application

Once you have all the documents with you, go ahead and complete your electronic Application for Permanent Resident (eAPR). Submit it on IRCC’s web portal along with all the supporting documents and pay a biometric fee - $85 per person.

If your application is complete, IRCC will send you a letter confirming the need to give your biometrics and where. Everyone between ages 14 and 79 needs to give their biometrics as a part of the PR application process - even if you have given them in the past and they are still valid.

If you haven’t already paid your biometrics fee, pay it as soon as you get the letter from IRCC. You have 30 days from the date on the letter to give your biometrics.

Step 3: Application Review

After the application submission, IRCC will start your review process. Most applications under Express Entry are processed within six months - if the information and documents provided are accurate and complete.

If rejected:

To still be a part of the future invitation rounds

  • Submit a new Express Entry profile
  • Meet the Canada PR eligibility criteria
  • Enter the Express Entry pool again

If approved:

If all your documents are verified and IRCC gives you the green light, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR). 

Wait for the IRCC to provide instructions on how to proceed next before entering Canada.

Canada PR Visa Approval in 60 Days

If your information changes

If there are any changes to your personal information while your Canada PR application is being processed, it's essential to notify the Canadian authorities as soon as possible. This action helps prevent potential delays in the processing of your application. Such changes may include:

  • Withdrawal of application
  • Family composition changes - birth or adoption of a child, marriage or divorce
  • Change of your immigration representative
  • Changes in your mailing address, email address, telephone number, or other contact information.
  • A province or territory withdraws your nomination
  • You don’t plan to live in the province or territory nominating you

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