Apply For Canada PR Visa By Investment In 2024

Apply For Canada PR Visa By Investment In 2024

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[Published 09 Feb, 2024 | 12:39 PM]
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Investing in Canada can get you a permanent residency visa. Confused?

This immigration pathway to Canada PR is called the Canada Investor Visa. Investors who wish to gain access to new markets live a high-quality life, diversify their holdings, and get PR status in Canada can consider applying for this program. But with so many programs offering you a chance to settle in Canada by investment, picking the “right” one can get confusing. That’s why we have put together a list of the top 5 investment-based Canada PR visas for 2024.

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Apply for Canada PR by Investment

Top 4 Investment-Based Canada PR Visas in 2024

1. Entrepreneur Program

Canada values foreign immigrants with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are one and can create employment opportunities for residents of Canada while also contributing to the economy, apply for a Canada PR visa through the Entrepreneur Program. If you get confirmation, you can operate a business in the Great White North as well as gain a PR status.

Eligibility Requirements for Entrepreneur Program:

  • Hire at least one citizen or permanent resident, excluding the entrepreneur or his family members.
  • Start, buy, or make a significant investment in a Canadian business within the first two years of arrival in the country. This should result in a huge contribution to the country’s economy.
  • Actively get involved in the management and operations of the business.
Note: Under this program, it is mandatory to report to the immigration authorities regularly within these two years, provided all conditions are met.

2. Start-Up Visa Program

This is an ideal way for immigrant entrepreneurs to open a business in Canada while being able to apply for a Canada PR visa. Start-Up Visa is amongst many immigration initiatives the government has designed for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow as a Canadian workforce.

Eligibility Requirements for Start-Up Visa Program:

  • Have a qualifying business
  • Get a letter of support from a designated institution (contact Canadian angel investors to get minimum funds of CAD 75,000. Otherwise, obtain CAD 200,000 from a Canadian venture capital fund identified by the Canadian Government).
  • Meet the English or French language proficiency at the CLB/IELTS 5-level
  • Invest a specific amount to settle in Canada

Top 4 Investment-Based Canada PR Visas in 2024

3. Self-Employed Persons Program

If you think you can establish or purchase a business in Canada that will hugely benefit the country’s economy, Self-Employer Persons Program is best for you. This business immigration program can also change the cultural or artistic life of Canada.

Eligibility Requirements for Self-Employed Persons Program:

  • Get relevant experience of at least 2 years in the last 5 years.
  • You should be willing and sufficient to be self-employed in Canada.
  • Fulfill the requirements under this program (a minimum of 35 points).
  • Meet the police clearance, medical requirements, and other conditions.

Your visa under this business pathway will be based on your experience, education, age, language skills, and adaptability.

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4. PNP Business Programs

Getting a Canada PR visa under the Provincial Nominee Program (which each territory and province has of its own) is possible if you are willing to start or invest in a business in Canada. However, the investment required and net worth will depend on the province. Each province has unique criteria under its business immigration program that is designed to best serve the economy of that specific province.

You need to create a comprehensive business plan, which every PNP business program needs. The plan must have details about the business type you will purchase or start along with financial projections showcasing that the purchasing of the business will significantly help the local economy and provincial labour market.

Each PNP business immigration program’s requirements regarding minimum net worth, minimum investment, and exploratory visit will differ.

FactorsQuebec Immigrant Investor ProgramBC PNP – Entrepreneur Immigration ProgramManitoba Business Investor StreamNova Scotia Entrepreneur StreamOntario Entrepreneur Stream
Minimum Net WorthCAD $2,000,000CAD 600,000CAD 500,000CAD 600,000CAD 1,500,000 (In GTR) OR CAD 800,000 (outside GTA) OR CAD 800,00 (in ICT/digital communication sector)
Minimum InvestmentCAD 1,200,000 risk-free through an approved financial intermediaryCAD 200,000 OR CAD 400,000 if proposing a key staff memberCAD 250,000 in the Manitoba Capital Region OR CAD 150,000CAD 150,000CAD 1,000,000 (In GTA) OR CAD 500,000 (outside GTA) OR CAD 500,00 (in ICT/digital communication sector)
Experience2 years of business management experience in the past 5 years before the submission of an application in a specific enterprise and a position defined as full-time.3 + years of business ownership or management experience OR 4 + years of senior management experience OR 1+ years of business ownership & management experience and 2+ years of senior management experience within the last 10 years.Business ownership and management experience or executive-level experience in 3 of the past 5 years. AND Business owners are given higher points in comparison to senior managers. AND Business owners must have at least 33.3% ownership to qualify for points.At least 3 years of business ownership experience including 33.3% ownership in the last 10 years OR +5 years as a senior manager in the last 10 years.At least 36 months of full-time business experience in the last five years as a business owner or senior manager
Managerial RoleNoneRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Business PlanNoneRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Exploratory visitRecommendedRecommendedA business research visit must be conducted one year before the submission of EOI.Required for Business succession onlyRequired for Business succession only
InterviewMay be requiredUpon request of BC PNPRequiredRequiredUpon request of OINP
Additional RequirementsBackground check and medical examinationCreate at least one permanent, full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident with the proposed business.Score 60+ points on the assessment grid CAD 100,000 refundable deposit is not a requirement anymore.Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). -The business must meet additional criteria. -English/French minimum CLB 5.Sign a Performance Agreement with Ontario. - English/French minimum CLB 4. -Create at least 2 permanent, full-time jobs for a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

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Investing, purchasing, or establishing a business in Canada can be your golden ticket to gaining permanent residence in Canada in 2024. However, the procedure can be a bit tricky and that's why you must get in touch with the Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi at Nationwide Visas.

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