Apply for Canada Visitor Visa from India - Types and Eligibility

Apply for Canada Visitor Visa from India - Types and Eligibility

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Dreaming of exploring the beautiful vistas, cities, and cultures of Canada? A Canada visitor visa from India is your ticket to it all!

Visitor Visa caters to all types of travel purposes - meeting family members, attending business, tourism, or visiting spouse/partner who has sponsored you for Canada PR. Simply apply with a valid passport, state your purposes, and show proof of funds, and you’ll be on your way to the Great White North.

Does Canada have a Visa on Arrival for Indians? The answer - NO. 

While there are several visa-exempt countries, India is not one of them. Therefore, to enter the Canadian borders, Indians have to apply for a visitor visa. The duration of your stay will depend on which type of visitor visa you’ve applied for.

Apply for Canada Visitor Visa from India

Types of Canada Visitor Visas

Canada offers two main types of Visitor Visas: Single Entry and Multiple Entry.

Single Entry Visa: This enables you to enter Canada only once for a specific purpose and stay in the country for a designated period of time. The maximum time you can be in Canada with a single entry visa is up to six months. Before it expires, you have to leave Canada and go back to your home country.

Multiple Entry Visa: In contrast, the Multiple Entry Visa is more flexible, allowing multiple visits to Canada as long as your visa is valid. The validity of a Multiple Entry Visa is for up to 10 years, but the exact duration is decided by the visa officer issuing it. Ideal for frequent travellers, the Multiple Entry Visa enables short visits without reapplying.

Both types of Canada Visitor Visas share common eligibility requirements. So, whether you are planning a one-time exploration trip or multiple, they cater to every type of travel need.

Who is eligible?

Here are the basic eligibility requirements you need to meet to apply for a Canada Visitor Visa from India:

  • Have a valid passport or other travel documents
  • Prove you are in good health by submitting medical reports
  • Should not have any criminal record or immigration-related convictions
  • Must be able to convince an immigration officer about your ties back home - job, home, family, or financial asset 
  • Show your intention to leave Canada at the end of your visit to an immigration officer
  • Must possess sufficient funds to cover your stay in Canada
  • Have enough money you will need depending on how your stay in Canada is and if you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives. 
  • Have a letter of invitation from relatives you are planning to visit and stay in Canada.

Who is eligible for Canada Visitor Visa from India?

Who isn't allowed to enter Canada on a visitor visa?

Some individuals from India may be inadmissible to Canada, meaning they are not allowed to enter Canada. The reasons can be one or more of the following:

  • Involved in criminal or illegal activities
  • Human rights violations
  • Involved in an organized crime
  • Health or financial reasons.

How to apply?

Why you're going through the process of Canada Immigration decides how you apply and what documents to include with your visa application.

1. Visit Canada as a tourist

If you wish to explore the diverse landscapes, natural beauty, and dazzling cities of Canada, you can apply for a Canada Visitor Visa from India as a tourist. From the Rocky Mountains to cities like Toronto and Vancouver, you can see it all and enjoy the multicultural experiences the country is known for around the world. Visit iconic landmarks like Niagara Falls and feel the warmth of Canadian hospitality.

2. Visit Canada for business purposes

Indian businessmen or entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business or meet their Canadian counterparts can apply for a visitor visa. You’ll be able to attend conferences and explore potential investment opportunities if you intend to invest in Canada in the future. Canada is no doubt a massive marketplace for businessmen in India, coupled with a robust economy.

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3. Visit Canada to meet your spouse or partner who has sponsored you for permanent residence

You can reunite with your spouse or partner who has sponsored you to become a Canadian permanent resident. This way you will get a chance to explore what life in Canada is going to be like before making the move permanently and navigate the path towards sharing a life in this welcoming nation.

4. Visit Canada to meet family members in Canada

Canada visitor visa allows Indians to meet their family members living in Canada to strengthen their familial bonds. You can stay with them (but for that, you need to obtain an invitation letter) and explore the country, creating lasting memories together.

5. Visit Canada for compassionate reasons 

Visit Canada to provide support during hard times like illness or other situations. Be there for your loved ones, and offer them comfort and solidarity during difficult moments in a setting known for its empathetic and inclusive values.

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Ready for a Canadian adventure?

If you’re having trouble applying for a Canada Visitor Visa, seek professional advice from the best immigration consultants in India at Nationwide Visas today!

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