Are You Eligible for Express Entry as a Federal Skilled Worker?

Are You Eligible for Express Entry as a Federal Skilled Worker?

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[Published 28 Jan, 2023 | 12:46 PM]
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Many immigrants put in a lot of effort in gathering all the documents to become eligible for Canadian immigration. People from different parts of the world are attracted to the ultimate peace that residents of Canada avail. IRCC has various immigration programs that give a chance to different immigrants from distinct nations to turn their Canadian dream into reality. One such program is Canada Express Entry, which is a highly used route to becoming a Canadian resident. Today we will talk about a category of Express Entry system, which is widely used to welcome skilled workers to the country. Yes, it is about Federal Skilled Worker Program among other categories known as Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class. We will talk about the requirements for Federal Skilled Worker Program and an applicant’s eligibility for the same.

Let us help you to know more about Federal Skilled Worker Program

How Does Federal Skilled Worker Program Different from Canada Express Entry?

Federal Skilled Worker Class is one of the Canadian flagship programs to facilitate the workers to immigrate to Canada. This program is highly beneficial for skilled workers, allowing them to get good jobs and establish themselves in Canada’s lucrative job market. Not only the applicants with skills can apply for this program but they can also bring their spouses and dependent children along. While creating a profile for Canada Express Entry all the information that the candidate gives, determines their eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker program or other programs (as per the profile). There are some additional spaces for the information required by the categories under Express Entry, for instance- It is important in the Federal Skilled Worker category to have sufficient funds to settle in the country whereas Canadian Experience Class doesn’t require this information. So, the applicant’s profile must meet the prerequisites of at least one category under Canada Express Entry. If you are specifically targeting Federal Skilled Workers, then forth written are some of the requirements you need to know.


All You Need to Know About Federal Skilled Worker Program

First things first, you need to attain 67/100 points to qualify for this program. There are six aspects that should be taken care of while checking the eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. These six factors are age, education, work experience, arranged employment in Canada, language skills, and adaptability points. Among these, there are some points that can be improved whereas others are just out of your control. Begin with improving your language skills as the maximum number of points you can get in this segment is 28. You need to get better in English or French or English and French and give a test to prove your proficiency to attain maximum points. There is a Canadian Language Benchmarks also known as CLB in English and NLC for French to judge your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in these languages.

All You Need to Know About Federal Skilled Worker Program

Moving further, education can help you gain 25 max points. As a foreign student, you must complete an ECA, i.e., Educational Credential Assessment for immigration purposes. Remember, the highest education will get your maximum points in the system of Canada Express Entry. So, if you are planning to apply for any immigration program, do not skip getting that higher degree. Just like education, more work experience is also necessary for more points. One year of work experience in the selected field will get you 9 points whereas, with six years or more experience, you can get 15 points. You get an extra 10 points for arranging a relevant employment offer in Canada, which is difficult but worth trying. Then comes adaptability with 10 points. Yes, if you are married and your spouse or common-law partner is ready to immigrate to Canada with you, then you can earn extra points for that. These points are given on the basis of language proficiency and the educational achievements of your spouse. So, being married here is a plus point under Canada Express Entry.

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