Canada Makes It Easier For Doctors To Become Permanent Residents

Canada Makes It Easier For Doctors To Become Permanent Residents

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[Published 07 Jun, 2023 | 10:50 AM]
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There has been an acute shortage of doctors in Canada and that is why, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has relieved the rules required to get PR in Canada through Express Entry Programs. The demand for doctors in Canada has increased day by day after the COVID outbreak. In fact, it is the only sector in the Canadian labor market where new jobs are added every day.

The immigration minister of Canada has also announced changes, discussed below, that have made it easier to apply for Canada PR as a doctor. These changes will be important for those physicians who were seen as self-employed and thus, were not eligible for Canada Express Entry. Therefore, steps have been taken to aid doctors already in Canada and on a temporary basis to become permanent residents.

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Canada received more than 8,600 applications for temporary and permanent residency from all around the world in 2022, particularly for the health sector. IRCC issued work permits for more than 2,500 doctors, 620 nurses, and 550 nurses’ assistants.

New Rules for Foreign Doctors in Canada to Become Permanent Residents

Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister, has announced that if the candidate has a minimum of one year of work experience abroad or in Canada, they will be eligible for Express Entry Program. He added that being self-employed does not conclude that a candidate is ineligible for permanent residency.

Earlier the rules for doctors in Canada were making it challenging for them to qualify for Express Entry as they often use a “fee-for-service” payment model. This was way different than the normal employer-employee relationship. Therefore, the doctors residing in Canada temporarily were seen as self-employed on paper. Hence, they were ineligible.

Foreign doctors living in Canada have been a great resource for the local community and have taken care of the aging population. With this change, doctors will be welcome to settle in Canada.

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Changes to Express Entry Rules 

There are going to be some major changes to the Express Entry Program in 2023. IRCC, with Bill C-19, will get more authority to target candidates applying for Canada PR on their work experience, skill set, language skills, etc. rather than issuing ITA’s to candidates based on just CRS scores.

The new authorities will also permit Canada to invite candidates who are experienced to work and contribute more to the country’s economy than simply cramming the labor market with new applicants.

The process to Immigrate to Canada as a Doctor in 2023

Here are the steps to apply for obtaining a license to practice as a Doctor in Canada in 2023:

  • Get a medical degree approved by a university acknowledged in the World Directory of Medical Schools.
  • Must apply for a Licentiate of Canada’s Medical Council.
  • Pass a one-year postgraduate program in the province under medical administration.
  • Get an official certificate from one of the medical institutions like the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, etc.
  • Past immigration history of -
    • College of Family Physicians of Canada.
    • The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

How to apply for Canada PR?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Canadian PR -

Step 1: Check your Eligibility and NOC code

Check eligibility for Canada PR through a CRS score calculator and score 67 points or more to be eligible for PR.

 Check your Eligibility and NOC code

Step 2: Get your Educational Credential Assessments

Get your Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) certificate assessed, which will be a confirmation of your educational equivalency to that in Canada.

Step 3: Take the language test

It is necessary to take the IELTS Exam and score a minimum of 6 bands to be eligible.

Step 4: Create an Express Entry Profile

Build a profile under the Express Entry Profile or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Submit into the Express Entry pool

Step 5: Receive Your Invitation to Apply

Once clearing the CRS Score, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), meaning you will have to submit the application and documents to IRCC along with a fee.

Check Your Eligibility In 60 Seconds

Step 6: Get Medical Exam and Police Clearance Certificate

Once the application has been submitted, get the medical examination done. Also, get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to prove zero criminal records.

Step 7: Go for Passport Stamping On Visa 

The last step is to provide biometrics and submit a passport for visa stamps. Soon, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR).

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