Canada PR Visa fees in Indian rupees

Canada PR Visa fees in Indian rupees

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[Published 07 Sep, 2022 | 02:39 PM]
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It is simpler for applicants to obtain permanent residence status in Canada due to the existence of various immigration schemes. As the nation works to address the problem of an ageing population, immigration policies in Canada are relatively tolerant. A country that has long been in the shadow of the United States is now making efforts to increase its populace, which will subsequently strengthen its economy.

Let us help you to calculate your Canada PR Visa fees in Indian rupees

The alternatives for obtaining permanent status in Canada are numerous. The immigration programme you choose and the number of accompanying family members will be used to determine the overall cost of Canada PR from India. You must deposit a one-time cost for the processing of Canada PR from India. Your Canada Express Entry profile is valid for at least 12 months after you have paid the Canada PR processing fees from India. This means that your profile is included in all the draws during which it is valid.

Canada PR visa fee

The cost of obtaining a permanent residence visa for Canada from India varies depending on the immigration programme you choose to apply via. Indian citizens have a wide range of possibilities, and choosing the best one depends largely on the applicant's characteristics and needs. The price of a two-step permanent resident visa may also be significantly higher. We have put together a list of fees for a permanent resident visa for Canada in Indian Rupees while keeping all of these things in mind.

Canada PR cost from India

The cost of a PR visa to Canada from India is predetermined, but the value varies owing to fluctuations in exchange rates. All the expenses related to economic immigration programmes are shown below. These initiatives comprise:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Quebec-selected Skilled Workers
The Canada pr visa fees in Indian rupees are subject to changes in exchange rates. These India-sourced Canada PR processing costs, however, essentially never change. Another thing to keep in mind is that your application will be valid for 12 months if you submit it through Express Entry.

Components of Canada PR visa fee

You will eventually need to pay the right of permanent residence fee (RPRF) in order to become a permanent resident. If you pay the sum in addition to the application cost, your PR application won't be delayed. You can pay the cost after relocating to Canada if you don't wish to do so right away. The directions for making the payment will be communicated to you by the authorities at a later time.

Components of Canada PR visa fee

In the event that the application is rejected or withdrawn, the RPRF is automatically repaid. Even if the application is denied, further payments associated with the application procedure will not be reimbursed. It is not paid on:

  • Dependent Children
  • Sponsorship for Adopted Children
  • Orphaned siblings, and other close relatives
However, these aren't the only expenses connected with the full procedure. Numerous additional expenses also need to be considered. For instance, you also need to acquire a medical certificate and pass a language competency test.

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Other components of the PR visa fee include:

  • Language Proficiency Test Cost (Rs. 17,000)
  • Medical Test Cost (Rs 5,500)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (Rs 1000)
  • Proof of Funds- The cost of the Canada PR from India does not include these payments. Instead, they are merely evidence that you will be able to support your family for the first few years of your stay in Canada.
Important note: All of the fees and charges listed on this page are levied by various government agencies and other relevant authorities; as a result, they are subject to change whenever the relevant authorities issue an order or update.

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