Demand in Canada for Human Resources Managers in 2024

Demand in Canada for Human Resources Managers in 2024

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[Published 05 Aug, 2023 | 11:30 AM]
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Are you interested in working as a Human Resources Manager in Canada? There is a high demand in Canada for Human Resources Managers in both the public and private sectors, offering abundant job prospects. The managers may also consider self-employment options. The number of job vacancies is on the rise due to the influx of skilled immigrants to Canada, and thus, Human Resource Managers’ expertise is needed across various fields.

Being a PR holder can be an exciting opportunity for Human Resources Managers to gain new skills in Canada, embrace career challenges, and broaden their skill set. Moreover, they will enjoy multiple benefits as Human Resources Managers in Canada. For instance, they will be able to access free healthcare services, secure free education for their children until the age of 18, enjoy a supportive work environment, experience a high quality of life, and thrive in a welcoming and diverse culture under TEER 10011. 

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Dive deeper and know more about job roles, responsibilities, salary prospects, and employment requirements for Human Resources Managers in Canada.

Jobs Available for Human Resources Managers in Canada

Canada has plenty of jobs for Human Resources Managers across all its provinces and territories. In fact, between 2022 and 2031, around 18,200 new jobs are expected to open for Human Resources Managers and 20,900 new job seekers are expected to fill forms for these vacant positions. It is only going to rise in the coming years and with relevant work experience and skills, you will easily get a job in Canada under TEER 10011.

Employment Requirements for Human Resources Managers in Canada

Work experience is one of the various factors involved in the CRS Score Calculator for Canada PR. Others are age, education, skill transferability, and so on.

Read below to know the employment requirements to land a job in Canada as a Human Resources Manager -

  • You need a bachelor’s degree in a related field to personnel management like business administration, commerce, industrial relations, etc. Else, you must have a completed professional development program in personnel administration.
  • You must have multiple years of work experience as a personnel officer or human resource specialist.
  • You may also need to have a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.

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Job Titles for Human Resources Managers in Canada

As a Human Resources Manager in Canada, here are different job titles you can work as -

  • Employer-employee relations manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Industrial relations manager
  • Occupational health and safety manager
  • Pay and benefits manager
  • Personnel director
  • Personnel services manager
  • Personnel training and development manager
  • Recruiting manager
  • Staff relations manager

Duties Performed by Human Resources Managers in Canada

Duties Performed by Human Resources Managers in Canada

The following is a list of tasks that Human Resources Managers in Canada have to perform:-

  • Plan, organize, and oversee the operations of human resources or personnel departments.
  • Coordinate training and recruitment activities, both internally and externally.
  • Develop and implement labor relations policies, and negotiate agreements.
  • Manage employee development, language training, and health and safety programs.
  • Advise and assist other managers on personnel policies and programs.
  • Supervise job classification and rating.
  • Conduct employee meetings on policies, benefits, and compensation.
  • Direct quality management initiatives.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation, such as the Pay Equity Act.

Salary Prospects of Human Resources Managers in Canada

Apply for Canada PR from India to earn a handsome salary as a Human Resources Manager. The salaries are competitive and higher than average in this industry. For instance, a Human Resources Manager in Canada earns between $63,800 and $138,100 per annum but it can vary depending on the location, skills, and work experience.

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