Eligibility for arriving in Canada and Quarantine requirement updates

Eligibility for arriving in Canada and Quarantine requirement updates

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[Published 25 Oct, 2021 | 05:55 PM]
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If you have a Canada Permanent Resident Visa you can now arrive in Canada as per the updated eligibility for arriving in Canada and Quarantine requirements. This is effective from 21st June 2021. It implies that overseas nationals who possess a legal COPR - Confirmation of Permanent Residence can arrive in Canada for taking up residence.

So candidates seeking to process their Canada PR Visa application can renew their efforts. They must first check eligibility for Canada PR and accordingly process with further steps. 

Earlier, overseas nationals who received the COPR after 18th March 2020 had been constrained from arriving in Canada. This is except if they were arriving from the US or fulfilled any one of the extra exemptions for the travel curbs. 

You must not attempt arriving in Canada if your COPR has expired. First, you have to get the COPR renewed for restoring its validity. You can obtain assistance from a reliable Immigration Consultancy on the ways to renew your COPR.

Meanwhile, totally vaccinated citizens of Canada and Permanent Residents are now being allowed to arrive in Canada with no mandatory 14 days quarantine. This is with effect from 5th July 2021. The evidence for vaccination can be provided via the Arrive-CAN portal before arriving in Canada. 

Nevertheless, travelers are still required to take the COVID-19 test before their travel and after arrival to prove to be uninfected. They must also show no symptoms. Having a quarantine plan is also required irrespective of it not being implemented. 

Totally vaccinated overseas nationals allowed to enter Canada

Overseas nationals who are totally vaccinated are being permitted to arrive in Canada for the discretionary trip as per the below schedule:

9th August 2021: 

The citizens and PR Visa holders of the US residing currently in and arriving from the US and who are eligible under the exemption for totally vaccinated travelers.

9th August 2021: 

Citizens of France residing currently at Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and who are eligible under the exemption for totally vaccinated travelers.

7th September 2021: 

All remaining overseas nationals are eligible under the exemption for totally vaccinated travelers.


Exemptions for totally vaccinated travelers

If you are eligible under the exemption for totally vaccinated travelers, you are excluded from: 

  • Quarantine
  • Testing requirement on Day-8

Confirm if you are eligible for the exemption

In order to become eligible under the exemption for totally vaccinated travelers, you have to: 

  • Be qualified for arriving in Canada on your chosen date.
  • Not have any symptoms or signs of COVID-19.
  • Have obtained the complete series of an approved vaccine for COVID-19 or a blend of approved vaccines. 
  • Have obtained your final dose a minimum of 14 days before your date of arrival in Canada.
  • Submit your evidence for vaccination in the Arrive-CAN portal. 
  • Fulfill all remaining requirements for entry. 

Steps to be followed for your Canada trip as per changed requirements

1. Result for Pre-entry test

All travelers aged 5 years and above irrespective of citizenship have to offer evidence of test results for COVID-19 for arriving in Canada. They have to submit any of the approved categories of tests and not a test for antigen inclusive of those who are totally vaccinated.

Time duration for obtaining the result for the pre-entry test

If you are traveling to Canada by airplane, you have to take the test 72 hours prior to the time of departure of your scheduled flight to Canada. Travelers who are not able to offer valid results for the molecular test will be denied boarding by Airlines.

If you have a linking flight:

  • The test must have been held before 72 hours of the departure time of your scheduled last direct airplane to Canada
  • You may have to appear for the test in your city of transit

If you are entering via water or road, you have to appear for the test 72 hours before your planned arrival in Canada. 

For a short-duration trip of fewer than 72 hours, citizens of Canada, PR Visa holders, protected individuals arriving at the US, and individuals registered via the Indian Act are permitted to appear for the pre-arrival molecular exam prior to departing from Canada. 

You will have to appear for a fresh pre-arrival molecular exam in the US if your test is older than 72 hours when you re-arrive in Canada.

You must confirm having fulfilled the requirements for the destination nation before departing from Canada. 

Providing evidence of your result

When you land at the border, you have to provide an approved test result’s digital or paper copy that includes: 

  • Date of birth and name of the traveler 
  • Civic address and name of the facility/clinic/laboratory that conducted the test 
  • The date of conducting the test
  • The category of the conducted test  
  • The result of the test 

You have to offer evidence of the test results irrespective of you have been: 

  • Tested COVID-19 negative in the last 72 hours 
  • Received vaccination for COVID-19
  • Recuperated from COVID-19 and do not test positive anymore 
  • Recuperated from COVID-19 and do test positive 

You must have evidence of your test results for the period of 14 days beginning from the date of arrival to Canada. Travelers at this time should undergo a test at a renowned testing facility or laboratory.

All travelers have to:

  • Offer one of the types of approved tests and not a test for antigen 
  • Have evidence of your test results for the period of 14 days beginning from the date of arrival to Canada.

Travelers who are totally vaccinated have to still offer results for the pre-entry test. 

2. Quarantine plan in case you do not qualify for the exemption

You must be ready to get quarantined if you: 

  • Show symptoms 
  • Do not fulfill the requirements 

An appropriate plan for quarantine has to be provided in Arrive-CAN if you are not eligible for the exemption. You may be required to clarify the plan for quarantine at the border. 

3. Proof of vaccination in Arrive-CAN

You have to provide your proof of vaccination, travel details, and quarantine plan in Arrive-CAN 72 hours prior to your travel except if: 

  • You are arriving through the boat, you can provide your proof of vaccination in Arrive-CAN 72 hours prior to your travel or upon arrival to Canada 
  • Individuals with other special circumstances, inadequate infrastructure, or disabilities can be excluded from the usage of Arrive-CAN

If you do not offer the necessary details in Arrive-CAN prior to arrival at the border, you will not be considered under exemption irrespective of fulfilling all the remaining requirements. 

You must possess original evidence of vaccination during your travel. The final judgment of your status of vaccination will be done at the border. You must have a digital or paper copy of your vaccination proofs.

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