Everything about the Canada Student Visa Processing Time

Everything about the Canada Student Visa Processing Time

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Most of the Indian students are concerned about their Canada Study Visa processing time from India in 2023. This is because it has a considerable influence on their Canadian immigration for studies. Moreover, they are also anxious about the minimum IELTS score required for their Study Visa application.

The exact time for processing your Student Visa application cannot be easily predicted owing to the increasing number of applications. You must ensure to be aware of all aspects that impact the Canada Study Visa processing time from India. This is before you apply for a Student Visa.

The Student Visa

A Student or Study Visa is for overseas students. It is a type of Non-immigrant Visa that permits the holders to complete their higher studies in a foreign nation.

The Study Visa in Canada is also well known as Study Permit. Overseas students can study in Canada only at DLI - Designated Learning Institutions.

Canada Study Visa Processing Time

You must have a fair idea regarding the time taken for final approval before you apply for the Canada Study Visa. It will actually make your Canadian immigration journey highly easy and smooth.

Usually, the Canada Study Permit application is processed in around 3 to 4 weeks. However, this is only an approximation. Several factors may significantly impact the Canada Study Visa processing time from India.

8 Factors that influence the Processing Time for Canada Study Visa

The processing time is calculated from the day the Visa approving authority or the Embassy receives your application. Here are the factors that influence the Canada Study Visa processing time from India:

  • The kind of application that you have filed
  • Completing the application with correct information 
  • Presence or absence of supporting documents
  • Current backlog in the immigration department 
  • Your promptness in responding to any queries or requests shared by the authority 
  • A delay in processing time can be expected by applicants with a past criminal record 
  • Travel curbs or bans in force at the time of your Visa application 
  • Visa processing times can also be influenced by a shift in political power 

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Travel curbs update for Overseas Students

  • Air travelers are required to offer a negative test result for COVID-19 as of 7.01.2021 to the airline prior to boarding intercontinental flights to Canada. 
  • You must be admitted to a DLI - Designated Learning Institution.
  • Air travelers are required to offer a plan for COVID-19 readiness approved by the territory or province that is included in the approved list.
  • An overseas student must have a valid Study Visa/Permit along with the Introduction Letter for arriving in Canada. 
  • All overseas students are subject to the compulsory 14 day period of quarantine with no exceptions. 
  • An overseas student cannot arrive in Canada if the program of study has been suspended or canceled due to the pandemic. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the Canada Study Visa application processing time

The Canada Study Visa application processing time has been impacted by the pandemic. Several Visa applications have been delayed due to the multiple curbs on travel. The aim of the restrictions was to safeguard the health interests of both Canadian citizens and overseas nationals.

You will be offered extra 90 days for submitting your supporting documents to the Visa authorities. This is if you are applying from high-risk areas such as China, Iran, and South Korea. For availing of this extension, you have to offer evidence that you are being restricted from travel.

Fluctuations in information for processing times

The information for the processing time that is displayed on the website is only an estimation. Often, authorities calculate the approximate time based on the figures of applications received currently. The processing time begins to reduce once the backlog starts to eliminate. Correspondingly, the processing time can increase due to delays in processing.

The correct time to apply for a Canada Student Visa

Immigration Experts are of the view that the accurate time to apply is three months prior to the Fall Intake. Nevertheless, Universities in Canada also accept students on the basis of the semester. You can thus select the semester that you wish to enroll for.

  • Fall Intake – begins in September 
  • Winter Intake – begins in January 
  • Spring Intake – begins in May 

The minimum age limit to apply for a Canada Study Permit

 The applicants of Canada Study Permit have to be 18 years or plus while submitting the application. A legal guardian or parent has to accompany if the applicant is less than 18 years.

The maximum number of attempts for a Canada Study Visa

There is no maximum number of attempts for filing a Canada Study Visa. You must try to understand the reason if rejected. Repeating the same error must be avoided. Modifying your documents and application may be required for avoiding rejection again.

Around 30% of the Canada Student Visa applications are rejected by the Visa approving authorities as per the statistics revealed by IRCC. There is no waiting period for applying again for the Study Permit after rejection. You can apply immediately after your application for Student Visa was rejected. You must not file the earlier application that was rejected. A fresh application has to be submitted to avoid rejection again.

The general reasons for Student Visa refusal

The usual reasons for refusal of Canada Study Permit are as follows:

Financial conditions

The Immigration Department can discover that you do not have financial stability for supporting yourself during your studies in Canada. You must demonstrate that you can arrange adequate funds while staying in Canada.

Academic performance

You must have the necessary scores or credits as defined by the Canadian government and the educational institution while applying. Only then you can obtain approval for the Study Visa.

Letter of Acceptance

You have to provide the Acceptance Letter from the authorized educational institution in Canada while applying for a Study Permit. Your Visa application will not be approved without this letter.


You have to secure the specified minimum IELTS or TOEFL for the chosen program while applying for the Visa. This is irrespective of filing the application under the PNP, SDS, or SPP program. This score proves your proficiency in the English language.

Are applications for Study Visa still being accepted by IRCC during COVID-19?

Definitely, IRCC continues to accept all categories of Canada Visa applications. However, there are delays in the approval for Study Visa applications due to the pandemic.

What to expect if you fail to provide the necessary student visa documents owing to COVID-19?

You can upload the explanation letter that describes the reasons for your inability to submit the necessary documents for processing your Study Visa. It will avoid immediate rejection of your Canada Student Visa application.

A Letter of Acceptance offered by a DLI must also be submitted while applying for the Canada Study Visa. The IRCC does not entertain any application for a Study Permit if this letter is missing.

Is Canada still processing the Study Visas?

Yes, the Study Visa applications are still being processed by the IRCC. But the complete process is likely to get delayed due to the pandemic situation. However, authorities in Canada are making all possible efforts in helping overseas students in starting their higher studies in the nation.

How long does it take to obtain a Visa after filing Biometrics?

Upon submission of the biometrics and the Study Permit application, it takes roughly 8 weeks to obtain the Visa.

Canada Study Visa processing time from India

The time taken for processing Canada Study Visa applications from India is around 7 to 8 weeks. But you can obtain the Visa in less than 20 days through the Student Direct Stream. The processing times normally depend on the number of applications that are being approved or rejected by the IRCC.

To conclude:

  • The best time to submit an application for Canada Study Visa is 3 months prior to your Intake 
  • Normally, 90 days or 12 weeks are required for processing of your Canada Study Visa
  • You can also obtain the Study Permit within 20 days by applying through the Student Direct Stream

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