Everything that you must know about an Immigration Consultation

Everything that you must know about an Immigration Consultation

Tejaswini Panigrahi Tejaswini Panigrahi
[Published 07 Oct, 2021 | 02:38 PM]
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As an aspiring immigration candidate, you would have come across ads and forms that offer free initial immigration consultation online or offline. You will have several questions about your first meeting with the Immigration Consultant. The volume of information to be provided and the takeaway for you from it are the prime considerations. 

Several common queries are bound to be there in your mind when you contact an immigration consultant for the first free consultation. Here we briefly present all that you need to know in this regard. 

Your first conversation with the Immigration Consultant 

In your first conversation with the Immigration Consultant, you will be asked several questions. This is to assess your exact immigration case and profile strength. You may require a Permanent Resident Visa, Work Visa, or Spouse Visa or sponsor your parents or children for Canada Visa. The Consultant will also like to understand your precise situation and background for an accurate assessment. 

You must understand that no Immigration Consultant can exactly predict the final decision of the Immigration Authorities for your application. However, the Consultant will and must be able to offer you probable scenarios. 

Experience in dealing with a case similar to yours 

You would like to hire an Immigration Consultant who has past experience of handling cases like yours. This is because immigration policies and rules can be incredibly intricate and with several layers. You would like to work with someone who is competent to offer seamless processing of your application or immigration requirement. The Consultant must also be able to assess the strength of your case or profile and its success rate. 

In your first free Consultation, you must also be in a position to ask many questions to the Immigration Consultant. You can ask about several aspects of your case. This could include the suitable immigration program for your Canada PR Visa application and your profile score in Express Entry through the CRS Calculator. You can ask general queries that pertain to the following: 

The fee 
You must understand from the Consultant what will be the charges or the billing structure. This component is crucial as well as greatly varies based on diverse factors like the firm’s standing in the industry, total years of service, etc 

Mode of Communication 
Some individuals prefer communication through text SMS or e-mail. Others can be comfortable with telephone calls or in-person conversations. You would like to work with an Immigration Consultant who can communicate with you through your preferred mode. This is because you both will be working in collaboration for quite some duration. 

Precise Pointers to ask an Immigration Consultant 

Licensure or Accreditation 
The Immigration Consultant must be licensed or accredited with the appropriate legal agencies like ICCRC for Canada immigration services.

Opinion about your Case 
The objective of the free consultation is to know if the Immigration Consultant considers your case as manageable and the success rate of your application. You must obtain the opinion of the Consultant about probable results for your case. 
Previous experience of handling cases like yours 
Every Immigration Consultant makes a beginning at one point in time. However, it is beneficial if you opt for a Consultant with previous experience in dealing with similar cases. You must also find out the successful track record for the representation of similar profile cases. 

You must try to understand the specific area of specialization like PR Visa/Immigration, Study Visa, Work Visa, etc. Some Consultants do specialize in diverse areas of immigration. However, you must prefer working with someone who has specific past experience in dealing with immigration requirements similar to yours. 

Immigration is a dynamic industry and is subject to changes frequently. Someone who specializes in a particular immigration area will be updated with the updated policies and rules. This will be of immense advantage for processing your application and success rate. 

Overall industry experience 
A few Immigration Consultants perform extremely well right from the beginning of their careers. But it is advantageous if you work with a Consultant with noteworthy experience in the industry. Experienced Immigration Advisors will be aware of the usual errors that occur in the immigration process and ways to avoid them. They will also be competent for ensuring compliance in the applications and identifying sources for updated and accurate information. 

The firm size 
Whether you opt for a Consultant who is employed with a large or small immigration firm is completely your choice. You must be aware that larger firms have different teams for handling diverse requirements of your application and its processing stages.

Cost of availing immigration services 
One of the most crucial factors that you can weigh during the free consultation is the cost incurred for availing of the immigration services. You must bear in mind that this is a highly variable feature from one consultancy to another and depends on many factors. 

Services included in the Fee 
You must seek the breakup of the precise services that are included in the fee. Many aspects are included here like filling out several forms, assistance for arranging supporting documents, overall administrative tasks pertaining to your case, Visa interview support, etc. 

Discussing Case-Specific Issues

You must utilize the time during your first free consultation with the Immigration Consultant to discuss your case specifics. Obviously, you would like to ascertain that you are discussing with a qualified professional who communicates in modes that you are at ease with. However, the chief objective of the deliberation is to obtain a few solutions about your case and positively some assurance. 

The Immigration Consultant has to be offered maximum details about your case and circumstances before concluding the discussion. You must try to offer all the finer details about your profile and everything that you are aware of currently. If you have already collated some documents this also needs to be informed. Do mention the number of family members you would like to include in your Canada PR Visa application if any. 

Confidentiality of your conversation with the Immigration Consultant 

Normally, the information that you share with the Consultant during the free-of-charge consultation is confidential. Your discussion is privileged if you are seeking lawful representation or advice and consider reasonably that the communication will be kept confidential. It implies that the Consultant will not share your case details or information with other individuals who are not entitled to it. This is a fact irrespective of whether you hire the Consultant’s services or not. 

In case you have doubts, you must clarify this at the beginning of the communication itself. This is if you are not sure if your discussion and its details will be kept confidential. You can just say “Are the details of this discussion meant only for you and me?” or “Will this discussion be regarded as a privileged deliberation?” 

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