Express Entry Canada offers a bright future to Skilled Workers

Express Entry Canada offers a bright future to Skilled Workers

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[Published 05 Oct, 2023 | 04:29 PM]
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Express Entry Canada has transformed the immigration process for overseas skilled workers and professionals seeking to apply for Canada PR Visa. Its accelerated pathway to PR aims to allure and retain top global talents. The Express Entry System has a fair and open process of selection that makes it an enticing option for professionals inclined to build thriving careers and fulfilling lifestyles in Canada.  Let us try to explore the major aspects and benefits of this program for skilled workers.

The Government of Canada launched the application management system Express Entry in 2015. It manages 3 federal economic immigration programs and some streams under Provincial Nominee Programs.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
The Express Entry System functions according to a system of points that assesses candidates for their diverse factors like education, age, language proficiency, work experience, etc. The allocation of points is as per the CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System. Those who secure the maximum points are offered an invitation to a Canada PR Visa in regular selection draws.

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Expert Migration Solutions

Experienced Specialists with knowledge of various fields can apply for PR status through Express Entry’s skilled immigration pathways. They are able to access various career and personal advancement benefits as well. Some of these include:

Accelerated Application Process

A highly efficient and swift process for applications has accrued immense fame to Express Entry. Once the candidates get ITA - Invitation to Apply they have to file a complete application for PR Visa within 60 days. They can obtain PR status within 6 months once approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Skilled Workers Prioritized

Skilled workers who are able to make contributions to its economic innovation and advancement are highly valued by Canada. Express Entry thus offers priority to candidates with good educational credentials, suitable work experience, and high proficiency in English or French language. Such applicants are favored for arrival to Canada under Express Entry.

Promising Job Opportunities 

Canada possesses a robust and expansive job market with a huge demand for skilled workers across various industries and professions. The study conducted by IRCC in 2020 reveals that overseas immigrants arriving through Express Entry are highly successful in the job market in Canada. This is because they possess the human capital factors sought by employers in the nation.

The study further adds that these immigrants also tend to earn higher salaries in comparison with average workers in Canada and have high employment and lower unemployment rates.

Immigrants arriving through Express Entry are anticipated to continue faring well in the job market in Canada. The reason is that their skills will stay in huge demand for employers as more workers will retire in the upcoming decade in Canada.

Benefits of Permanent Residency

Express Entry allows successful applicants inclusive of their family members to access various benefits. These include free education for their kids, benefits of social security, and the option to avail of Citizenship in Canada upon fulfillment of residency requirements.

Pathway to Citizenship 

Canada is renowned for its commitment to diversity and inclusive society. Eligible PR status holders can apply for Citizenship inclusive of all privileges and rights like accessing Government benefits and the right to vote.

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Types of Express Entry Selection Draws

The 3 types of draws held under Express Entry are:

1. General

The candidates with the highest ranking scores in CRS receive ITA for PR Visa from IRCC.

2. Program-specific

The candidates with the highest ranking scores in CRS and who qualify for a particular program under Express Entry receive ITA for PR Visa from IRCC.

Types of Express Entry Selection Draws

3. Category-based

The candidates with the highest ranking scores in CRS and who qualify for precise categories chosen by IRCC aimed at the promotion of specific economic objectives receive ITA for PR Visa from IRCC.

Functionality of Express Entry

The application under Express Entry is quite simplified consisting of 2 main stages. In the first stage candidates who are qualified for Express Entry indicate their Expression of Interest for PR Visa to IRCC. Then in the second main stage, IRCC conducts selection draws offering ITAs to candidates with the highest CRS scores.

The step-by-step application process is as follows:

Step 1:- Confirm your eligibility for any of the programs under Express Entry - FSWP, CEC, or FSTP.

Step 2:- Obtain language test results (IELTS) and an ECA - Educational Credential Assessment Report.

Step 3:- Create a profile online in Express Entry through the IRCC website.

Step 4:- Wait to receive ITA for Canada PR Visa from IRCC.

Step 5:- File a complete APR - Application for Permanent Residence with IRCC and make payment of the fee within the fixed timeline (60 days). In this step, you are required to include Police Clearance Certificates and Medical Exam Results. You will then receive an AOR - Acknowledgment of Receipt from IRCC.

Step 6:- After IRCC informs you to offer your biometrics.

Step 7:- You have to now wait for a final decision on your APR from IRCC. The applications are usually finalized by IRCC in 6 or less months. You will get the COPR - Confirmation of Permanent Residence and a Visa after IRCC approves your application to enable you to arrive in Canada and complete your landing.

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The validity of a profile in Express Entry is for a maximum of 12 months. The applicants who receive ITA can anticipate processing of their application within 6 months by IRCC. The calculation of the processing time is from the date a complete PR application is received by IRCC. It concludes with the announcement of the final decision on the application.

Candidates who do not get an ITA within 12 months of the creation of their profile in re-entry can re-submit their profile if they continue to remain eligible.

Nationwide Visas has helped several thousands of skilled workers to get the Canada PR Visa. If you too wish to immigrate to Canada and Check Eligibility For Canada PR contact our Immigration Experts today.

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