Free Study Abroad Options for Indian Students

Free Study Abroad Options for Indian Students

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 16 Nov, 2022 | 02:31 PM]
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Many Indian students aspire to get a Canada study visa. Financial constraint is the most common hindrance for them to avail of this amazing opportunity. Today’s information is focused on every such student who cannot fulfill their dream of getting international education due to increasing fee structures. We are going to tell you some lucrative study abroad options which are free or have minimal fees. You will be making the most of free education but the standard and recognition of it will be top-notch. Are you ready to find out about the top free education-providing countries instead of applying for an expensive study visa? Let’s get started.

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You can study in Germany for free or with affordable fees

Germany is a peaceful country with one of the strongest passports globally. This country welcomes a good number of international students every year. Germany has been following a zero-cost tuition fee system for international students who wish to study in its public universities. Many students are already aware of German study visas with no or minimal cost but you can reach out to Nationwide Immigration Services if you are not sure where to begin. Our team will be your reliable study abroad consultants in Delhi to assist you in availing of free education in Germany. Most public universities charge a nominal administration fee of up to 250 Euros. You don’t have to be worried about the language barrier as there are more than a thousand English-taught programs in Germany. Technical University of Munich, Heidelberg University, Humboldt University of Berlin, and so on are the options available to study in Germany affordably.

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Consider a Norway study visa to get free education

Leader in oil, gas, and renewable energy with beautiful scenic views, Norway is an underestimated study-abroad destination. Free education in Norway is available to international students of all nations. However, you need to learn the Norwegian language to feasibly study different programs in this country. Even, universities and colleges also ask for proficiency proof in Norwegian. It is ideal to start taking classes to learn this language and be ready to give the test if you must. Also, you might have to deposit a certain money amount at the university, which will be refundable eventually. Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and Bergen University College are some of the top universities in Norway. For more information regarding this, connect with our experts.

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Avail of Finland’s world-class education for free

You might ditch your Canada study visa plans for the happiest country on the earth. Yes, we are referring to Finland. This country has a lot to offer whether it's a medieval town or seaside capital. As per studies, Finnish universities reserved their place among the top three percent worldwide. An affordable education system combines with global-level education in this country. Financial aids and scholarships are also present in the comprehensive education system of Finland. Again, you might have to learn Swedish or Finnish language as per the chosen program of study. Reach out to us to understand the process of applying for free education in Finland and we would love to guide you through it. 

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Now, students from humble backgrounds can acquire international education without taking any loans. Although a Canada study visa is quite affordable than other study abroad options, but nothing beats the free education from other countries. If you are planning to study in any of these countries, then get in touch with Nationwide Immigration Services- The Best Study Abroad Consultant in Delhi. Do not wait any further, your dream to study abroad is just on the other side.


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