How much gap is acceptable for a Canada Study Visa?

How much gap is acceptable for a Canada Study Visa?

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[Published 18 May, 2022 | 03:43 PM]
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Thousands of students seek higher education in a progressive and liberal country hence they flock to Canada. The country welcomes immigrants with open arms and ensures that they have a comfortable level of living.

Canada attracted almost half a million international students in 2021, ranking it among the top three countries for foreign student appeal. We can expect Canada to overcome the United States of America and soon take over the top spot.

Let us help you to know How much gap is acceptable for a Canada Study Visa?

Canadian universities assist students who present the greatest research ideas, and scholarships are awarded based on the research work. Other reasons to study in Canada include the following:

  • Affordable Education
  • Research Opportunities that are Innovative and Abundant
  • Possibilities for work permit post-graduating
  • Campus Life is Exciting
  • Communities that are healthy, inclusive, and safe
  • Opportunities for overseas students to work and intern while they study
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What is the eligibility for getting into a Canadian university?

  • To graduate, you must have a minimum score of 50% from a UGC or AICTE-certified university in India.
  • The graduation degree must be completed in the period allotted and without a gap year.
  • In case a B.Com is a three-year degree, the student should have completed it in no more than three years.
  • Engineering, for example, is a four-year program. The student should have finished in no more than four years.
  • Backlogs during the graduation time should not be more than ten.

What is the eligibility for getting into a Canadian university?

However, if students have to abandon their studies for any reason, they should be aware of their chances of admittance to a Canadian institute.

What is a Study gap?

The interval between your last certification and now is known as the study gap. For example, if you graduated in 2019 and want to pursue post-graduation in 2022, you will have a 3-year study gap.

In nations like India, where we may have to stop studying for a variety of reasons, the study gap is not uncommon. When we need to apply for student visas to study abroad, however, it becomes an issue. Some students, particularly in India, take a year off after finishing their examination in 12th grade or even graduation. Some students take a year off following JEE, medical school, or even fail their first year of college. Exempts students and gives them relaxation in certain cases. Let's have a look at what those conditions could be.

How much Study Gap is acceptable in Canada?

Due to the study gap, students encounter numerous problems when applying for a new student visa or immigration to Canada. If a student's study gap is too extensive, pursuing further education in Canada may be difficult.

 Not to add, students always wonder how many years of study gap is acceptable in Canada if the study gap is appropriate and justified. In general, a 2-year study gap is appropriate for undergraduate students, and a 5-year study gap is suitable for postgraduate students. You should, however, check with the university or college where you plan to enroll.

Some Canadian institutions require students to have unique knowledge of a certain topic. They must provide evidence to explain their study gaps in such circumstances. Students may experience a significant study gap at times. The only way out is to provide a solid reason for the year gap.

In Canada, the following reasons for gaps are accepted:

  • Retake of tests due to poor results
  • An unexpected family emergency
  • Health issues
  • Psychological or mental illnesses
  • Even after graduation, unemployed
Students must produce an experience certificate to the college if they worked for a few months and then departed for some reason. A compensation slip or arrangement letter would suffice if you don't have an experience certificate.

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