How Soon Should You Move to Canada After Your PR is Approved?

How Soon Should You Move to Canada After Your PR is Approved?

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 11 Feb, 2023 | 11:29 AM]
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Achieving the status of a permanent resident of Canada is a dream of many Indians. So, we would like to congratulate you on successfully attaining PR of Maple Leaf country. You must be really excited to move to Canada, but we are sure it would not be possible right away due to your commitments in your home country. Are you also confused about when to exactly move to Canada after getting the Express Entry or any other immigration program application approved? Remember, upon approval, you will get COPR- Confirmation of Permanent Residence that comes with an expiry date. You need to complete all your work in your native land and be ready to move to Canada before the expiry date of COPR. Let’s discuss this matter in detail, and also you might find some helpful tips as a PR of Canada.

Let us help you with how to move to Canada easily

COPR is applicable not just to the main applicant, but also to the rest of the dependents. This visa is valid based on medical exam results that a typically valid for a year. However, your passport expiry should not be less than the medical exam results, otherwise, the COPR expiry date will be set accordingly. Your plan should be to land in Canada (with the dependents, if applicable) as a permanent resident before the expiry of COPR documents. It is an important aspect to apply for Canada PR from India with a valid passport with at least 3–4 years of validity.apply for Canada PR from India

Once you book your tickets to move to Canada, make sure to have at least a few hours of layover at the first Canadian airport on your way. This will give you enough time for the officer to complete your process of permanent residence, and you will officially receive your PR status date right after.

Don't Delay Your Dream of getting Canada PR visa

It will feel all dreamy to become a permanent resident of a country like Canada and you need to spend time in the country to further attain its citizen status. Yes, you should reside in Canada for at least 2 years in the 5 years span. It is a great idea to keep a record of the time you reside or go outside Canada. For instance, while going to the US by car, you can get gas from the other side of the border as a record. Or in another case, you will get your passport stamped as proof of travel. The idea is to have all the dates handy when you were and were not in Canada. Depending upon the program under which you applied for Canada PR from India, you must showcase the level of funds required by IRCC. The rules for PNPs and Express Entry program applicants can be different, and you must adhere to them. Like, a provincial nominee must live in the province that nominated them to live and work for a stipulated period of time. One important aspect is to keep the original COPR document with you during the citizenship application, otherwise, an electronic copy will work, and you can keep the original one safe.

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