How to Achieve High CRS Score in Express Entry?

How to Achieve High CRS Score in Express Entry?

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 24 Jan, 2023 | 03:03 PM]
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People who aspire to live in Canada are often interested in finding out more about the Express Entry program. The reason behind this curiosity is the popularity of the Express Entry program as the most advanced immigration system. This program has been around for years and is aligned with the fulfillment of labor market shortages across Canada. One of the major aspects of the Express Entry program is the CRS score, which is the abbreviation of the Comprehensive Ranking System. This is a merit-based system of 1200 points that allows candidates with the highest points to enter the Express Entry pool and get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR. As a reliable immigration consultant in India, we are often asked how to attain a high CRS score in Express Entry. So, we would like to answer the same today.

Let us help you to Calculate your Canada CRS Score

About the Calculation of CRS Score

The aspects that play a crucial role in the calculation of the Comprehensive Ranking System score are-

  • Educational background
  • Work experience and skills
  • Language ability (English or French)
  • State nomination (if applicable)
  • A job offer under positive LMIA - Labor Market Impact Assessment (If any)
  • Spouse’s education and linguistic ability
The provincial nomination provides 600 points, LMIA can give between 50 and 200 points depending upon the NOC Code of the job offer, and other skills, work, and education can help the candidate to attain 500 points. The idea is to score the highest CRS score out of 1200 points.


Ways to Improve your CRS Score

  • Give consideration to all the factors while applying for Canada PR under the Express Entry program. It is quite common to witness applicants getting worried about losing points because of their age of more than 30 years. We highly recommend the applicants concentrate on working on other aspects instead of worrying about what they cannot change. They can cover up the points by enhancing their linguistic skills or doing another degree. So, it is a great idea to give attention to the area where there is room for improvement and points can be increased for the Express Entry program.

Ways to Improve your CRS Score

  • PNP- Provincial Nomination Program is one of the most popular options when it comes to improving CRS scores. Yes, this route is perfect for candidates who stay updated with the immigration news and have up-to-date applications to send. There are different PNPs, and the applicant must be proactive enough to know when a suitable one is opening and accepting applications. This is the best way to acquire 600 points that put the candidate’s profile ahead of others in terms of CRS score.
  • Job offer is another best way to add up to 200 points to the CRS score and this increase can result in attaining ITA. An applicant should do the effort or hire an expert to conduct comprehensive job research in their domain to find a relevant job offer. Staying active on LinkedIn and other job sites, attending employment fairs, and connecting with recruiters enhance the chances of getting a useful job offer. Please note that points vary as per the NOC Code, as the ‘00’ category provides the maximum points.
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