Most In-Demand Jobs in Manitoba for Immigrants

Most In-Demand Jobs in Manitoba for Immigrants

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[Published 14 May, 2024 | 05:11 PM]
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Manitoba is attracting more immigrants every year with ample job opportunities in various sectors. If you are looking for jobs in Canada from India, employers in Manitoba are desperate for skilled immigrants.

Speaking of Manitoba, the province is expected to face a shortage of 5,900 workers every year until the end of 2025. Between 2021 and 2025, Manitoba will have a total of 141,700 job openings, around 28,300 total per year, with 57% of them to replace worker retirements and deaths.

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10 In-Demand Jobs in Manitoba for Indian Skilled Workers

Here are the top jobs in Manitoba with the highest demand and average salaries:

National Occupation Classification (NOC) Code
Occupation in demand in Manitoba
Average Annual Salaries in Manitoba (in CAD)
NOC 31301 Registered Nurse $47,657
NOC 21232 Software Developer $108,500
NOC 11100 Accountant $70,600
NOC 21301 Mechanical Engineer $102,500
NOC 41101 Lawyers $152,500
NOC 64100 Retail Sales Associate $36,319
NOC 52120 Graphic Designer & Illustrator $55,575
NOC 73300 Truck Driver $49,706
NOC 63200 Cook $32,425
NOC 32120 Medical Laboratory Technologist $37,921

Note: The salaries mentioned are subject to change. Kindly check the updated ones when applying.

  • Registered Nurses

The healthcare industry in Manitoba is facing labour shortages and is seeking Registered Nurses to meet labour gaps and boost the local economy. There are plenty of nursing jobs in the province due to the high ageing population and increased healthcare needs. 

No. of jobs: 20,000 job openings

  • Software Developer

Manitoba’s tech sector is evolving and expanding with new start-ups. Thus, the demand for software developers in the province is on the rise. If you are seeking a software developer role in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, or more, you can get a job in Manitoba with years of experience and skills.

No. of jobs: 2500 job openings

  • Accountant

Indian accountants are in demand in Manitoba, with companies seeking accountants with years of work experience. They are looking to hire long-term and short-term accountants, and are actively hiring them.

No. of jobs: 717 job openings

  • Mechanical Engineer

An ever-growing industry, Mechanical Engineers will find many job opportunities in Manitoba. Also, they are at the forefront of many industries such as automotive, aerospace, and more. Indians who meet the eligibility for Canada PR are hired by companies to design and develop mechanical devices and systems.

No. of jobs: 500 job openings

  • Lawyer

Lawyer is one of the in-demand occupations in Manitoba, and are required based on their area of specialization and experience in the field. Manitoba’s legal industry is quite strong and seeks lawyer immigrants to offer their services in sectors such as business, government, and other non-profile organizations.

No. of jobs: 450 job openings

10 In-Demand Jobs in Manitoba for Indian Skilled Workers

  • Retail Sales Associate

From providing customer service to promoting various products, and driving sales, Retail Sales Associates are needed in Manitoba. They are the most essential part of various industries and also are recruited under various job titles.

No. of jobs: 4,600 job openings

  • Graphic Designers & Illustrators

Graphic designers and illustrators are a rapidly growing industry, and Canada is no exception. They are hired in Manitoba by new and upcoming advertising agencies, publishing houses, and many media outlets. Not just in Manitoba, you can seek jobs across Canada due to the rise in the digital creative sphere.

No. of jobs: 950 job openings

  • Truck Driver

Manitoba is situated between eastern and western Canada, making it the transportation hub. Therefore, transport truck drivers are in huge demand, especially within the e-commerce industry. If you have experience and can efficiently and quickly deliver goods, apply for permanent residence in Manitoba.

No. of jobs: 28,000 job openings

  • Cook

Cooks are one of the occupations that remain in constant demand in Manitoba. The hospitality and food industries are growing, creating job vacancies for immigrants. Also, the population of the country is growing old, which has increased the requirement for cooks in various fields.

No. of jobs: 3,200 job openings

  • Medical Laboratory Technologist

Last but not least, Manitoba’s most in-demand jobs include Medical Laboratory Technologists. There are massive advancements in the medical technology field and it is expected that there will be more job prospects in the field.

No. of jobs: 2,100 job openings

Immigrate to Manitoba from India as a Skilled Worker

Indians who wish to apply to settle in Manitoba must apply under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s (MPNP) Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, specifically tailored to attract skilled foreign workers to settle in Manitoba permanently.

The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream has two sub-streams:

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway: This pathway is ideal for Indians who have an active Express Entry profile and are eligible under an MPNP stream. You must also have work experience in an in-demand occupation in Manitoba and have a strong tie to the province.

Human Capital Pathway: This pathway is ideal for foreign-skilled workers with work experience in an occupation listed in the Manitoba High-in-Demand Occupation List.

Requirements to apply:

  • You must score a minimum of 60 out of 100 in the points assessment grid.
  • You must show a connection to Manitoba through previous work experience, education, family or friends currently living here, or be invited to apply by the MPNP.
  • You must show at least six months of work experience in an in-demand job in Manitoba.
  • You must submit a complete career plan.
  • Your age must at least be 18.

Talk to an Expert

How to apply?

First, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the province, meaning – complete a list of questions online and get a score. Candidates with the highest scores are invited by MPNP to submit a complete PR application.

If your application is approved, you will get a provincial nomination from Manitoba, using which you can apply directly to the federal government for Canada PR.

Under Express Entry, your application will be processed within 6 months.

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