How to deal with Canada Visa rejections?

How to deal with Canada Visa rejections?

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 28 Jun, 2024 | 04:40 PM]
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If your Canada Visa was rejected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), starting a new life in Canada may seem hopeless.

However, don’t lose hope!

Depending on the visa you have applied for and the reasons for its rejection - you may still have options to overcome your dream of moving to Canada. Your options on how to proceed from this stage mainly depend on three different things:

  • Was your visa refused or returned?
  • What type of Canadian Visa you applied for?
  • What was the reason you were not granted your visa?
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Did you apply for a temporary residence visa such as the Visitor Visa or Study Visa? Or was it an application for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR)? The type of visa you applied for will make all the difference when determining the best way to proceed.

Then there is the important matter of figuring out if your application was actually “refused” or simply “returned”. This difference might not be clear to you now, but understanding between the two is important before you reapply.

Canada Visa Rejections: Refusal vs Returned


If the immigration officer assigned to your case determines that you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the visa you’ve applied for - your application will be refused. Not just eligibility, the officer can also refuse your application on the grounds of medical and criminal reasons. However, this rarely happens. In case of visa refusals, any fees paid to the government will not be refunded.

What to do?

If your Canada Visa application was refused for medical or criminal inadmissibility, you can contact a Canada Immigration Consultant for the best course of action. On the other hand, if you were refused a visa grant based on insufficient funds or missing documents, you are still eligible to come to Canada. But you might need to re-evaluate your documentation.


If your Canada Visa application was returned, it means that you did not provide sufficient documents to support the claims you made in your application. It could also be because the quota of the immigration program you were applying for was full. In case your application is returned, you are entitled to a refund of the government fees you have paid.

What to do?

If your Canada Visa application was returned and you miss the intake quota of the program you are applying for - then you’re out of luck. You can try to apply for another Canada Immigration program that is still accepting applications. But if your application was returned because of incorrect documents or you incorrectly filled the application forms, this can be easily be solved by providing the correct documents and reapplying.

When comparing the both, things are a bit more complicated in the case of refusals.

Canada Visa Rejections: Refusal vs Returned

Top Reasons For Canada Visa Rejections

Canada attracts millions of immigrants each year. However, applying for a Canadian Visa is not always a straightforward process. Visa rejections are quite common when it comes to Canada Immigration. Here are some of the top reasons.

  • Inadequate financial resources.
  • Failure to provide supporting documents.
  • Lack of ties to home country.
  • Misrepresentation/Misinformation.
  • Inadequate travel or identity documents.
  • Failure to meet health or security standards.
  • Illegal status in the home country.

Depending on the type of visa you apply for, the reasons for rejection can vary significantly. Whether you apply for a Visitor Visa, a Study Visa, or a Work Permit, or even when you apply for Canada PR through the Express Entry system, understanding the potential pitfalls is crucial. Just remember that the immigration officer will rarely ask you to provide additional documents to clarify your case. They will either refuse your application or return it.

With the immigration quotas and frequent changes to Canada Immigration, it is best to carefully review your eligibility and requirements of the visa you are applying for - and ensure that your application meets or exceeds them.

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