How to Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree?

How to Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree?

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[Published 20 Feb, 2023 | 02:41 PM]
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Canada wants more skilled immigrants and is highly focused on their work experience. Many immigrants are worried that they cannot immigrate to Canada without a degree. Although there are many programs and NOC code occupations that require a degree as a prerequisite, but other options are available for people without degrees. So, do not leave hope and check out the important information regarding this matter-

Let us help you with how to immigrate to Canada without a degree

Just like in any other country, there are different job requirements in Canada. But these jobs are uniquely classified under the TEER system and can be high-skilled, intermediate, or low-skilled occupations. Some job categories as per the TEER system are- TEER 1 (Doctors, Accountants, and Lawyers), TEER 2 (Plumbers, Chefs, and Electricians), TEER 3 (Transporters, Drivers, and Roofers), TEER 4 (Desk Clerks, Bartenders, and Receptionists), TEER 5 (Cleaners, Fruit Packers, and Beverage Servers). From A to D, the occupation requires either a university degree, college education, secondary school education, or job training only. For instance - in the case of the D skill level requirement you will need to have on-the-job training in your selected occupation whereas in the case A skill level, it is mandatory for you to have a university education (degree). Therefore, the requirement of a degree highly depends upon the profession you pick and have experience in.

Top Programs to Immigrate to Canada

Express Entry Program - This system is undeniably the most effective immigration program, which is widely popular among immigrants. With the sub-categories like Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canada Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Express Entry program becomes even more specialized for immigrants. Each program has its own requirements, but the Federal Skilled Trades program and Canada Experience Class do not have a mandatory degree prerequisite. This system is based on the point system that can be attained based on the factors like work experience, age, education, linguistic abilities, and links to Canada.

Top Programs to Immigrate to Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot - This program is aimed to facilitate skilled workers to immigrate to Canada to the Atlantic provinces of Canada. These provinces are Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. This system has three programs under it, namely - Atlantic High-Skilled Program, Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program, and Atlantic Home Care Program. For the highly skilled one, you will need a degree or diploma from an Atlantic education institution and must have lived in any of four provinces for 16 months with sufficient funds and language test proficiency proof. In the case of an intermediate skill program, you need to attain a year of experience in a skill level O, A, or B job, have a Canadian high school diploma, a language proficiency test, sufficient funds, and a valid non-seasonal job offer from an employer in any of four provinces. Lastly, in the home care program, there is a demand for work experience in skill level C or a nurse, and the rest of the requirements remain the same as in the intermediate program.

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Besides, these programs, there is a popular program called Provincial Nominee Program also known as PNP. In this program, you can get nominations from any province of Canada, not just Atlantic Canada. The chances of settling down and serving a specific job market in a Canadian province are relatively higher. However, everything depends on your profile and eligibility. Do not get confused and end up applying for an unsuitable immigration program. Contact our experts and apply to immigrate to Canada in the appropriate manner.

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