How to select the correct University for your Study in Canada?

How to select the correct University for your Study in Canada?

Tejaswini Panigrahi Tejaswini Panigrahi
[Published 08 Sep, 2021 | 04:18 PM]
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The choice of the correct University for your study in Canada is very crucial for achieving your career goals. Several aspiring overseas students have a big dilemma while selecting from the innumerable available Universities and colleges. Many vital factors have to be considered while determining the institution for your study overseas higher education. 

As a candidate seeking to obtain the Canada Study Permit, you must first understand the difference between Private and DLI institutions. This will greatly influence your education and career opportunities and the time required to obtain the Canadian Permanent Residence. 

The crucial process of selecting the accurate institution can be categorized into 2 stages: 

Stage 1: The Application
This is the first stage when you plan to apply for an institution in Canada. Many factors have to be considered while selecting an institution inducing courses’ availability, size, cost, geographic location, etc. You must have a proper thought process while finalizing your University in Canada. 

Stage 2: The Application Decision
The next stage is choosing an institution after you have obtained the decisions for your applications and the offer letters. You must carefully select an intuition from amongst those who have been offered admission for study in Canada. 
There are 3 crucial factors that can help you in choosing the correct institution for your Canada Study Permit:

Geographical Position 
As a student, you have unique priorities and requirements. You can prefer staying in a rural region to remain connected with the communities and making strong peer associations. Alternatively, you can prefer an urban area for better career prospects and social relations. The living cost will also differ based on the institution’s geographical location. 

Educational Quality
The academic fineness of an institution across faculties is another major parameter. It is not fair to consider that each institution will have eminence in every faculty of study offered. Each institution will have its specializations and distinction. As an overseas student, you must identify the institution specializing in your chosen program.


Your financial background will differ from other aspiring overseas students in Canada. Universities and Colleges in Canada have variable structures of cost. Universities charge higher than Colleges. The fee structure is another major factor while deciding your Canadian education institution. 

The above 3 factors will assist you in a big way in finalizing your University or College for study in Canada. Later, you will have to arrange the following documents required for the application: 

  • Academics from 10th Grade to the latest 
  • Passport
  • International English Language Testing System - IELTS test results

These three documents are most crucial and you must keep them ready prior to applying for any Canadian institution. Additional documents will be required based on your case profile. 

The 5-Step Selection Process 

We will guide you through an easy 5-step process for selecting the University/College in Canada that will assist in achieving your career objectives.

Step 1: Your personal and professional aim in Canada 

You must first decide what your immediate and future goals in Canada are for both the short-term and long-term. There must be absolute clarity about your immigration motive and your future strategy. You must decide what do you want – gain work experience or prolong your stay and reside in Canada. Is it better income that you wish to earn? 

The income aspect may make you wonder how your study in Canada at a College can enhance your income. You must be aware that your Canada Study Permit offers a pathway to Work Permit as well. We will elaborate on this in the upcoming steps. 

With the above aspects, you will discover that a few institutions in Canada are better suited than others. Thus being clear about your aims will assist you greatly in making the right choice. 

Step 2: Seek assistance from an Overseas Education Counselor 

You can easily obtain the required assistance for achieving your goals once you identify your objectives. The best option is to visit and Study Abroad Counselor to guide you regarding the most excellent options for achieving your goals. 

A reputed Study Overseas Counselor will have the experience of working with diverse background overseas students. You can obtain professional and expert advice about courses of study as well as aspects that will impact your future like: 

  • The best method for continuing your education in Canada and advancing in your professional career development. For instance, you can be assisted in evaluating options for entering into a particular academic program that enhances your profile professionally. 
  • The method to obtain a job that supports you financially in Canada through a part-time job along with your studies 
  • The requirements and compliance ways for fulfilling them for extending your stay in Canada while boosting your chances to obtain the Canadian Permanent Residence
  • The ways to make your stay in Canada as enjoyable as possible all along the process of adaptation 

Step 3: Ensure College chosen is Canadian government-certified

This might appear to be obvious, but you will be astonished to know that several students end up in a mess due to it. You must always bear in mind that as an overseas student your Study Permit relies on the fact that you have enrolled in a specific nature course. It is an educational institution that has accreditation from the Government of Canada. 
Very often, several individuals get puzzled by immigration procedures. You must however ensure that your chosen Canadian College/University is valid for your Study Permit. 

Step 4: Confirm if your selected institution permits applying for Post-graduation Work Permit

You have the opportunity to apply for the Post-graduation Canada Work Permit upon completion of your studies. This will authorize your stay extension in the nation based on your program duration. 

You must note here very important that not all Canadian Colleges permit your access to the PGWP. It is advisable that you verify this fact before your registration in your chosen institution. 

Step 5: Verify the Academic Offer

You must verify the specific institution that has a course that is a perfect fit for you in your area of interest. It must also have criteria that permit you to file an application as an overseas student. This is after you finalize your type of professional project, type of your interesting studies, and the ideal location in Canada for pursuing it.

Nationwide Visas – Your trusted Study Overseas Consultant 

We have a team of specialized and expert Study Abroad Counselors who will assist you in making the right choice of the College/University in Canada. They will be able to offer you exhaustive details regarding every minute and crucial factor involved in decision-making.

It ranges from the pros and cons of a specific location in Canada to funding options for the chosen institution. 
Our professional assistance and support will be available to you all throughout your journey. This is beginning from the choice of the accurate institution to the application for Canadian Permanent Residence.


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