How your CRS score influences your Canada PR Visa application?

How your CRS score influences your Canada PR Visa application?

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The success of your Canada PR Visa application is directly influenced by your CRS score. CRS Score Calculator is a tool utilized by IRCC - Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. It is used for ranking profiles over one another in the federal Express Entry pool. 

CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System is a system based on points that assess your profile for Canadian immigration. It then offers to rank the profiles. Points are awarded to the candidates for the following factors:

  • Age
  • Education Level
  • Proficiency in Official language
  • Second official language
  • Work experience in Canada

The CRS Calculator system is used for identifying candidates in the Express Entry pool who are highly skilled. They are then offered the ITA for Canada PR Visa by the Government of Canada. 

CRS Score Calculator offers points for your profile based on 4 criteria: 

  • Human Capital or Core Factor 
  • Common-in-law or Spouse factor
  • Skill Transferability Factor 
  • Extra Factors 

The CRS calculator is applied in each draw conducted under the Express Entry system. It has multiple streams but all 3 streams apply the CRS Score calculator for ranking candidates. The ITA for Canada PR Visa is offered to the highest-ranking candidates.

Federal Express Entry Draws

The FSWP - Federal Skilled Worker Program is ideal for skilled workers and professionals who intend to obtain the Canada PR Visa. Express Entry Program usually conducts FSWP draws once in 2 weeks. The CRS score requirement is also usually lower.

Provincial Nominee Program

If you receive a nomination from your chosen province in Canada, you can obtain a maximum of 600 extra CRS points. This will immensely influence your total CRS score. But extra 600 points imply that the cut-off CRS score for PNP draws is greater than the other program draws. 

Canadian Experience Class

CEC - Canadian Experience Class is the perfect immigration pathway for obtaining Canada PR Visa only for selected candidates. The applicants are required to have a minimum of 1-year of work experience in Canada. 

2021 CRS Cut-off score

The average CRS cut-off score in 2021 is 470. The CRS draw is a method utilized by IRCC. Through this candidates who have CRS scores higher than the cut-off for each draw are selected. Draws are normally held once every 14 days on Wednesdays. However, this is not a formal rule and IRCC at times deviates from this norm. 

The Government of Canada offers the ITA for Canada PR Visa through these Express Entry draws. The candidates in the pool who have the highest rankings are invited. 

How does the CRS score get affected by the NOC code?

Your CRS score can be affected by the NOC – National Occupational Classification code as it has diverse categories. NOC code has 2 categories according to IRCC: 

  • 0, B, & A – Skilled 
  • D & C – Others 

CRS points for work experience are allocated only to those candidates who choose the category skilled under NOC. Other categories do not have this advantage. However, category 00 under NOC can receive points. 

How to select the correct NOC if you are eligible for multiple categories?

If you qualify for multiple NOC categories, you have to consider certain factors for selecting the accurate NOC. These factors include: 

  • Occupation: It is essential to be familiar with the skill levels that are right now in demand in Canada. 
  • Skill level: Choose the NOC that categorizes you under the skilled category.
  • Career development: The NOC you choose must demonstrate your career growth.

What is a fine CRS score?

The minimum CRS score required for receiving the ITA for Canada PR Visa was a mere 75 in the historic CEC draw held in February 2021. The cut-off CRS score for selection in 2020 was 468 points excluding draws that were program-specific. In the previous years, the lowest CRS score cut-off for non-specific draws was 438 points in 2019, 439 points in 2018, and 413 points in 2017. 

The minimum CRS score cannot be estimated before the specific draw is conducted. It is thus crucial that candidates in the Express Entry pool try to maximize their scores as and when possible. 

What is the least CRS score for entering the Express Entry pool?

No least CRS score is specified for entering into the pool of candidates in the Express Entry Program. The minimum CRS score differs from one draw to another and can decrease or increase based on several factors.

IRCC does not announce the cut-off CRS score needed for receiving the ITA before conducting a particular draw. Thus, the higher your score in the CRS calculator, the greater are your chances of obtaining ITA for Canada PR Visa.

How to increase CRS score?

You can increase your CRS score after entering the Express Entry pool in several ways. Your CRS score is highly linked to your age, work experience, education, and language proficiency. Additional points can be obtained for:

  • Presence of a sibling in Canada
  • Proficiency in the French language at an advanced level 
  • Obtaining a job offer from an employer in Canada 
  • Receiving a nomination from a Province in Canada through a PNP 

Obtaining extra points through any of these parameters can greatly enhance your chances of receiving an ITA in a subsequent Express Entry Program draw. 

How receiving a nomination from a PNP can enhance your CRS score?

PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs offer Canada PR Visa pathways to candidates who have a low CRS score in the pool of Express Entry. Obtaining a nomination from a province in Canada can offer you extra 600 CRS points. This virtually assures receiving ITA for Canada PR Visa. 

Every province has its own set of requirements for its PNPs. Most of them specify some kind of link to the province to qualify for applying. Others seek candidates who can cater to demographic or labor market gaps. Candidates who receive an invitation through a PNP are anticipated to settle in the province that has offered them the nomination.

Does the CRS score increase if the spouse is included in the application?

CRS score calculator offers points in a different way based on the marital status of the applicant – single or married. 

The applicant is awarded points as a single application if the common-law partner or spouse is not included in the application or is already a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada. 

Applicants who are married and include their spouse in the application have to offer an ECA - Educational Credential Assessment report for every Post-secondary credential and language result. It will enable them to obtain the maximum points by including partners in the application.

Why the CRS score becomes low?

The CRS score can be low after entering the candidates’ pool in the Express Entry system for various reasons. 

Having a low CRS score while is disappointing, you must be cheerful to know that you can increase your score even after submission of your profile. Several candidates are successful in increasing their CRS scores in diverse ways. These include obtaining extra work experience, improving their scores in language tests, opting for studying in Canada, or obtaining a job offer in Canada. You have multiple ways of improving your CRS scores! 

What is the CRS score necessary for PNPs?

Every province has specific criteria for its PNP. Some of the PNPs seek potential nominees in the Express Entry pool. Meanwhile, many PNPs have their individual points’ grid and some of them can also decide based on the CRS score of the candidate to offer ITA for a nomination. 

The CRS score required varies from one draw to another. However, some of the provinces also specify the lowest CRS score needed for being considered for the ITA for a nomination. For instance, the HCP - Human Capital Priorities stream of Ontario does not offer ITAs to candidates having CRS scores lesser than 400 points. Express Entry Stream of Alberta considers only those candidates who have a minimum CRS score of 300 points. 

Do you wish to apply for Canada PR Visa?

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The CRS Score calculator is just an estimation. We advise you to take our online free assessment if you wish to have a precise evaluation of your profile’s eligibility to enter the pool of the Express Entry system. You will instantly be offered a response and be assigned an expert Immigration Consultant for discussing your immigration strategy. 

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