IRCC Distributed Canada Study Permits for all Provinces

IRCC Distributed Canada Study Permits for all Provinces

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[Published 06 Apr, 2024 | 03:57 PM]
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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has distributed the number of study permits for each province for 2024.

The department will adjust 393,000 study permits among each province and territory, based on their population. Under this model, some provinces will get more international students in 2024 compared to last year, while others will have less.

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Study Permit Distribution Among Provinces in Canada

As the provinces got their allocation of study permit applications based on their population, IRCC has adjusted the distribution for provinces with lower allocation of study permits to lessen the negative impact.

Canadian provinces that were supposed to get more students in 2024 than 2023, will not get more than 10% of their population. In addition, the government has increased the allocations for provinces whose approval rate was less than 60%. This will help these provinces to achieve their expected number of approved study permits.

A total of 552,095 Canada study permit applications have been allocated under the national cap. This means that around 291,914 study permits are expected to be approved - 28% less than the number of permits approved in 2023.

Who received the largest allocation of study permits?

Out of 552,095, 235,000 study permits are allocated to Ontario, making it the top province to receive the highest number of study permit allocations.

No doubt, Ontario is Canada’s most popular and populous province - with 530 Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). That’s the reason why thousands of students apply for a Canada study visa from India every year.

Ontario has said that it will give 96% of its allocated study permits to public universities and colleges. Meaning, that fewer private educational institutions in Ontario will be able to accept international students.

Other provinces also received a decent portion of study permits out of the total allocation of 552,095.

  • Quebec: 117,917 study permits
  • British Columbia: 83,000 study permits
  • Alberta: 40,894 study permits
  • Nova Scotia: 12,900 study permits
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Final allocation for each province and territory

Allocation After Initial Adjustment Final Allocation After Top-Ups for PTs with Approval Rate Below 60%
Province / Territory PT Allocations (A) Projected SPs Approved (B) % Change from 2023 Top-Up (C) Revised PT Allocations with Top-Up (A+C) Projected SPs Approved (same as B)
Alberta 40,894 24,537 10% N/A 40,894 24,537
British Columbia 83,000 49,800 -18% N/A 83,000 49,800
Manitoba 15,233 9,140 -10% 3,420 18,652 9,140
New Brunswick 9,279 5,567 -10% 5,372 14,651 5,567
Newfoundland and Labrador 2,365 1,419 10% 788 3,153 1,419
Northwest Territories 333 200 4900% N/A 333 200
Nova Scotia 12,906 7,744 -10% 7,472 20,378 7,744
Nunavut 333 200 6567% N/A 333 200
Ontario 235,000 141,000 -41% N/A 235,000 141,000
Prince Edward Island 2,004 1,202 -10% 308 2,312 1,202
Quebec 72,716 43,629 10% 45,202 117,917 43,629
Saskatchewan 12,043 7,226 10% 3,011 15,054 7,226
Yukon 417 250 205% N/A 417 250
Total 486,523 291,914 -28% 65,572 552,095 291,914

IRCC caps study permits processed, not issued

The cap on the number of study permits issued and the cap on the number of permit applications processed by IRCC is not the same. IRCC cannot limit the number of approved study permits but can limit the number of applications they process.

The national cap is based on the number of expiring study permits in 2024. Meaning, that the number of international students arriving in Canada in 2024 should be the same as the number of students whose permits expire this year.

IRCC caps study permits processed, not issued

Furthermore, about 20% of international students apply for a study permit extension each year and stay in the country. Thus, IRCC has deducted that number (97,000) from the initial target of 486,523 and kept a small number aside to allow for other variations. This resulted in a revised target of 364,000 approved study permits in 2024.

As the national approval rate for study permits is 60%, IRCC says that the estimated cap of study permits is taken from the number of study permit applications it will process. In this case, they will process 606,000 applications.

IRCC states they will “continue to work collaboratively with provinces and territories to strengthen the International Student Program and to provide international students with the support they need to succeed in Canada.”

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