Learn How to Choose Your NOC Code?

Learn How to Choose Your NOC Code?

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[Published 17 Jan, 2023 | 11:43 AM]
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While applying for the Express Entry program with the motive of settling in Canada, people read a lot about the occupations in demand there. But how many of you actually consider finding the correct NOC mandatory? We witness many people on a regular basis who are not aware of what NOC exactly is. There is definitely nothing wrong with learning all the prerequisites required for the Express Entry program and NOC codes (now TEER system) a crucial one. Our team often guides our clients regarding the importance of finding their NOC Code, and today we will be providing some information to help you find your NOC feasibly. Before you get straight to the topic, we would like to shed some light on what NOC is exactly.

All you need to know about NOC codes

NOC is the abbreviation of the National Occupational Classification system used by IRCC- Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to classify the skill levels of skilled workers. Only the skills or occupations which are categorized in the NOC receive points under the CRS system of Express Entry. A specialized job description and code are assigned to each occupation in the NOC system. Usually, it is seen that job titles vary, but the NOC code is given based on the work experience that the applicant has attained. They also need to have documentation to prove their experience in the selected domain. Earlier it was NOC 2016 being used and from November 16th, 2022, a new NOC system is being followed. In NOC 2021, there are different TEER categories from TEER 0 to TEER 5. Unlike before now, there is a five-digit system, and the second digit indicates the TEER category on the NOC code.

Let us help you with updated NOC codes for Canada

How are NOC codes broken down?

  • First Digit = Occupational Category
  • Second Digit = TEER Category
  • First Two Digits = Major Group
  • First Three Digits = Sub-major Group
  • First Four Digits = Minor Group
  • All Five Digits = Occupation or Unit Group

Highlights about TEER 0 to TEER 5

  • All management occupations are included in TEER 0
  • University degree is a must for TEER 1 and several years of experience in an occupation from TEER 2 category (if applicable).
  • The applicant must have completed two to three years of post-secondary education or several years of experience in an occupation under TEER 3 category (when applicable)
  • In TEER 3, the candidate must have at least completed less than two years of post-secondary education.  
  • Completion of secondary school is mandatory for the applicant applying under TEER 4 and weeks of on-job training is also applicable.
  • No formal education is required, but only a short work demonstration is necessary for the candidate under TEER 5.
Get a comprehensive idea about how the TEER category system works from our team by visiting our office or through virtual mode. Not just you can feasibly find your NOC with our assistance but also get to know the Canada Occupation in Demand list 2023. Some of the occupations on the list are

  • Management Occupations- Managers in Public Administration, Financial & Business Services, Public Protection Services, Health Care, Transportation, Manufacturing Corporate Sales Manager, and so on.
  • Occupations with University Education - Life Science Professionals, Human Resources Professionals, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineers, Auditors, Accountants, Architects, Urban Planners, Therapy and Assessment Professionals, Writers, Translators, Librarians, etc.
  • Apprenticeship Training and College Education-based Occupations- Technical Occupations in Physical Sciences, Technical Occupations in Life Sciences, Administrative Services Supervisors, Transportation Officers, Medical Technologists, Paraprofessional Occupations in Community, Legal, and Social Services, and the list goes on.
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The list has many more occupations, so don’t be disappointed if you have not found your profession in this brief idea of the comprehensive Canada Occupation in Demand list 2023. Contact us today to know more about applying for Express Entry and the entire process.

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