Major Changes in NOC System under Express Entry Program

Major Changes in NOC System under Express Entry Program

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 05 Jan, 2023 | 12:04 PM]
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Canada PR and the Express Entry program are usually the first thoughts whenever people think of dwelling abroad. They dream about availing those lucrative benefits of Canadian permanent residence and getting it through a feasible mode called the Express Entry program. However, they often skimp on NOC codes that have a significant role to play in this overall process. NOC codes are crucial to determining unskilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled occupations, which further decides profile eligibility for the Express Entry program. It is one of the prerequisites that the applicant of Canada PR must have relevant experience in the skilled job category.

Let us know more about the updated NOC Code Canada

Previously, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada also known as IRCC was using the NOC codes of 2016 but from November 2022 onwards, the switch is made. Now 2021 NOC codes are in effect, which is causing some changes in the Express Entry program. Today we will be talking about the impact caused by the change in Canada NOC Occupation in Demand List. This is an important aspect of the Express Entry program that every immigrant (planning to immigrate to Canada) should be aware of. So, let’s find out further-

So, what are the changes exactly?

Earlier, NOC codes were divided based on skill level, namely- NOC A, NOC B, NOC C, and NOC D. In the case of NOC, A, a university degree was necessary whereas in NOC B even the college diploma was accepted, and then, NOC C asked for job-specific training whereas NOC D was a labor jobs category. Unlike previously, now there is a six-category system that is referred to as TEER which is an abbreviation of Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities.

  • In TEER 0, there are management occupations. 
  • In TEER 1, either the applicant requires a university degree or years of experience in their specialized domain.
  • In TEER 2, the candidate must have completed post-secondary education of at least two years to three years or other prerequisites.
  • In TEER 3, the candidate must have completed post-secondary education for less than two years.
  • In TEER 4, the applicants with secondary school completion are accepted.
  • In TEER 5, no formal education but only a short work demonstration is necessary.
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Canada NOC Occupation in Demand List sixteen new names whereas three occupations got out of the list. The selected occupations are- Nurse Aids, Sheriffs and Bailiffs, Correctional Service Officers, Pharmacy Assistants, Dental Assistants, Payroll Administrators, Estheticians, Pest Controllers, Transport Truck Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Subway Operators, Residential and Commercial Installers, and Aircraft Assemblers and Inspectors. However, Tailors, Milliners, Furriers, Program Leaders, and Instructors in Recreation and Fitness could not make it to the Canada NOC Occupation in Demand List. Even, the NOC code of four digits has now become five digits. The biggest challenge this change has brought is the level of training, education, experience, and even, responsibilities are pre-determined, which makes the eligibility tougher.

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