Learn to Calculate GPA and CGPA for Canada Study Visas

Learn to Calculate GPA and CGPA for Canada Study Visas

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[Published 25 Nov, 2022 | 03:19 PM]
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No student can comprise on keeping the track of their grades. Back in the day, the grading system was feasible to calculate, and it got complicated with time. Different calculating ways are adopted by distinct boards. GPA and CGPA are quite common terms that are used to measure a student’s academic performance. These abbreviations of the grading system play an inevitable role in Canadian study visas as well. If you are planning to study in your dream destination, then getting familiar with GPA and CGPA is mandatory. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get in-depth about the grading system.

Calculate your GPA and CGPA for Canada Study Visas

Brief Information About GPA for Canada Study Visas or Otherwise

GPA also known as Grade Point Average is a crucial part of the grading system used to specify average scores. It is measured on a scale of 4 or 5, denoted by a number. GPA is highly used in international universities and is not so popular in India. To calculate GPA, the Weighted Grade Points are divided by Total Credit Hours. For instance- Let us assume you devoted 5 hours to your English course and attained a B grade. Points for grade x credit hours = 3 x 5 = 15 are the weighted grade points for one subject. Just like this total of credit hours and weighted grade points for all subjects will be divided and GPA can be attained. This method of calculating GPA may vary from university to university. If you are planning to apply for a Canada study visa, then do not forget to check your selected university’s preferred method of GPA. This is how you can pass the assessment of your proposed university and attaining a Canada study visa will be much easier.

Find Out About CGPA Calculation for your Visa Application to Canada

Find Out About CGPA Calculation for your Visa Application to Canada

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average, this method is quite prevalent in Indian education. The idea behind using this system is to ascertain the overall academic performance of a student. It is calculated by getting the mean of grade points and a scale of 8 or 10 is used. A range of scores from 0-100 has a corresponding grade point, for instance- 8 is the grade point for a score between 85 to 90. The total grade points of all subjects are divided by the number of subjects to determine the Cumulative Grade Point Average. Once you know how to calculate CGPA, it will be feasible for you to understand the difference between GPA and CGPA and how to convert one into another for Canada study visas.

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Some Differences Between CGPA and GPA

Undoubtedly, both CGPA and GPA are grading systems used for measuring the student’s performance but there are distinguishable. Usually, GPA is used to determine a single semester or a unit whereas CGPA measures the overall performance of the student. Referring to CGPA an accumulation of total credits and total marks throughout the entire course is completely justified. Getting a good GPA impact the CGPA a lot, which signifies a student must maintain a good GPA. The difference between both grading systems requires the conversion of GPA into CGPA while applying for Canada study visas. There is a formula to calculate CGPA, which requires Weight Average GPA divided by Total Credit Hours. This may differ depending on the Canadian university or college you wish to apply. So, always check before proceeding with admissions at your proposed education institution. 

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Nationwide Immigration Services’ team welcomes you to get more in-depth information about CGPA and GPA and state their differences for Canada study visa application.

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