List of Popular Universities and Colleges in Saskatchewan, Canada

List of Popular Universities and Colleges in Saskatchewan, Canada

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[Published 08 Nov, 2023 | 12:25 PM]
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Saskatchewan is one of the most popular provinces among those who pursue higher education in Canada. From universities that focus on cutting-edge research to colleges that specialize in vocational and technical training, Saskatchewan offers an array of opportunities for students applying for a Canada Study Visa. Some prestigious universities and colleges in Saskatchewan specifically design courses that could shape the academic and career goals of students.

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In this blog, we will discuss the 7 most popular universities and colleges in Saskatchewan along with the top courses they offer.

7 Top Universities and Colleges in Saskatchewan, Canada

1. Cumberland College

Located in the northeastern part of the province, Cumberland College is one of the seven top-ranking, regional colleges in Saskatchewan. It offers an array of programs in different areas like social services, business, and healthcare. Also, the college provides valuable resources to help the local community, enabling residents to access high-quality education. For Indian Students, there are many part-time jobs available on campus like financial aid assistant, manager, process analyst, and product development and publishing.

Top Courses at Cumberland College

Agricultural Science Certificate, Business Diploma, Continuing Care Assistant Certificate, Disability Support Worker, Health Care Cook Certificate, Office Administration Certificate, etc.

2. North West College

North West College is committed to providing students with educational programs and services that help them in their career goals. There is a range of programs available that include adult basic education and English language training. North West College offers bachelor’s degrees, certificate programs, and diplomas in trades programming, business education, healthcare, and more. You can get hands-on learning opportunities from qualified instructors and get opportunities for part-time employment and Job Coaching on campus.

Top Courses at North West College

Health Care Assistant, Business Management Diploma, Electrician, Early Childhood Education Certificate, Continuing Care Assistant, etc.

3. University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan or USask stands as the largest and one of the most prestigious higher-learning institutions to study in Canada. From medicine to agriculture, this university focuses on advancing knowledge and addressing real-world challenges. Not only this university is famous for its stunning beauty and alumni who are Rhodes scholars and Nobel Prize winners but also offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, making it a hub for students pursuing diverse fields of study. 

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Top Courses at the University of Saskatchewan

Aboriginal Teacher Associate Certificate Program, Biochemistry, Crime, Law and Justice Studies, Finance, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, etc.

4. University of Regina

Established in 1974, the University of Regina is one of the top universities in Saskatchewan. It has gained a reputation for its commitment to providing academic excellence and bringing the community together. The U of R has more than 190 undergraduate and 80 graduate programs, including business, arts, and engineering. International students can take advantage of the campus facilities, strong ties to local industries, and a supportive community, and make their student life in Canada more valuable.

Top Courses at the University of Regina

Bachelor of Science [B.S], Computer Science, Master of Science [M.S], Biology, Master of Science [M.S], Chemistry, Master of Engineering [M.Eng], Electronic Systems Engineering, etc.

5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a leading educational institution in Saskatchewan Canada offering technical and vocational education. This polytechnic’s campus is scattered across multiple cities of the province, including Regina, Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw. International students seeking higher education can get hands-on training in the fields of healthcare, engineering, information technology, etc. Saskatchewan Polytechnic focuses on the practical skills development of students so that they excel in their chosen fields.

Top Courses at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Nursing, Practical Nursing, Electrical Engineering Technology, Welding, etc.

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6. Great Plains College

International students will have opportunities to pursue a high-quality education at Great Plains College, with campuses in Swift Current and Warman. It is among the list of top-ranking colleges in Saskatchewan that focus on meeting the needs of its students, employers, as well as communities in western Saskatchewan. Also, this college is recognized as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), approved by the Ministry of Advanced Education in the Province of Saskatchewan. As an international student, you can take admission under various certificate and diploma options.

Top Courses at Great Plains College

Administrative Assistant certificate - Swift Current Campus, Business Diploma in Management - Swift Current Campus and Warman Campus, Continuing Care Assistant certificate - Kindersley Campus and Swift Current Campus, etc.

7. Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT)

Last but not least is Saskatchewan’s IIT also called SIIT, which primarily focuses on providing quality education and training to Indigenous students. International students can opt for certificate and diploma programs in industrial or trade areas, IT, business, or health. SIIT offers programming through 3 main campuses in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert and also runs the Saskatchewan Aviation Learning Centre at the Saskatoon airport.

Top Courses at Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies

Indigenous Social Work, Office Administration, Health Care Aide, Educational Assistant, First Nations Child Care, Early Childhood Education, etc.

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