Obtaining Immigration Consultant’s Help For Your Canada Visa Refusal

Obtaining Immigration Consultant’s Help For Your Canada Visa Refusal

Tejaswini Panigrahi Tejaswini Panigrahi
[Published 27 Nov, 2021 | 05:09 PM]
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Normally, refusal or rejection of Canada immigration applications does not occur just like that. When you submit the Canada PR Visa application, it is reviewed by an Immigration Officer. The decision for approval or rejection of your Canada Visa is taken by the officer based on distinct guidelines for immigration cases. 

The guidelines are available in Immigration Regulations and Manuals for Immigration. If applications do not fulfill the diverse criteria and standards specified in them, the result is likely a refusal.

Nevertheless, it is possible for Immigration Officers to err in their verdicts. They could get extremely rigid in the interpretation of the regulations. It is also possible that they may have failed in reviewing the complete information and documents provided in the application.

Options after your Canada Visa refusal

In a scenario wherein your Canada PR Visa application gets rejected, you have three choices:


In some cases, the application gets rejected by the Officer due to inadequate information or misinterpretation. For instance, the funds that you demonstrate in your application could be inadequate or due to ambiguity about your chosen course of study. In these instances, you can request a re-assessment of your application while providing extra or clarifying documents.


In a few cases, it is wise to simply reapply for the Canada PR Visa after refusal. After understanding the reasons for rejection, the loopholes in your application can be eliminated with extra information. In the case of inadequate funds, your circumstances could have altered after some time. You may be in possession of adequate funds now and thus it is wise to reapply.


You can file an appeal with assistance from Immigration Experts if you feel that the Canada Visa rejection was unfair, unlawful, or beyond the Officer’s jurisdiction. In this case, you may have to approach an Appeal Court and time limitations are applicable. 

If any of the above instances of Visa refusal are applicable to you, the best approach is to avail of assistance from a reliable Immigration Consultancy. You can get help from an Immigration Consultant preferably with accreditation with ICCRC. 

The first step is to identify and examine the details for the refusal of your Canada PR Visa application. This can be done via the CAIPS - Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. 

You can also get details regarding the application status via the digital ECAS - Client Application Status system. But it merely offers minimum details of your application. It can be accessed by all applicants and does not incur any extra fees. 

For obtaining a comprehensive report, you have to seek the immigration file’s copy (CAIPS or GCMS notes). It requires payment of extra fees as well.

Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System

CAIPS is a system that processes all Canada Visa applications. At present, this system is being updated into an advanced GCMS - Global Case Management System. However, most of the applications that have been filed already are still being processed through the CAIPS. 

When a Canada Visa application is filed, a new file is recorded in the CAIPS by the Case Officer. All the information of the application is maintained in this file. This is inclusive of: 

  • comments and notes from the officers reviewing the Visa
  • Computations of points that are applicable for the Visa application 
  • Background confirmation inclusive of criminality checks and security clearances
  • The applicant's medical exams 

The information present in the file is accessible to the applicants for a cost. However, the cost is reasonable. It is the first step in evaluating the reasons for the Visa refusal and understanding the manner of proceeding further. Thus, the notes available through the CAIPS are necessary.

Your further course of action in case of Canada Visa refusal

Innumerable aspects are involved for appropriately dealing with a Canada PR Visa application refusal. A reliable and expert Immigration Consultant must be in a position to assess the reasons for the refusal. They have to address the following aspects for your case: 

  • Your eligibility for appeal in case of an unfavorable immigration verdict. 
  • The time available for filing the appeal like 15 days or 30 days after the notification of the refusal. 
  • The Immigration Court in Canada will accept your Appeal – IAD or the Federal Court of Canada. 
  • The procedure involved in submitting and processing your immigration appeal and the necessary steps to be taken. 
  • The time that will be taken for the appeal’s processing and the expected verdict. 
  • The success probability for the immigration appeal. 
  • The right option for you. 

The above aspects rely on several factors including the case nature. For instance, if the application was for a Skilled Worker, Canada Sponsorship Application, or for a Canada PR Visa refusal. Also must be considered the authorized agency that received and processed your Canada immigration application. The location where your Canada Visa application was filed – within Canada or an overseas Embassy or Consulate of Canada, must also be a consideration. 

Based on these factors, your options include appealing, re-applying, or obtaining a resolution from Government agencies. What is most important here is an instant assessment of your case prior to termination of your appeal rights. 

To sum up

Thus, it is now clear as to what are the factors that can result in the refusal of your Visa application including precise loopholes. You need not become too anxious or depressed about the future course of action. What is required from your end is approaching a competent and professional Immigration Consultancy that can cater to your Visa requirements. 

In most cases of Visa refusal, services of Immigration Experts are not utilized. It is highly essential to obtain details of your immigration file. Only then you can decide the further course such as obtaining overturning of the refusal or approval for the re-application. 

You must be aware of the proof or its absence that led the Visa Officer in concluding that you will not return to your home nation if the Visa was allocated. The laws covering Canada Visa refusal can be actually complex.

Finally, acting immediately is highly crucial. Strict deadlines for appeal exist that must be complied with for securing your rights. You must thus contact a trustworthy Immigration Consultancy for a quick assessment of your case and immediately outline your options.

Best Immigration Consultancy for Canada PR Visa

Nationwide Visas has rich experience of successfully handling cases wherein applicants have faced Canada Visa refusals. We have assisted these dejected aspirants in realizing their Canadian immigration dreams. Our team consists of experienced and competent Immigration Consultants and we offer ICCRC accredited Canada immigration services.

We are among the premier Canada PR Visa consultants and also offer coaching for IELTS and PTE. Our immigration experience in the industry spans over 14 years of successful facilitation for Overseas Immigration and Study Abroad. The dedication and commitment that we possess are reflected in our immigration services. We are equipped with the competency, wisdom, expertise, and knowledge accumulated over all these years that have offered us an inimitable reputation and unparalleled leadership


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