Pro Tips to Create an Express Entry Profile for PR

Pro Tips to Create an Express Entry Profile for PR

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[Published 04 May, 2024 | 11:50 AM]
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Are you planning to immigrate to Canada via Express Entry?

Step 1 is to create an Express Entry profile, which requires meticulous attention to detail.

As thousands of Indians are applying for Canada PR from India, the competition is high. A well-crafted profile with detailed information about your work experience, education, age, language skills, and other factors increases your visibility and competitiveness in the pool. This boosts your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

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Creating Express Entry Profile for Canadian immigration

Your Express Entry profile is the first impression that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) gets of your skills, experience, and education. Also given the high stakes, you must take your sweet time to prepare, present, and double-check all the information provided before submitting the profile.

For best results, follow these tips to create your profile under the Express Entry system:

Pro Tip 1: Read the Instructions Thoroughly

IRCC provides an extensive list of instructions on completing your Express Entry profile. However, as so much information is available, it can be overwhelming due to its complexity. But don’t panic. Take your time to carefully go through all the steps and information provided to make sure your profile is complete and accurate.

Keep in mind that any mistake made at the initial stage will have a significant impact on your Canada immigration process. The best way to ensure this does not happen, consult with certified immigration consultants at Nationwide Visas. Professionals with exhaustive knowledge and experience will guide you throughout the process and make sure all aspects of your PR application meet the required standards.

Pro Tip 2: Don’t Play the Guessing Game

Many Indians creating their Express Entry profile make the mistake of guessing answers to questions they are unsure about. You need to be completely honest and accurate in the information you provide as it will affect your chances. Do not mislead information or else it will lead to serious consequences like the refusal of your application, or sometimes, a ban from entering Canada for many years.

The Express Entry system assesses the profiles of applicants based on the data you provide and if any discrepancies are found, your credibility may be affected. This will affect your current and future immigration attempts. So, ensure you are truthful about the information you give out for the success of your application.

Pro Tip 3: Work on your Language Proficiency

One of the major factors in your Express Entry profile is your language skills in English or French. It is also a crucial factor when you calculate your CRS score at the next stage. While you are waiting for your documents to come through, you can prepare for the language test in the meantime.

Many courses are available online for English and French language. We provide IELTS coaching to our Express Entry clients to help them prepare for the test. Language test results are valid for two years, so taking it early and retaking it if you have a lower score in the first go to get better results could help you greatly when applying for Canada PR.

One more thing, you cannot combine your test scores. Meaning, you are evaluated on your Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills and when you enter your results in the Express Entry profile, all four sections must be from a single language test.

Creating Express Entry Profile for Canadian Immigration

Pro Tip 4: Mention all your Work Experience

When it comes to mentioning your work experience in the Express Entry profile, the more, the better. Do not leave out any previous employment history just because you feel it will not be relevant. It is for immigration authorities to decide, not you. As said earlier, withholding any information may be considered misrepresentation.

Though you don’t get points for a specific job, you can still include it - as it will do you no harm or you won’t lose any points for unskilled work.

Pro Tip 5: Don’t Leave out your Dependents

If you have dependent family members, mention them in your Express Entry profile. Here are the dependent family members to include:

  • Spouse or common-law partner
  • Dependent child
  • Spouse or common-law partner’s dependent child
  • Dependent child of a dependent child
Include as either ‘accompanying’ or ‘not accompanying’, depending on whether they will be accompanying you to Canada or not. If you fail to include any of your dependents, you won’t be able to sponsor them later.

Family members who cannot be included

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Brother or sister
  • Uncle or Aunt
  • Nephew or Niece
Talk to an Expert

Be attentive when creating your Express Entry profile to ensure a smooth application process. The key here is to be truthful to the immigration authorities and provide factual information. Understand the instructions provided by IRCC and double-check all the information before submitting your Express Entry profile for immigration success.

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