Proof of funds for Canadian immigration

Proof of funds for Canadian immigration

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[Published 17 Feb, 2023 | 03:07 PM]
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Moving abroad is the aspiration of many Indians. The most obvious reason why they opt to move out is to get a better living standard in a developed country. Canada, being in the need of skilled workers, seems to be the most lucrative option for the Indians and immigrants from other countries. ‘Canada PR visa fees in India’ is one of the most common searches and people reach out to our experts with the same query. Their idea is to make a significant investment in their future and step out of their home country. You must be wondering what are the other reasons that persuade immigrants to move to Canada. So, let’s find out the factors that influence their decision before we put some light on the funds required for a Canada PR visa.

Let us help you with the Requirement of Funds for Canada PR Visa in India

What makes Canada so famous among immigrants?

In the world’s second-largest country, there is a lot of space to adjust to more immigrants without getting overpopulated. Its huge parks, open spaces, and conservation areas demand more people to visit. Canada is a happy country as per the surveys, people live highly satisfied lives due to the benefits that government never refrains to give to its residents. Who will not live to live a happy and peaceful life? Therefore, immigrants are highly attracted to Canada and see it as their potential home. Another reason is the universal healthcare that allows the residents to avail of free emergency medical services. Not just the surroundings and facilities amazing in Canada, but the natives of this country are quite friendly. In fact, Canadians are known for their generosity, good manners, and welcoming nature. This also persuades immigrants to consider moving to Canada. So, would you like to move to this diverse nation? Well, if your answer is yes, then you will need to know the funds required for a Canada PR visa. So, let’s find out.

What makes Canada so famous among immigrants?

About Funds Requirement and Canada PR Visa Fees in India

Having enough financial resources to support yourself and your family in Canada after attaining permanent resident status is mandatory. As per Canadian government guidelines, you need to showcase proof of funds and pay Canada PR visa fee in India while applying. The total cost to move to Canada may vary as per your profile and the factors like family size, selected province, and type of immigration program. The estimated cost for a single person to settle in Canada can be around 15k dollars and will increase depending on the family size.

The costs that are included here are - language test cost (300 dollars), medical examination for immigration purposes (100 dollars), educational credential evaluation (200 dollars), biometrics (85 dollars), and right of permanent residence fee (575 dollars), and application processing fee (850 dollars). The main applicant needs to showcase $14,690  and with the spouse, the funds required will be $18, 228 and so on. Funds can be shown in the form of mutual funds, provident funds, fixed deposits, savings, bonds, shares, and gift deeds from parents.

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