Steps to Write a Great Statement of Purpose (SOP) For Canada

Steps to Write a Great Statement of Purpose (SOP) For Canada

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 09 Nov, 2022 | 02:46 PM]
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Just like your job application requires an effective resume- Similarly, a Canada study visa application needs a comprehensive Statement of Purpose. This document plays a vital role in making the embassy understand your academic and career goals in Canada. Calling it a summary of the application for a Canada study visa is completely justified. The core idea behind providing the SOP is to enlighten the admissions staff as well as the visa officer with your required information. Being a study abroad consultant in Delhi with years of experience, we recommend our students write the SOP on their own as they know their aspirations better. However, the students definitely get all the support from our team whenever necessary. Follow the forth-given suggestions to write your SOP for a Canada study visa efficiently.

Let Us help you how to Write an SOP For Canada

Make a Note of the Following Points in Your SOP Checklist

  • A properly written and formatted Statement of Purpose can be impactful for the reader. Use bullet points, write precise and equal paragraphs (150-200 word paragraphs each), and include some phrases and sayings that you believe make it personalized.
  • The ideal word limit of an SOP is around 1000 or 1200 words or a maximum of two pages. The page used may vary as per the font size. We recommend you keep 12-point font with double space.
  • Keep in mind this is an academic document so keep it simple and avoid those fancy texts and colors. Trust us, clarity in writing and simplicity in presenting will let you win this SOP game and will enhance your chances of you getting a Canada study visa.
  • You can write the SOP according to a four-step approach comprising of ‘Introduction, Formulating Process, Concluding Process, and Proofreading’ to make it effective.
Now that you know the initial prerequisites of a good SOP, the time is to move ahead with the steps to write it for a Canada study visa.

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SOP Writing Approach Followed by our Study Abroad consultant Branch in Delhi

  1. Introduction with the engagement power- No one is going to read your Statement of Purpose properly if the introduction is not engaging. Make sure to catch the eye in the first phrase with an empowering quote or personal views of education or studying abroad. Remember, it is similar to writing a tale but the only difference is it is your own story. Write the first lines in a way to attract the authority’s attention and persuade them to read the rest of the 900 words. Some people just keep telling about themselves in the first paragraph but instead, it is the opportunity to display your knowledge about the field you have chosen.

SOP Writing Approach Followed by our Study Abroad consultant Branch in Delhi

  1. Educational background and professional experience- Try to fit in all the backgrounds related to academics and work in the second paragraph. Emphasize more published reports and other achievements if you do not have any work experience yet. Our study abroad consultants’ team in Delhi recommends that working professionals include their skills with their achieved goals.
  2. Give proposed study relevance with previous academics- You will not consider an ideal for your chosen study until proven proper relevancy. Canada study visa is granted to those who have a clear vision of what they will learn in their proposed course and how it will be beneficial for their career ahead. So, make sure to explain your skills, previous academic attainments, and curriculum of your planned course and how they are relevant to each other in the third paragraph.
  3. Career aspirations- Moving forward, you will write your career goals in the fourth paragraph. This will depict your thorough interest in the field of study you have selected. Do not skimp on giving an idea about the industry you will enter after the study completion and its scope globally.
  4. Conclusion- The introduction and concluding paragraph play an integral role in making the whole Statement of Purpose intriguing. So, after writing an interesting introduction, do not forget about the conclusion. Try to recapitulate everything in the end and ask for positive reverts from the embassy for a Canada study visa.

If anything related to Statement of Purpose confuses you, do not hesitate to connect with Nationwide Immigration Services- Your reliable study abroad consultants in Delhi.


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