Strategy for new immigrants to get Marketing Jobs in Canada

Strategy for new immigrants to get Marketing Jobs in Canada

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 10 Mar, 2023 | 11:13 AM]
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Getting your first Canadian job can require some time. Hence you have to begin your preparation and application process even before arrival in Canada. Here are a few tips for new immigrants to secure Marketing jobs in Canada:

Know the job market

Digital Marketing as well as Marketing jobs are abundant in Canada. But it is crucial to comprehend the local job market in the intended city and the desired industry. For example, bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto normally have more job vacancies. However, the completion for jobs is also equally bigger.

Build skills sought after by employers

You can have gaps in your skills in spite of having many years of overseas experience in marketing. It can have a negative influence on your selection chances in Canada. You have to first identify the skills sought after by prospective employers. This is by researching the job openings that interest you and connecting with industry professionals.

Let us help the new immigrants to get Marketing Jobs in Canada

Build a marketing portfolio

Your prospective employers can get visual evidence of your past work experience through your portfolio. For a Marketing Professional, a digital portfolio is apt for showcasing your outstanding ad or email campaigns. You can also include a blog content link in your CV.

A remarkable portfolio further adds to your cover letter and resume displaying examples of accomplishments and skills presented in your Resume.

Design a striking Canadian-style resume

The Resume in Canadian style can be variable from the resume acceptable in your native nation. Generally, three types of formats for Resumes are usually followed in Canada: Hybrid, Functional, and Chronological.

Develop your professional network

As a newly arrived immigrant, you will have to develop your professional network in Canada from the beginning. Nevertheless, you can make a beginning by making connections with marketing professionals on the platform LinkedIn. You can schedule informational interviews or coffee chats with the in Canada.

Know where to seek marketing jobs

For making the beginning of your job search, websites having online job listings such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Grabjobs are great options. Keep track of the career pages of your targeted employers through their website to know about job vacancies and follow their LinkedIn pages. You can also enroll with job search agencies like Randstad Canada or Robert Half.

A big % of job vacancies in Canada are not advertised publicly and the job openings are closed through a network of recruiters. Your professional network is a very important factor here that can acquaint you with a few such opportunities. If you have developed meaningful connections in your network, you can even be successful in requesting job referrals in their organizations.

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Improve your language skills

Sales and Marketing positions more often need oral proficiency in French or English. You must practice your speaking and listening skills at home or with friends if you have to improve your language skills.

Get ready for interviews

You have to get acquainted with the Situation Task Action Result –STAR methodology for answering questions in interviews in a manner that skill and expertise in marketing get highlighted. Another option is AI Interviewer Prepped for recording your responses and receiving true feedback about your delivery. The majority of the employers will question you if in case you have any queries when the interview is completed. Ensure to be ready with a few well-researched, intelligent questions for the interviewer.

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The Hiring Process for Marketing Jobs

The process of searching for a job can be often stressful for newly arrived immigrants. You can become confident and better prepared if you understand the operation mode of the hiring process in Canada. The majority of employers apply ATS - Applicant Tracking System for shortlisting Resumes that aptly match the job role. Only if your CV clears the ATS will it reach an HR Team member.

The Hiring Process for Marketing Jobs

Many employers prefer a telephonic or video call screening interview after short-listing the resume for background verification and assessing interest in the role. It is normally succeeded by 2 or 3 rounds of an interview that allows them to get clarity about the accomplishments, experience, and technical skills of the candidates. Interviews to assess cultural suitability are common that assist recruiters in gauging the aptness of the candidates for their team.

The majority of employers in Canada carry out extensive checks for background before making a hiring decision. It can include connecting with ex-employers, educational credentials verification, and sometimes credit history also. You will receive the job offer from the employer after clearing this last step. Also, you may get the chance to negotiate your salary before acceptance of an offer.

If your aim is to obtain a job in Canada and become successful in your Canada immigration goal, connect with Overseas Career Experts at Nationwide Visas.


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