Study in Canada: Top 10 Cheapest Canadian Universities

Study in Canada: Top 10 Cheapest Canadian Universities

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[Published 14 Sep, 2021 | 06:22 PM]
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As an aspiring overseas student seeking to study in Canada, there are various aspects that you must take into consideration. One among them is the aspect of affordability. The determination of affordable Canadian Universities is based on several factors. These include among others living costs, location, and scholarships facilitation. 

Meanwhile, you must be aware that your Canada Study Permit can also be your pathway for Canadian Permanent Residence. The cheapest Canadian location for your studies is dependent on your chosen course, available facilities, and the destination itself. Saskatchewan, Scotia, Toronto, Manitoba, and Alberta are some of the most affordable places for your study in Canada. 

Here we present the top ten Universities in Canada offering affordable courses and that assist overseas students: 

York University

One of the affordable Universities across Canada is York University. It is also the second-largest University in Ontario being situated in Toronto and the third largest in Canada. 

The tuition fee at the university is on average $ 22, 417. The living costs for residence and dormitory can be in the range of CAD 7500 to 3000 annually. Students are offered capstone projects, co-ops, community placements, and internships. This is to facilitate them with purposeful careers, critical industry knowledge, and long-term success. The courses offered include Bachelor’s Program in Business, Science, Engineering, Law, Environmental Studies, Health, Education, and several others. 

Lambton College 

The College has been ranked #1 in the report of Research Infosource Inc for Top 50 Canadian Research Colleges: 2020. Lambton College has its campuses spread across Toronto, Mississauga, and Sarnia. It is renowned for its Programs in Technology and Applied Arts. The University also offers prominence to athletics and sports for its students. 

The courses offered include Business & Management, Engineering & Technology, Healthcare & Nursing, and several others. The College is highly compatible with its students and provides monetary assistance of up to $ 7000. The annual tuition fee is roughly $ 7000. The living costs inclusive of meals, residence, and other expenses may range from $ 6500 to $ 6000

Fanshawe College 

A Public College located in southwestern Ontario; Fanshawe College is roughly 2 hours drive away from Toronto. It is the largest college in Canada while also being amongst affordable Canadian colleges for overseas students. The tuition fee is in the range between $ 14, 223 and $ 13, 623

With 200 plus academic programs, Fanshawe College caters to diverse students. The programs include 1-year Post-graduate Programs, 3-year Advanced Diplomas, 2-year Diplomas, and 4-years Honors Bachelor Degrees. 

The college offers a unique Arrival Service Package for all overseas students – the Fanshawe Cares. This provides them with diverse facilities and assistance in the entrance period. Its 4 major campuses are: 

  • London South Campus 
  • London Downtown Campus 
  • Woodstock/Oxford Regional Campus 
  • Elgin/St. Thomas Regional Campus 

The college spends around $ 5 Million annually on bursaries, awards, and scholarships. 

University Of Winnipeg

The University Of Winnipeg was formed by the merger of Wesley College and Manitoba Colleges. It is distinctively famed for its easy application process. Aspiring students with good grades can obtain admission by fulfilling the fundamental requirements. 

A public research University, the institution is situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is renowned for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. The courses offered include those in Business, Art, Education, Economics, Applied Health, Kinesiology, and Science. 

The tuition fees at the University vary based on the chosen course. It usually ranges from CAD 17,700 to CAD 14,700 for each academic year. The costs for accommodation can be in the range of CAD 15,000 to 8000 and the application fee is CAD 120

University of Manitoba

A public research university, the University of Manitoba is situated in the Manitoba province in Canada. It offers 100 plus Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees at the Undergraduate level. The University also has Post-graduate Programs based on Clinical skills. These include Fertility/Reproductive Endocrinology, Family Planning/Adolescent Gynecology, Gynecological Oncology, and several others. 

The annual tuition fees range from $ 18,000 to $ 10,000.

University of Prince Edward Island

A public university, the University of Prince Edward Island is the sole university in Prince Edward Island province. It offers Doctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate Programs. It is amongst the affordable Canadian Universities offering scholarships to overseas students for their study in Canada. 

The annual tuition fees for courses range from $ 16,650 to $ 9, 650. But the programs in the Health stream can incur tuition fees of up to $ 47,200

Centennial college

A Post-secondary institution, Centennial College is publicly funded and located in Ontario. This is a College of Technology and Applied Arts. The Diploma and Certificate courses cost roughly $ 14, 080. The cost of the Degree program is roughly $ 18, 366

The college offers an Online courses option with 24X7 access. The objectives of the online programs are personal development as well as business and professional growth. 

Seneca College 

Funded by the Government, Seneca College is one of the on-budget colleges in Canada. Situated in Ontario, it offers 146 plus Full-time programs and 135 plus part-time programs.  

The tuition fees for Arts and Science courses are CAD 1516. The college offers merit-based renewable 10 scholarships each worth $ 1000 and is highly prospective for overseas students. It has a community campus specializing in reemployment and training services. The institution also offers support to students who are seeking funds for a second career program.

University of Saskatchewan

The acceptance rate of 70% plus is an amazing feature of the University of Saskatchewan. You must consider it amongst your select universities for study in Canada. The University is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This location is amongst the low-cost living destinations for overseas students. The city has low commuting and utility costs as well. The institution has a tuition fee of around CAD 17, 504

Langara College 

A public institution situated in Vancouver, British Columbia Langara College is famous for its title ‘House of Teachings’. The college offers 90 plus programs as well as 850 courses. The application fee for overseas students is CAD 155

The college offers off-campus and home-stay accommodation equipped with advanced facilities. The annual tuition fee is around $ 18, 410 to $ 11, 460. Overseas students are offered individual scholarships of $ 850. It also has co-op and career development centers for enhancing the skills of the students through career-oriented initiatives. 

Opting to study in Canada can be a momentous decision for you as an aspiring overseas student. Canada has Universities offering an environmental milieu and exceptional education while also being affordable. You can select from the top 10 affordable Universities in Canada for obtaining the Study Permit. This decision has to be arrived at with immense caution as it holds key to your future Canadian Permanent Residence as well. 

Studying overseas is a major decision that can be daunting too. Nationwide Visas can be your reliable partner in arriving at the right decision as well as pursuing the journey ahead. You can rely on us for choosing the most suitable program and university for your study in Canada. 


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