Studying in Canada costs for Indian Students

Studying in Canada costs for Indian Students

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[Published 30 May, 2022 | 03:34 PM]
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The cost of studying in Canada must not be a concern for students from India as it is among the most affordable study overseas destinations. The overall expenditure for studying in Canada is lower slightly or considerably, in comparison with the US or Australia. The fees for tuition are the largest cost-head when it comes to studying abroad.

The total tuition fees vary based on the University in Canada but it is around CAD 30,000 to CAD 20,000. Living costs include food, accommodation, health insurance, and transportation. This will also vary based on your chosen city/location in Canada.

We have here offered an outline of the estimated cost of studying in Canada in Indian currency:

Type of Study CostEstimated Cost in INR
Undergraduate Study Program6,46,000 - 16,15,000
Postgraduate Study Program9,54,000
Entrance Exam Fees14,000
College Application Fees11,000
Visa Application Fee4,500

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Bachelor's Degree Program

The average fees for tuition for Undergraduate Study Programs in Canada are CAD 29,174 as per Statistics Canada. Courses in the Humanities stream often have lower tuition costs with an average of $ 5,542. However, courses in Medicine and Engineering are among the most expensive. The fees for Management and Business courses are cheaper in comparison with the national average in Canada.

UG Level ProgramsAverage Annual Fees in CADAverage Annual Fees in INR
Medicine Courses30051.3017,50,000
Nursing Courses20297.5111,82,000
Humanities, Business & Management26546.4615,45,900
Diploma Courses$29999.99INR 17,47,012

Master's Degree Program

Usually, tuition fees for Post-graduate Programs are lower but this varies depending on the chosen program. Executive MBA Programs are normally the most expensive.

PG Level ProgramsAverage Annual Fees in CADAverage Annual Fees in INR
MBA36052.98 - 61716.7920,99,500 - 35,94,000
Management Courses22856.1613,31,000
Medicine Courses17172.17 - 25758.261000000 - 1500000
Nursing Courses14956.968,71,000
The estimation of the range of tuition fees for the Master’s and Bachelor’s Program will assist you in determining the funds required for studying in Canada. You can select the most appropriate study program from any of the chosen institutions. Your approach must be to bring about a balance between tuition fees, your budget, and the targeted objective for the study program.

Canada Study Permit Application Fees

Overseas students seeking to obtain admission into a University in Canada for professional or academic training will require a Study Permit. It is applicable for study programs/courses that have a duration of more than 6 months. This is not the case if the study program lasts for less than 6 months. Such overseas students can apply for Canadian Student Visa if they intend to extend their stay in Canada.

Canada Study Permit Application Fees

The Canada Study Permit application fees if INR 8, 542 or CAD 150. The nationality of the applicant student and the Canadian University determine the application cost. Applicants have to offer a Letter of Acceptance and other specified documents. It includes Proof of Funds and the Bank Balance Minimum needed for the Student Visa application. This is INR 10,00,000 or higher for one year.

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Cost of Living

The regulations for the Canada Study Visa specify a requirement or a minimum of CAD 10,000 yearly apart from tuition fees. It is CAD 11,000 for Quebec province. However, the costs incurred for living in Canada will be even higher. The costs for living differ immensely depending on the destination in Canada and your lifestyle. The popular cities in Canada are costlier for living in comparison with others.

Toronto is the most costly city in Canada for living as per the Cost of Living Survey by Mercer in 2019. It was followed closely by Vancouver and rents in these twin cities are notably higher.

The three major cost heads for students such as private housing, university housing, and home-stay differ significantly. Overseas students spend roughly CAD 7,500 to CAD 3000 yearly for on-campus accommodation.

Private shared accommodation can cost roughly CAD 8,400 annually excluding other costs. Accommodation provided by the University is generally cost-effective. Some institutions also offer meal plans that permit purchasing of meals from the food outlets of the University.

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You are also required to buy compulsory health insurance while studying in Canada. It will cost roughly CAD 800 to 600 annually.

PG Level ProgramsTypes Of ExpensesCost in CADCost in INR
Flight Expense01,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per flight
Study Permit Fees15011,123
Work Permit Fees15511,493
IELTS Test Fees014,700
Accommodation5,000 –10,000 per annum2,67,000- 5,39,000 per annum
Travel Costs80 –110 per month4,300 - 6,000 per month
Health Insurance300- 80017,000- 44,000
Food300- 400 monthly17,508 - 23,344 monthly
Entertainment750 monthly43,770 monthly

Scholarships for Studying in Canada

Diverse exemptions and facilities have been made accessible to Indian students applying for studying in Canada due to their vast numbers. The scholarships offered to them and other overseas students are aimed at assisting them financially. These also help in reducing expenses and costs of studying in Canada.

Scholarships are offered based on academic performance, merit, and potential abilities. You must confirm the eligibility criteria for each of them and then apply accordingly.

Here is a list of the most renowned scholarships available for students from India in Canada:

  • Canada Vanier Graduate Scholarships
  • Graduate Scholarship Ontario
  • Lester B. Pearson Overseas Scholarship Program
  • Scholarship for World Leaders by President
  • Award for International Leader of Tomorrow
  • Graduate Fellowship by the University of Manitoba (UMGF)
  • The Scholarship of Merit for Overseas Students - Seneca Renewable Entrance
  • Assist-on Scholarship
  • Scholarships by Trudeau Foundation
The government of Canada recognizes the substantial contribution of students to the economy and its growth. It has thus spent around CAD 300 million on grants, scholarships, and prizes for assisting the students. If you wish to study in Canada obtain seamlessly and 100% compliant Study abroad Counseling and guidance from Study Overseas Experts at Nationwide Visas.


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