Take Care of these things Before applying Canada student visa

Take Care of these things Before applying Canada student visa

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[Published 02 Jul, 2022 | 12:11 PM]
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After receiving a seat confirmation from the university to which they have applied, the students are eager to travel to Canada and realise their dreams. And the moment has come to submit an application for a student visa for Canada, which causes anxiety. They are concerned about the possibility of a visa rejection. Many questions, such as what would happen if the visa authorities refused the application for a visa or what may be the cause of a potential denial, are running through your head.

You are on the appropriate page and reading the proper content, both of which will increase your chances of being granted a student visa.

The Canadian embassy's officials grant student visas to applicants they believe to be legitimate and who submit the necessary paperwork. Consequently, it is imperative to supply all the paperwork. Aim to prepare your argument and supporting materials in the manner described in the sections below.

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Documents required to get a student visa

A Canada visa consultant should always be consulted because each situation is unique and necessitates individualised care. We suggest you to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants at least once if you want to apply for a student visa to study in Canada or any other country. They will support you appropriately and make sure that you encounter no difficulties at all. Following is the list of important documents to gather before applying for Canada student visa:

  • Proof of funds
  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical Examination report
  • Academic documents
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Proof of letters of acceptance
  • Proof of tuition fee payment
  • Passport size photographs

Points to take care of when applying for Canada Student Visa

Points to take care of when applying for Canada Student Visa

The most frequent items you should take care of before submitting an application for a Canada student visa are listed below. A student's student visa will not be issued if:

  • The admission letter is not in the student's possession as proof. The acceptance letter is a piece of paper that a student receives after his admission application has been accepted by the institution where he wishes to enroll.
  • The student's passport's validity does not extend for the duration of their studies. The student's passport must be current for the duration of the course and be valid for travel return to his or her home country. If not, he won't grant him a student visa.
  • The student is unable to fulfil the financial requirements. The student will not be granted a student visa if he cannot demonstrate that he has the resources to support himself while studying in Canada. The conditions to keep in mind are:

    • A confirmation that He has a Canadian bank account for money transfers.
    • A statement confirming his acquisition of a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).
    • A document proving that He obtained a loan from a bank (if applicable)
    • A record of his having paid the housing and tuition fees
    • The last few months' worth of his bank statements
    • A note from the individual sponsoring him

  • The student gives no justification for choosing to study in Canada. The student must submit a document to the immigration authorities called a "letter of intent" outlining his objectives that he would accomplish by studying in Canada.
  • The student's physical examination is still pending. Before submitting an application for a student visa, the applicant must have a medical examination; after doing so, he receives a report that he must present to the authorities. He won't receive a student visa if he doesn't comply with the requirements or if he is ineligible.
  • The student makes no mention of the criticisms he received for prior visa denials. The student must ascertain the causes of any earlier rejections he received before reapplying and take appropriate action if necessary. If not, he risked being rejected once more.
  •  The student is facing a criminal charge. The student might not be granted a student visa if he or she is the subject of an active criminal investigation.
  • The student doesn't express a desire to return to his native country. It is true that there are options to work and live in Canada, but the decision to do so is made by the immigration authorities after they have considered the student's prospective economic contribution. One must demonstrate their ties to and commitment to their native nation in order to obtain a study visa.

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