The Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Canada Super Visa

The Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Canada Super Visa

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[Published 17 Oct, 2023 | 03:27 PM]
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If you wish to apply for Canada Super Visa you have to fulfill various eligibility requirements. A Provisional Visa Super Visa is an enticing choice for Permanent Residents and Citizens in Canada seeking to sponsor their overseas Grandparents and Parents for immigration to Canada.

Super Visa permits overseas Grandparents and Parents to stay with their family in Canada for a maximum of 5 continuous years. They are not required to renew their status as visitors and can arrive in Canada numerous times for a maximum of ten years. Furthermore, Canada Super Visa does not have a lottery and thus provides tremendous assurance to families seeking to sponsor. 

An alluring option over the PGP - Parents and Grandparents Program, Super Visa is available all through the year for aspirants seeking reunions with families in Canada.

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With a limited intake and a lottery system for selection, PGP is a highly renowned immigration program. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has allocated 35,000 places annually for PGP but receives around 200,000 applications for sponsorship.

Canada Super Visa provides more assurance and is an accelerated pathway for individuals seeking to visit their families. This Canada Visa is processed in some months while some years can be required for PGP. It is also specifically relevant for nationals of countries requiring a TRV - Temporary Resident Visa for arrival in Canada by eliminating the requirement for frequent re-application for a Visitor Visa.

Eligibility requirements for Canada Super Visa

Candidates seeking to apply for a Super Visa have to be a Grandparent or Parent of Permanent Residents or Citizens in Canada. Applicants can include their common-law partner or Spouse in their application but cannot include dependents.

Further, the applicants must not be considered as inadmissible to Canada based on health or criminal grounds. They will also have to appear for a medical exam. The objective of their arrival to Canada will also be scrutinized and they must be in a position to sustain adequate tier to their home nation.

IRCC makes sure that Grandparents and Parents are supported properly while they remain in Canada. The grandchild or child of the applicant has to be in a position to demonstrate the ability to fulfill income criteria. This is according to the LICO - Cut Off Low-Income ceiling.

The income criterion aims to assess the ability of the grandchild or child to monetarily support their family members. This is given the background that supporting an elderly member of a family can be a big responsibility.

Minimum gross income required family unit Size
$25,921 1 person (your child or grandchild)
$32,270 2 people
$39,672 3 people
$48,167 4 people
$54,630 5 people
$61,613 6 people
$68,598 7 people
$6,985 To be added for each additional person for more than 7 people

The evidence can be offered through these documents:

  • NOA - Notice of Assessment or T1/T4 for the latest tax year
  • Employment Insurance Slips
  • Letter of Employment inclusive of date of hiring and salary
  • Pay Slips
  • Statements from Bank
Applicants are also required to offer a letter with a signature from their grandchild or child offering an invitation to Canada inclusive of:

  • A vow of monetary support for the duration of their stay
  • The number and names of persons in the family of this individual
  • A copy of the individual’s Permanent Residency or Citizenship document
Additionally, applicants are also required to have medical insurance from an insurance firm in Canada that is:

  • Having validity of a minimum of 12 months from the date of arrival in Canada
  • Having a minimum of emergency coverage of $100,000
  • Having evidence of full payment of the medical insurance
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Application Process

You can start the application process once you have all the appropriate and required documents. The application will be processed at the Canada Visa Office entrusted with the responsibility of overseas applications. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by IRCC which can also inform the applicant to:

  • Appear for an interview with the Immigration Offices in their nation of residence
  • Provide extra details
  • Appear for a medical exam
  • Provide clearance certificate from the Police

Application Process for Canada Super Visa

The latest reforms to the Canada Super Visa help families stay together longer

The Government of Canada implemented major changes to the Super Visa on 4th July 2022. Earlier, this Visa only authorized the holder to remain in Canada for up to 24 months for every arrival. This duration has now been increased to five years for every arrival in Canada. It implies that the grandparents and parents can now remain in Canada for five years continuously without the need to file for renewal of their Visas.

The second crucial modification is that applicants are now allowed to buy medical insurance from an authorized insurance firm overseas. The latest policy seeks to decrease the expenses incurred by families for medical insurance by many thousand dollars annually.

You must note that Super Visa holders possess the rights and limitations of a regular Tourist Visa and are not authorized to study or work while staying in Canada.

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The Super Visa remains a flexible and renowned choice for Permanent Residents and Citizens in Canada seeking to reunite with their overseas Grandparents and Parents for 10-plus years. The IRCC data reveals that roughly 17,000 Super Visas are offered every year. Further, it is feasible to get the Super Visa in the time period when the PR Visa application is under process. So, overall this Visa offers numerous advantages to overseas loved ones seeking to reunite with their family members in Canada.

Nationwide Visas the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi has assisted several thousands of applicants in receiving sponsorship for Super Visa from their sponsors in Canada. If you wish to file an application for Canada Super Visa or Canada PR eligibility you can connect with our Immigration Attorneys. To begin with, you can furnish your details in our easy Online Free Evaluation Form.

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