The Step-by-step process to invite your loved ones via Super Visa Canada

The Step-by-step process to invite your loved ones via Super Visa Canada

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[Published 27 Oct, 2023 | 03:35 PM]
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Super Visa Canada allows grandparents and parents of PR status holders and citizens in Canada to arrive and stay in Canada for a maximum of 5 years. They are not required to renew their status during their first visit. The maximum validity of Super Visas is ten years.

The family members who are being invited have to file the application from overseas and the process is identical to the TRV. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada also seeks to ensure that the individuals receiving the invitation will be supported by the sponsors while staying in Canada. It will also confirm the inclusion of a signed support letter and medical insurance in the application.

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The Support Letter has to include a vow of monetary backing for the entire stay period. The sponsor will also have to demonstrate Permanent Residency or Citizenship in Canada through documents. A list of the family members will also have to be provided. The validity of the medical insurance has to be for a minimum of one year from the date of arrival to Canada. The payment of insurance has to be proved and quotes are not accepted.

IRCC will also assess if the applicant will exit Canada upon completion of the authorized period of stay. Their ties to the home nation, visit’s purpose, finances, and family as well as by and large political steadiness of the home will be scrutinized too.

Collating the Documents

The following documents have to be ready before applying for the Super Visa:

  • Invitation Letter from the grandchild or child who is a PR status holder or citizen in Canada inclusive of
    • A vow to support financially for the full stay
    • The names and number of people in their family
  • A copy of the PR or Citizenship document in Canada of the Sponsor
  • Evidence that the Sponsor’s family fulfills the least essential income such as
    • T4/T1 or Notice of Assessment for the latest fiscal year
    • Statements for Employment Insurance benefit
    • Letter of Employment inclusive of job title, salary, date of hiring, and job description
    • Salary Slips
    • Bank Statements
  • Evidence of medical insurance payment from an insurance firm in Canada or an overseas firm that is authorized by IRCC (More details about authorized overseas insurance firms will be available in the months ahead)
  • The medical insurance has to:
    • Possess a validity of at least 12 months from the arrival date
    • Offer emergency coverage of a minimum of $100,000

  • A document that confirms that the applicant has appeared for an IME – Immigration Medical Exam
You can file an application for a Super Visa even if you are Visa-exempt for Canada. Even if you do not need a Visitor Visa to arrive in Canada, you can nevertheless obtain a Super Visa to stay in Canada for 5 years. If your application is approved by IRCC it will offer you a letter to be handed over to the Canada Border Services Agency Officer upon arrival. If you arrive by air you will also need an ETA - Electronic Travel Authorization to travel to and arrive in Canada. Passport and ETA will be linked digitally. It means you have to travel with your Passport used for applying to ETA and the letter for facilitating your journey to Canada.

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Application for a Canada Super Visa

The application for a Super Visa has to be filed online through the IRCC Portal from overseas. You have to follow the following steps to file an online application:

Create an account

You have to provide your e-mail to create your account on the IRCC Portal. You will then be provided a code for signing up for an account.

Complete the online form

Once you answer all the queries, you will be provided a checklist of documents that have to be uploaded. It is inclusive of documents supporting your Super Visa application.

Application for a Canada Super Visa

Make payment online

IRCC accepts the following prepaid cards and credit cards:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • UnionPay
  • JCB
Post-application Once you file the application it will be reviewed by IRCC for ensuring the inclusion of all suitable documents. You may also be asked by IRCC to:

  • Appear for an interview with its officers in your nation
  • Furnish additional details
  • Provide a medical exam result
  • Provide a certificate from the Police

Super Visa Processing Time

The Canada Visa Office and the requirement of any of the steps specified above will influence the processing time for a Super Visa. Your Passports and all original documents will be returned to you once the application is processed. The Canada Visa will be affixed to your Passport if the application is approved. If you are from a nation that is exempted from a Visa for entry, you will be provided a letter by IRCC to be offered to the CBSA Officer after arrival to Canada.

The Super Visa application process is swifter and quite simple. Based on your citizenship and the Visa Office processing your application, you can anticipate processing the application in roughly 2 months if you are eligible.

Canada Super Visa is a great alternative to PGP as its income criterion is less arduous. The minimum income level that has to be demonstrated by PGP sponsors is 30% more than required by Super Visa sponsors. The duration is also 3 years in comparison with only 1 year for Super Visa.

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Moreover, the recent PGP intake consisted of a period of registration in which inclined prospective Sponsors had to file an “Interest to Sponsor” form. Later, IRCC selected randomly a fraction of the prospective applicants from the pool. Finally, 10,000 sponsors received ITA from roughly 95,000 applicants who had filed the form.

So if you wish to reunite with your loved ones and apply for a Super Visa or Apply for Canada PR Visa connect with Nationwide Visas. Our Immigration Experts will help you to successfully achieve your immigration goals.

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