Top 10 Canadian Scholarship Programs for Overseas Students

Top 10 Canadian Scholarship Programs for Overseas Students

Tejaswini Panigrahi Tejaswini Panigrahi
[Published 15 Sep, 2021 | 05:58 PM]
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Canada is not the most expensive nation in the world for overseas students. However, a study in Canada is costly as well. The living costs can be quite expensive specifically if you plan to study in Vancouver or Toronto. 

To assist overseas students in their study in Canada, Universities and Colleges offer wide-ranging scholarships to deserving students. Additionally, several bursaries, grants, and scholarships are also provided by the Government of Canada, Private and Public establishments. 

With this in mind, you can thus go ahead with your Canada Study Permit application process. You can avail of any of the following exciting scholarships for overseas students: 

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Sum: CAD 50,000 annually for 3 years

Qualifying Degree: Doctorate Degree

The CGS Vanier Scholarship is sponsored by the Government of Canada and is the leading scholarship for overseas students. The scholarships are aimed at attracting the best Doctoral students globally. The three institutions that distribute the slots are: 

  • The Institute of Health
  • The Natural Science & Engineering Research Council 
  • The Social Science & Humanities Research Council

The scholarships are offered annually to 166 beneficiaries demonstrating research potential, leadership abilities, and academic excellence. The respective institutions accordingly nominate the scholars. 

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Scholarship Sum: CAD 40,000 for 4 years

Qualifying Degree: Doctorate degrees Full-time at institutions in Ontario

The Scholarship is awarded to overseas students intending to pursue a Doctoral degree in chosen institutions in the province. 

Applicants must be nominated by the School and have secured 80% grades on each term for the past 2 years. Exceptional potential for research also needs to be demonstrated by them. They can submit the scholarship application after being successful in the nomination. 

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship Sum: CAD 40,000 yearly for 3 years 

Qualifying Degree: Doctorate Full-time in People & the Natural Environment, Human Rights & Dignity, Canada & the World or Responsible Citizenship

The scholarship is dedicated to Pierre Elliot Trudeau the former Prime Minister of Canada. It aims to fund Doctoral studies of 16 students who specialize in 4 themes of the Foundation. 

Applicants must already have been accepted for a Doctorate Program in Canada. The selection of the beneficiaries is based on their commitment, academic performance, agility & resilience, and leadership & engagement. They are also anticipated to involve in any of the activities of the Foundation. 

Lester B. Pearson Overseas Student Scholarships

Scholarship Sum: 4 years complete tuition amount

Qualifying Degree: Bachelor’s Program at the University of Toronto

This is one of the excellent scholarships for overseas students to study in Canada. The applicants must have outstanding leadership skills and strong academic profiles. 

The University of Toronto selects 37 beneficiaries annually. It primarily covers the complete tuition expense as well as incidental fees, accommodation, and books. The scholarship is offered exclusively to Bachelor’s students nominated by their respective High School counselors. 

International Leader of Tomorrow Award Karen McKellin Scholarship

Scholarship Sum: Proportional to fiscal requirements (family’s financial contribution deducted)

Qualifying Degree: Bachelor’s Program at the British Columbia University 

The Scholarship is offered to any overseas student with an exceptional academic record. It is awarded to students who are yet to study for their first Bachelor’s degree. Applicants who demonstrate leadership in student affairs and community service are given preference. 

Applicants who intend to qualify must have graduated from a secondary school recognized by the UBC. The scholarship is also offered to students who have spent 1 year at a University or Secondary College. Other criteria include demonstrated financial need and A-level grades. 

International Entrance Scholarship by University of Calgary

Scholarship Sum: CAD 15,000 yearly 

Qualifying Degree: Bachelor’s Program at the University of Calgary

The Scholarship is offered to overseas students with brilliant academic credentials. Two worthy students are awarded this scholarship annually. Applicants are required to fulfill the English proficiency requirement specified by the University. Academic excellence is also given high preference. 

Subject to the GPA score of the student, this scholarship is renewable till the 4th year. The beneficiary must secure a 2.60 or higher GPA for receiving funds for the subsequent term. 

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship 

Scholarship Sum: CAD 14,000 yearly for 1 to 2 years for Masters Program, CAD 18,000 yearly for 1 to 4 years for Doctorate Program

Qualifying Degree: Master’s and Doctorate Full-time degrees at the University of Manitoba

Applicants are required to possess a GPA of at least 3.0 to qualify. The requirement can differ as other faculties can specify higher scores. The respective Departments have to recommend the beneficiaries. The selected students will be notified through the mail by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

The fiscal value of the scholarship differs as per the degree and the maximum duration of assistance is 5 years. Nevertheless, a student who has obtained 2-year funding for a Master’s program still qualifies for a 3-year Doctoral program funding. 

International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships 

Scholarship Sum: CAD 10,000 yearly for 4 years

Qualifying Degree: Bachelor’s Program at York University – Faculty of Professional Studies & Liberal Arts 

The Scholarship is awarded to 50 overseas students annually. Beneficiaries are selected based on their contribution to the arts, sports, and community service. 
Applicants have to be nominated by their respective High Schools for submitting the application. They also have to specify the contact information of their nominating Counselor. 

Subject to the academic performance of the student, the International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship can be annually renewed. 

Public Scholars Award by University of British Columbia

Scholarship Sum: CAD 10,000 yearly for 2 years

Qualifying Degree: Doctorate Program at British Columbia University

This Scholarship is provided through the Public Scholars Initiative of the UBC. It is offered to 30 to 40 Doctoral Program students annually. Beneficiaries are selected based on their research specialization, specifically, thesis beneficial to the public are preferred. 

Awardees are chosen based on their research proposal’s quality. This is determined by its planned dissemination, significance, goals, and methodology. Applicants have to file the application form for the Fellowship, proposed scholarly work’s outline, Canadian format CV, and support letter. 

Chosen awardees must provide the study report after the funding year. They are also required to display their research at the ‘PhDs Go Public’ networking event. 

Ontario Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Sum: CAD 10,000 for 2 terms; CAD 15,000 for 3 terms

Qualifying Degree: Master’s and Doctorate Programs at Institutions in Ontario

The Government of Ontario in collaboration with participating schools offers scholarships based on merit to graduate students intending to study in select institutions in the province. 

The scholarship is offered for at least 1 year to up to 2 years. Notwithstanding the cap, students can become eligible for the lifetime 6 years limit. 

The selection of the beneficiaries is based on the institution. Results rely on the ranking metrics and criteria that the university adopts for its scholars. 
Applicants are required to opt for a Graduate course of full-time duration for 2 plus terms to qualify for this scholarship. 

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