Top 5 grounds for refusal of Canada Study Permit Applications

Top 5 grounds for refusal of Canada Study Permit Applications

Alisha Khan Alisha Khan
[Published 08 Sep, 2021 | 04:57 PM]
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Around 30% of the total Canada Study Permit applications are rejected as per the data revealed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Several thousands of aspiring students who have received admission into an institution in Canada face this situation. This highlights the fact that Study in Canada is a highly favored option today. 

NationwideVisas Team of Study Abroad Counselors offers some expert advice on the options if your Canada Study Permit application gets rejected by IRCC. You have two options in this scenario: 

  • Appeal over the rejection
  • Address the reasons for refusal in a fresh application

For being successful in either means, first, you must assess why your study in Canada plan went haywire and your application was rejected. Normally, the chief reason for rejection will be specified in the refusal letter sent to you. You can also request access to the Visa Officer Notes made during the review of your case/file. It will offer a clear picture regarding the manner of addressing the grounds for rejection of your Study Permit Application. 

Reason 1: Your ability for supporting yourself financially is questioned by IRCC

You have to prove your financial ability when you file a Canada Study Permit application. This means funds for your Canada trip, tuition fees, and supporting yourself and accompanying family members if any during your studies in Canada. 

It is known as ‘Show Money’ in technical terms. Normally, you are asked to provide 6 months bank statements demonstrating that you have adequate funds. IRCC can reject your application if it does not trust that you have sufficient funds as claimed. 


If your application is rejected on the grounds of your financial ability, you must cautiously assess the financial documents filed with your application. You must ensure to address the objections raised by the Visa Officer and file extra documents supporting your financial ability claim for ‘Show Money’. 

Expert Tip:

Sometimes, you can find that the ‘Show Money’ amount is intimidating if you are unwilling to spend such a big amount. You must not get anxious as you are not required to spend this amount. You only have to demonstrate to IRCC you have access to the funds if needed. 

Reason 2: IRCC questions you will exit after study in Canada 

The Student Permit approved for your study in Canada is a provisional Visa. This implies that it has a period of validity and date of expiry. You will have to assure the Visa Officer in your application that you will exit Canada upon the Visa’s expiry. 

However, this does not imply that you cannot submit a Study Permit extension application or reside permanently. On the contrary, IRCC has developed several programs that assist students in residing and working in Canada after their studies. They can transition to Canada PR Visa as well. 

What it implies is that the Visa Officer must have faith that you will not unlawfully remain in Canada when out of status. Normally, this issue arises if you can’t prove that you have strong reasons for returning home. 


Generally, the only means to address the ‘problem of intent’ is through your personal statement. You will have to rework the statement if the Vis Officer is not assured with its narrative for directly addressing the concerns. 

You must bear in mind the ‘dual intent’ concept. Those with this intent can intend to arrive in Canada provisionally as a worker or student while actually wanting to stay permanently. 

Expert Tip:

One of the challenging aspects of your Study Permit application is offering a convincing narrative to the Visa Officer about your study in Canada purpose. It also includes reasons for your return to your home nation upon completion of your studies. Exhaustive knowledge of the issues that bother Visa Officers and the manner of addressing them makes a huge difference here. 

Reason 3: Your choice of program is questioned by IRCC 

If the Visa Officer is unconvinced about the logic behind your program choice, then also the chances of Study Permit rejection are high. For example, an applicant from the Philippines intending to study in Canada with Bachelor’s in Nursing has 4 years of experience as a Nurse. If the chosen program in Hotel Management appears suspicious. It does not align quite well with the employment and educational background of the applicant. 


You have to conspicuously explain your Program choice in your personal statement through intention for studying it if the choice appears odd. It is another instance in which access to the Notes of the Visa Officer actually helps a lot. 

Expert Tip:

Though the choice may appear to be ambiguous, usually applicants have strong reasons for the chosen program for the application. In the given example, it is possible that the relative of the Nurse bought a Hotel and the applicant intends to shift career to assisting in managing this business. However, you have to communicate clearly your motive to the Visa Officer so that your choice can be appreciated. 

Reason 4: Your Letter of Acceptance is questioned by IRCC

You have to obtain the Letter of Acceptance from an educational institution in Canada before you submit the Study Permit application. This institution must be an accredited educational institution in Canada. Moreover, you must also fulfill all the requirements for the program. The Visa Officer can reject the Letter of acceptance if its genuineness is doubtful. The same is applicable regarding your fulfillment of the program requirements. 


You must thoroughly assess the school documents that you have provided. Ensure that all of them are legible and understandable. You can also offer extra supporting documents if possible. 

Expert Tip:

Unluckily, a few fake intuitions do exist that defraud people’s cash by offering fake Letters of Acceptance and charge tuition and application fees. You must confirm and ensure that the institution that has accepted you is included in the DLI - Designated Learning Institutions’ List. 

Reason 5:  Your travel or identity documents are questioned by IRCC

IRCC can reject your Canada Study Permit application if you do not possess a full record of your travel history. It is applicable even if your Identity documents are not clear. IRCC requires identifying if you are criminally or medically inadmissible to Canada. 


You must assess the documents that you have submitted if the Visa Officer considers that your travel history has blank spaces. You have to access the notes of the Visa Officer for your case for identifying problematic periods. 

Expert Tip:

When you file the application again, ensure including an extra supporting proof for covering such periods. If the Identity documents are problematic, assess your application for ensuring legibility and clarity of these documents. 

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Nationwide Visas is the premier Study Abroad Consultant that can be your reliable partner for your Study in Canada application. You can even take guesswork for your application with our assistance. This will ensure preparing a compliant Study Permit application that caters to the concerns of the Visa Officer even before they appear! 


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