Top 6 Mistakes to avoid for Study in Canada Application Process

Top 6 Mistakes to avoid for Study in Canada Application Process

Abhishek Rai Abhishek Rai
[Published 15 Sep, 2021 | 03:50 PM]
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To study in Canada is a dream cherished by millions of students across the world. Canada has today emerged as one of the top study overseas destinations. However, getting admission to Canadian Universities/Colleges and a Study Permit is not an easy feat. The application process is quite challenging if you are not guided by experts in the domain. 

Canada offers impressive prospects to overseas students when it comes to education and career growth. It is today the third most favored study abroad destination just behind the US and Australia. 

Applying for Canada Study Permit can become easy if you are properly guided and assisted by Study Abroad Counselors. However, if you are going ahead with the application process on your own, you might commit innumerable errors. 

We have here identified the top 6 mistakes that usually occur when you apply to study in Canada: 

1. Inadequate research for the Application Process

You will be unable to obtain the Canada Study Permit if you do not exhaustively research the application process. Conducting comprehensive research is highly essential and the most vital aspect of your Study Permit. In fact, more time has to be spent on the research than the actual process of the application itself. 

If you choose not to opt for professional support from experts, conducting the research independently will be hectic. You have to first finalize the location, course, and the university. Facilities offered by the institution, living costs, lifestyle in Canada, application process also require equal attention. Thus, research is the most crucial factor for the success of your Canada Study Permit application. 

2. Ambiguous intention to return

The foundation of any relationship is commitment and this also holds well for your application process. Your application process is aimed at obtaining a Study Permit for studying in Canada. You can change your mind and decide to remain in Canada upon completion of your studies. 

The chances of your Study Permit application getting rejected are high if you digress from your initial commitment in the application form to return to your home nation. You must never state anywhere that you will remain in Canada after your studies. 

You must ensure to establish your intention to return to your native nation. You must be able to assure the Visa Officer that you will return to your nation before the expiry of your Visa. This fact must be outlined clearly on the CV/SOP. 

3. Selecting the Program and University to study in Canada

Choosing the Universities and the course for your study in Canada is a vital part of your application process. You can be rejected by the institution for applying to the incorrect course concerning your academics in your home nation. Thus, you must be cautious while selecting the course for studying in Canada. It will also have an impact on your ability to obtain a Work Visa and Canadian Permanent Residence

You must also ensure that the program chosen is appropriate and fulfills all the pre-requirements of the basic course. 

Completely changing your subject can result in distrust of the concerned authorities. But you can always have valid reasons for selecting the program and convincing them

4. Faulting to offer vital documents during the Study Permit process

Students across the world apply for Canada Study Permit and the majority of them are refused due to incomplete or invalid documents. The most crucial factor for the success of your application is providing all the vital and authentic documents. 

You can follow the below-specified tips for ensuring strong and compliant documentation: 

  • Collate complete information about the Study Permit processing 
  • Only provide genuine documents 
  • Offer maximum proof as feasible through your documents 

Ensuring strong documentation is highly crucial as 95% of the success of your Study Permit application depends on your documents. Even the minute details must be present in your documents. This will ensure that you do not incur a loss of valuable time for arranging additional documents. 

5. Opting for an unregulated Study Abroad consultant 

Studying abroad is a major decision as it greatly impacts your future. It is thus vital to opt for a reliable and reputed Study Overseas Consultant. 

A regulated and trustworthy Study Abroad Consultant will offer you an accurate and appropriate plan for your Study in Canada application process. You will not have to bother about the course, university, documents, or even minute details. The professional guidance that you receive from them will take care of everything. 

It is here that Nationwide Visas can make all the difference for your Canada Study Permit application and its success. We are among the leading and reliable Study Abroad Consultants. Our Study Overseas Counselors will offer you end-to-end support and guidance for your Study in Canada application. You will also be offered a strategic plan to enable you in obtaining a Work Visa and Canadian Permanent Residence based on your studies in Canada. 

6. Not adequately highlighting your accomplishments 

The SOP – Statement of Purpose is the most vital document for any application for University in Canada. It is a brief essay that outlines the diverse achievements and strengths of your profile. This document assists the Admission Officers in deciding your eligibility for the University. They need to assess your profile strength and your ability for contributing to the institution and the community. 

You must avoid being modest in the SOP. Make a mention if you have fared extremely well in specific exams. Even your co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements deserve to be notified here. Detailing your achievements will immensely enhance your application and can also make you qualified for scholarships as well. 

Nevertheless, you must state only the facts and avoid exaggerating your accomplishments. Be honest while also not underplaying your achievements. 

Key Takeaway

Even the thought of an application for Overseas Universities stresses out many student applicants. One reason is that the application process is considered to be tedious and lengthy. However, you must bear in mind one simple fact if you are an aspiring applicant for study abroad. 

The majority of foreign universities seek to add more overseas students to their campuses. The driving factor is the diversity that international students add to their learning ambiance. The process of learning is not limited to just classrooms and much learning occurs through interpersonal interaction amongst students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This is one advantage factor for overseas student applicants. You must try to maximize the advantage of this opportunity. 

Obtaining admission to a University in Canada requires much effort and compliance with various requirements. Professional assistance and support can be of great help in ensuring the submission of a complete and well-documented application for study in Canada

World reputed Universities, lucrative career options and the presence of industry giants make study in Canada a truly exciting option. You need to just ensure to avoid the usual errors in your Study Permit application process. 

If you are aiming to study in Canada, get in touch with Nationwide Visas for complete professional guidance and support. 



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