Top Occupation in Demand in Canada for new immigrants

Top Occupation in Demand in Canada for new immigrants

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[Published 06 Mar, 2023 | 12:54 PM]
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Canada is witnessing a major shortage of skills due to the low growth of the population and the aging population in the nation. Thus there are millions of Occupation in Demand in Canada job openings that are unfilled. The majority of the Provinces and Territories in Canada have in-demand occupations listed as per the requirements of their labor market.

Your chances of selection through Provincial Nominee Programs are increased if your skills correspond to the ones being fought after by the Province/s. You can also easily find a job even before arriving or immediately after arriving in Canada.

Selection of the city or province is a vital decision while planning your immigration to Canada. The factors for comparison of various provinces include life quality and living costs. The majority of the new immigrants also discover the job market for determining the demand for their experience and skills.

The industrial and economic outlook of every province is unique. However, there is definitely an overlapping to some extent when it comes to industries with acute skill shortages.

Let us help you with the Top Demand for jobs in Canada for new immigrants

Here are a few of them:

Healthcare & Social Sectors

The Healthcare Sector in Canada is the topmost when it comes to demand for skilled workers. Registered Nurses, Qualified Physicians, and Healthcare Assistants are greatly needed all across the nation. There also exist abundant job opportunities for Social Workers, Professors, and Teachers at all levels.


You can find job openings in almost all industries in Canada if you are seeking jobs in the Manufacturing sector. Some of the prominent names include Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Agri-processing, Meatpacking, Plastics, and Wood Processing. Just in the second quarter of 2021, the Manufacturing Sector reported 65,000 job openings throughout Canada.

IT /Information Technology

The Tech and IT sector in Canada is witnessing an unprecedented boom resulting in job positions in Artificial Intelligence, Web Design & Development, Software Engineering, and many more.

Services Sector

The Services Sector is the biggest contributor to the economy in the majority of Canadian Provinces. There are opportunities in diverse fields inclusive of Managerial Positions in Marketing, HR & Finance. Other roles also exist in Sales, Administration, Hospitality, Accounting Retail, and more.


Canada is witnessing growth in the Construction sector all across the nation. Beginning from Construction Managers to Skilled Trades People such as Masons, Carpenters, and Electrical Workers the industry requires workers at all levels.

The needs of the labor market are continually evolving and this has to be noted very importantly. The Occupation in Demand in Canada is variable over time for every territory or province. Keeping a watch on the latest PNP draws is a good way to understand the demand for skills in the specific region.

The Online Job Posting dashboard in Canada can also be used for exploring timely information on the labor market pertaining to job postings online according to occupation, region, and work requirements.

Choosing a Province or Territory in Canada to settle

The choice of the province for settling in Canada is a big decision. The job market is undoubtedly a crucial factor. You have also to ensure to research the weather, languages spoken, local culture, and chief cities in the region.

Living Costs and Life Quality can starkly differ amongst the cities and provinces in Canada based on location, size, and population. It is advisable to utilize online calculators for the cost of living for estimation of monthly expenditures and likely budgets in diverse cities in Canada.

Choosing a Province or Territory in Canada to settle

If you wish to immigrate with your family to Canada or intend to start one, you have to also explore the education and school system in the city or province you intend to settle in. Demographics are also a factor.

For instance, consider that you have chosen a Province that has a good number of immigrants from your home nation. It implies that you can remain in affinity with your roots. You can also more easily locate shopping avenues, groceries, and cultural foods.

A large number of new immigrants are opting for living in mid-tier cities with lower competition in the job market in comparison with bigger cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. Canada has diverse locales for catering to your requirements irrespective of your planning for a quiet life in small-town or larger metros.

For several new immigrants, the process of looking for a job in Canada begins quite in advance of their arrival. The nation has innumerable immigration pathways prioritizing people in precise in-demand occupations for bridging the skills gap in the nation. These programs will offer you insights into locations that will highly value your work experience. Thus, you can plan your immigration to Canada and begin working towards a prosperous future.

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