What is it like to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a new immigrant?

What is it like to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a new immigrant?

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[Published 01 Mar, 2023 | 03:40 PM]
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Most newcomers to Winnipeg in Manitoba Province of Canada select the city owing to its many attractions such as affordable living costs, cultural diversity, and career opportunities. The comfortable lifestyle, slow living pace, and serene prairie landscape are what many other immigrants find alluring.

New immigrants seeking to begin their life in Winnipeg can access various Canada PR Visa options through the MPNP - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. It is the Manitoba Immigration program and a part of the PNPs. Applicants require specific points on the Manitoba point grid similar to the CRS score calculator for Canada.

Winnipeg’s Weather

You have to be prepared both physically and mentally before you immigrate to Winnipeg for enormously diverse weather. It includes the 4 seasons – Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall. It must be noted that the city can have extreme temperatures owing to its northern location.

From January to February, you can look forward to extended snowy and cold winters, and at times the temperature dips to even -20° C. In the months of June to August, the summers can be really hot and temperatures reach even 30° C.

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Languages and Culture

The 25% plus immigrant residents of the population of Winnipeg bear testimony to its cultural diversity and inclusivity. Immigrants from all across the world call the city their home including from India, the Philippines, China, Nigeria, and others.

While French and English are the official languages, more than 100 languages are spoken in Winnipeg and nearby regions. These include Punjabi, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and German.

You can also find many ways to connect with your home nation as an immigrant. This is through the ethnically variegated restaurants and shops, settlement agencies, and cultural communities.

The Job Market

Winnipeg boasts of a recognized job market owing to its population growth and thriving economy. Immigrants can access well-paid job opportunities. The unemployment rate in the city is 5.3% as of 2022 March.

Job prospects are offered by several industries like IT, Financial Services, Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Tourism, Construction, and Transportation. The leading employers include Boeing Canada, Canada Goose, Standard Aero, GE Aviation, Manitoba Hydro, HyLife Foods, and SkipTheDishes.

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Rent & Accommodation

Winnipeg is among the highly affordable metros in Canada when it comes to buying a home. Nevertheless, many immigrants opt for renting accommodation initially after arrival. It provides them the flexibility to make savings for a down payment.

Initially, you may not be sure about the preferred neighborhood that you wish to live in. So you can opt for booking a provisional accommodation and later look for a destination that suits your housing needs in long term.

You are offered extensive options for renting a home in Winnipeg. It includes Detached houses, Semi-detached houses, Townhouses, Condos, Basement apartments, and Apartments. Renting prices in Winnipeg are on average lesser than in other big cities.

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Transportation Options

Public transportation for commuting to work and travel is preferred by many individuals residing in Winnipeg. Normal bus transport and a Rapid Transit Blue Line for speedy travel are offered by Winnipeg Transit. You can download the WT app for making payments for travel or purchasing a rechargeable PEGGO Card.

You will require a Driver's License in Manitoba if you intend to lease or buy a Car in Winnipeg. The Province has a 3-tier graded DL system. If you possess a valid overseas DL, you can drive a passenger vehicle with it for a maximum of 3 months.

The Education System

Free Public School Education and extensive fee-incurring Independent Schools are present in Winnipeg. French and English are the languages of formal instruction. Bilingual education is also offered by a few schools in Spanish, Ojibwe, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Cree.

Numerous Post-secondary institutions inclusive of Global Standards Universities are found in Winnipeg. The Manitoba University is the sole University in the province with intensive research with two campuses in Winnipeg. Winnipeg University also provides Graduate and Undergraduate Programs that include many innovative programs in Western Canada. The only Francophone University in this region is the Université de Saint-Boniface.

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Winnipeg’s Healthcare System

As a Canada PR Visa holder in Winnipeg, you are eligible for Healthcare funded publicly by the Government of Manitoba’s Health Program. Upon arrival, you can submit an application for the Manitoba Health card. But your health coverage only starts on the first day of 3rd month after arriving in Manitoba. You must thus plan in advance and identify alternate options during the period when you are not covered via a private health insurance or company health plan.

If you plan to move to Winnipeg in Canada’s Manitoba Province, connect with the ICCRC-accredited Immigration Consultants at Nationwide Visas. You are assured of a smooth Manitoba Immigration strategy with their expertise and extensive industry knowledge.


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