Which Occupations Are In Demand In Saskatchewan, Canada?

Which Occupations Are In Demand In Saskatchewan, Canada?

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In October 2023, there were 605,300 people employed, an increase of 19,300 jobs compared to October 2022. Saskatchewan’s employment increased by 3.3%, ranked third among the provinces.

Saskatchewan, with its vast landscapes and friendly communities, has become a welcoming home for many applicants looking to immigrate to Canada - seeking new job opportunities. If you're considering a move to this prairie province, it's essential to explore the job market and discover the occupations that are currently in high demand. 

Here are the top 5 in-demand occupations for immigrants in Saskatchewan.

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5 Most In-Demand Occupations In Saskatchewan

1. Healthcare Professionals

Saskatchewan places a high value on healthcare, making it one of the most promising sectors for immigrants. Demand is particularly strong for Registered Nurses, Physicians, and Medical Laboratory Technologists. As the province continues to invest in healthcare services, there's a growing need for skilled professionals to contribute to the well-being of the community. Whether you have experience in patient care or medical diagnostics, Saskatchewan welcomes immigrants to join its healthcare workforce. 

2. Information Technology (IT) Specialists

In the digital age, the demand for IT specialists is on the rise, and Saskatchewan is no exception. The province seeks skilled immigrants with expertise in software development, cybersecurity, and IT project management. As businesses and organizations embrace technology to enhance their operations, there's a growing need for talented individuals who can navigate the digital landscape. Immigrants with IT skills are well-positioned to contribute to Saskatchewan's technological advancement.

3. Skilled Trades

The backbone of many industries, skilled trades play a crucial role in Saskatchewan's economy. Immigrants with skills in carpentry, welding, plumbing, and electrical work are highly sought after. The province values the expertise that skilled tradespeople bring to construction, infrastructure development, and maintenance projects. If you have a passion for hands-on work and a trade skill to offer, Saskatchewan provides ample opportunities to build a rewarding career.

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4. Agricultural Professionals

Known for its vast agricultural expanses, Saskatchewan has a constant demand for agricultural professionals. Immigrants with expertise in agronomy, farm management, and agricultural engineering are in high demand. As the province focuses on sustainable agriculture and food production, there are exciting prospects for those who wish to contribute to the agricultural sector. Saskatchewan welcomes immigrants with a passion for farming and a commitment to enhancing the province's food production capabilities.

5. Business and Finance Experts

With a growing economy, Saskatchewan seeks immigrants with expertise in business and finance. Opportunities abound for professionals in accounting, finance, and business management. Whether you have experience in financial analysis or strategic planning, your skills are valuable in contributing to the province's economic growth. Saskatchewan provides a supportive environment for immigrants to thrive in the business and finance sector, making it an attractive destination for those with a business mindset.

Best Cities in Saskatchewan to Find a Job

The minimum wage in Saskatchewan as of October 1, 2021, is $11.81 CAD per hour. The best cities in Saskatchewan to look for jobs as an immigrant include:

Regina: From manufacturing and mining to Agri-food and financial services, Regina has numerous jobs mentioned on the Saskatchewan occupation in-demand list. Being the capital of the province, Regina also attracts the highest number of immigrants.

Best Cities in Saskatchewan to Find a Job

Saskatoon: The city of Saskatoon showcases several job opportunities in its prestigious oil, gas, uranium mining, and potash industries. Saskatoon also has a large manufacturing industry, with a primary focus on food processing, wood, machinery, and steel.

Moving to Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan offers a diverse range of opportunities for immigrants seeking a new beginning. From the vital healthcare sector to the ever-expanding realms of information technology, skilled trades, agriculture, and business, the province welcomes individuals with a variety of skills and experiences.

If you’re planning to immigrate to Saskatchewan, Canada - you can either apply for Canada PR through the federal Express Entry system or directly through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

Alternatively, you can find a job and get a direct invitation for permanent residency.

There are plenty of high-paying in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan - if you know where to look. They might be hard to land, but not impossible. Saskatchewan employers are constantly on the lookout for skilled workers who can help facilitate the province’s economy.

You can start by going through only job portals. Several job-matching websites will put you in direct with employers in Saskatchewan for absolutely free. Some of the best online platforms include:

  • Saskjobs.ca
  • Workopolis
  • Indeed

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Job openings in Saskatchewan are also advertised in several places, including company websites, newspapers, job fairs, and community bulletin boards. Just remember to develop skills for your job search and improve your workplace communication skills before you arrive in Saskatchewan!

As you embark on this new chapter in Saskatchewan, remember that your unique talents contribute to the province's vibrant and growing community. Explore these in-demand occupations, find your niche, and take the first steps toward a fulfilling and prosperous future in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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