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best Immigration Consultants in Delhi

Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Mumbai

Find Out Who is the Best Immigration Consultants in Mumbai for Canada PR Visa? 

best Canadian immigration consultants in Mumbai

Why Best Consultants for Canada PR ?

  • Transparent Information about Process and eligibility .
  • Guaranteed job assistance services  to Canada immigrants.
  • Nationwide’s Parent Company is in Canada to provide post landing services .
  • Whatever is promised is written in the legal contract .
  • 100% success rate.
  • ICCRC Lawyers
  • Experience of more than 10000 processed applications.

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Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Mumbai

Mumbai being the finance capital and entertainment capital of India has many aspiring individuals who plan to enhance their lifestyle through relocating themselves and settling in a foreign location. For these aspirants, one of the most desirable location to settle in Canada. Canada is a beautiful country, which through lenient immigration laws invites applications from skilled workers who will help in boasting the economy of Canada. Further it is a land of opportunities which offers beautiful landscapes and prospects of individual growth at both professional and personal level. These aspects make Canada one of the most top most international immigration destination in the world.

Attaining a PR (Permanent Residency) status has become relatively easier than before with the immigration laws becoming flexible and lenient and especially after the introduction of Express Entry Program in January 2015.

Express Entry Program

 It was introduced in January 2015 and it is mode of filling online for PR status in Canada. It is a point based measurement system under which the eligibility of the candidate is evaluated on the basis of points gained by him which are examined under the radar of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) which decides the minimum point requirement for being eligible to apply for PR Status. The minimum CRS point is decided by IRCC, the governing body of Canada for immigration rules and regulations. The points are calculated based on the following parameters –

  • Age – Although there is no age limit for migrating to Canada but if a person is between 18 to 35 years of age then more points are allocated
  • Language proficiency – it is cross checked through IELTS and CLB examination. Scoring high band in IELTScan guarantee good points to the candidate.
  • Education – Calculated under the ECA, the educational degree should be at par with the Canadian education board.
  • Work Experience–The candidate should be skilled and having good work experience makes one eligible for good score points
  • Adaptability – having a sibling already settled in Canada can help one to garner good points.

However, due to some reason if a person is unable to score enough points and get through Express Entry Program then another way of applying for a PR status is through Provincial Nominee Program ( PNP).

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Under PNP, the PR status is allocated to the candidate for a particular province only for which the eligibility criteria were met by the candidate. It is important to note that every province has its own eligibility criteria which decides whether the candidate should get the PR status or not. The PR status eligibility for PNP is guaranteed by calculating – Age, Language proficiency, work experience, education and adaptability. Further, the PR status is allocated for a period of five years and it is ethically viable if the candidate stays in the province which has granted him / her the PR status for a minimum period of two years before shifting to a new location.  However, after staying in Canada for a period of three years then the candidate becomes eligible to apply for full Canadian citizenship as well.

 Hiring Professional Help

Although the immigration process has become relatively easier than before, it is highly pertinent that one hires good and reputable immigration service in order to avoid rejection of application and also so that they can help you choose from the best option available based on your credentials and requirements.


Who are Nationwide Immigration Services?

Nationwide Immigration Services was first established in 2007 with the intention of bringing international-grade services to Indian customers, many of whom were suffering from lack of proper guidance in Canada PR process and immigration application. Right from the time we started offering our services to the public, we began receiving a huge response from the market and because we consistently refined our services to better accommodate client need, we always stayed on top of the industry.

Over the years, as we have become the best immigration consultants in India, we have also witnessed many changes in the sector, especially since the establishment of the Express Entry program in 2015. There has been a major rise in the number of applications received by the IRCC in recent years and as a result so have the number of our clients. Now, most of our clients go for the entire immigration package but we also understand that some people are just looking for specialized services like job placement resume rebuilding etc. Realizing a need for custom services, we consistently added more services to our repertoire to accommodate such clients. This has allowed us to be one of the most versatile yet comprehensive Canada immigration service providers in the country.

As the Canada PR process has evolved, so has our approach to providing our services to our clients. We have always been a company of professionals with one single vision of providing the very best of international immigration services to our clients. That is why we treat each case as a distinct one which requires our undivided attention. This means that while our immigration experts might work on several cases at the same time, they are trained to give special attention to each and customize the Canada PR process to suit the needs of each client. This is the reason why we enjoy one of the highest success rates in the Canada immigration industry of the country and rarely see a rejection, if any at all.


Now that you know who we are and how we approach Canada immigration, in this next segment we will talk about our services, which can actualize your dream of living in Canada.

Best Canadian Immigration consultants in Mumbai

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Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Mumbai

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In a Good Consultancy Look for these service that they offer

best immigration consultants in Mumbai for Canada

All the services offered should be designed to provide only the highest quality services to the clients and ensure them absolute success. Here is a list of  services which are designed to benefit all Canada PR process applicants from the initial application to the final migration and even beyond:

In the following segment, we are going to tell you exactly what makes us the best in the business and how we retain this title amidst the heavy competition from our rivals.

  • Free Assessment Service

This is the very first service we offer to all our clients. We want them to know that client satisfaction and application success is our top priority and to showcase this, we offer this service absolutely free of charge. This means that you get your case assessed by one or a team of our Canada immigration experts, who then follow this up with an extensive immigration counsel session where they detail all aspects of the immigration process and how you should approach it. This enables the client to be informed about the inner workings of the Canada PR process and make their own informed decision in collaboration with our Canada immigration experts. We recommend this service to all applicants who want to know more about the Canada PR process and how to navigate it.

  • Resume Rebuilding

One of the most important aspects of the Canada PR and immigration process is the availability of a valid job offer. Unless you are apply through the Occupation in-Demand category, a service we also offer, then you are going to need a job in hand before your PR application is approved by the IRCC. In fact, we also recommend that you migrate to Canada only after we have successfully helped you secure a job overseas and have gotten you a valid offer letter to guarantee you the same. All of this begins with a simple but significant resume rebuilding process. Our experts at Nationwide Immigration have known the Canada job market for a long time and so are capable of producing effective and eye-catching resumes which will get you the right attention from the right employers overseas. Since the first impression is the last impression, we recommend you use this service to make the best impression possible.

  • 100% Job Placement Guarantee

Nationwide Immigration Services guarantee 100% job placement to all Canada visa applicants who take up our service. Over the 15 years we have been setting our clients up with new jobs and a new life in Canada, we have been able to build a massive network of professional contacts which is guaranteed to be hugely helpful in securing jobs for our clients. In addition, we also provide valuable information on how to go through interviews, how to present yourself, what minor and personal changes make a candidate more appealing to Canadian recruiters and many other factors that go into the final selection of a candidate and their eventual migration to Canada with a job offer in hand.

  • IELTS Training

Language ability is a major factor for consideration both in immigration and in the profession that you choose to pursue in Canada. That is why we offer IELTS training to our clients under experts of the language. This enables them to not only clear the minimum qualification grade but also achieve high scores which give them additional points that go towards making them even more likely to be selected.

  • Documentation Services

Documentation is easily the most important factor in the Canada PR process. We entertain many applications from clients who filed the wrong documents or in the wrong manner and thus were rejected. We guarantee pitch perfect document submission and procurement to our clients by handling these aspects ourselves. We also keep our clients informed about the documents we a getting for them so they also get to know the intimate details of the Canada PR process.

  • 100% Process Assistance

Nationwide Immigration ensures that all our clients get the highest and most qualified immigration assistance only from the most experienced Canada immigration experts. The first step in this process involves checking your eligibility and ensuring that you qualify for immigration to Canada. By providing this service free of cost, we help make sure that our clients don’t spend valuable time and money for nothing.

  • Canadians Will Help you Move to Canada

Nationwide Immigration’s parent company is located in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada. From this hub of commercial activity, we receive all our immigration policies and client service protocols. That is why we provide the best services not only before immigration but after you have landed in Canada as well.

  • Legal Agreement

In order to increase our client’s satisfaction and peace of mind, we provide all our services with a legally binding document which states clearly whatever we promise you. This makes sure that the client is fully aware of what services they are paying for and what they are going to receive from our experts.

  • 100% Success Rate

Nationwide Immigration is one of the most successful and highly regarded companies in India for Canada immigration. That is why we can promise you a 100% success chance and ensure you get the best out of our services as well. If you take up our services, you will be moving to Canada sooner than you think. We guarantee it!

  • Legal Help from ICCRC Lawyers

Nationwide Immigration provides complete legal solutions for all immigration related problems. Our immigration lawyers are ICCRC accredited and highly experienced. They have thorough knowledge of the Canadian laws affecting the immigration process and can provide you quick and easy solutions to your immigration problem, should you need it.

  • Vast Experience

During our long history of sending people successfully to Canada, we have gathered all the relevant knowledge and technical skill needed to make sure our applications go through successfully. With over 10,000 successful applications behind us we know we can help you immigrate to Canada quickly and easily. Want to know more about our international services? Get in touch with us today and let you tell you all the details you need to know to make an informed decision!

Want to know more about our international services? Get in touch with us today and let you tell you all the details you need to know to make an informed decision!

Why Choose Nationwide Immigration?

Nationwide Immigration Services was first established in 2007 with the intention of helping the aspirants for Canada immigration, many of whom were suffering from lack of proper guidance in Canada PR process and immigration application. Right from the time we started offering our services to the public, we began receiving a huge response from the market and because we consistently refined our services to better accommodate client need, we always stayed on top of the industry.We, at Nationwide Immigration Services, have been working in the Canada immigration industry for well over 11 years and have built a steady reputation for ourselves in that time as one of the best consultancies in the business. Our clients come from all parts of the country – Since the application filing is online now. Our pan-national services have not only won the hearts of our clients but also earned us many awards in the Canada immigration industry. If you want to have your immigration case handled by the best immigration consultants in Mumbai, then you need not look further than us.

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Nationwide Immigration Services was first established in 2007 with the intention of bringing international-grade services to Indian customers, many of whom were suffering from lack of proper guidance in Canada PR process and immigration application.
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